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Andrew B. Busch

30 yrs in politics, finance and markets


Andrew B. Busch is the editor-in-chief for the global market and public policy newsletter The Busch Update.  He is a contributor for CNBC and for the last two years he was a regular panelist on CNBC’s show, Money in Motion.  He writes for and for as well.

Busch provides clients with analysis on public policy issues for China, Europe, and the United States.  Public policy is of growing importance as the role of government has become more intertwined with the markets and the private sector.

For 22 years, he was with BMO Capital Markets and has written the Busch Update for the last 13 years. He was named BMO’s global currency and public policy strategist in 2007. Based in Chicago, he is a recognized expert on the world financial markets and how these markets are impacted by political events.

On a regular basis, Busch consults with staff from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Congress on economic, financial market, and tax issues. In 2011, he was asked to testify in front of Congress on the effectiveness of the 2009 Stimulus package. From 2004 - 2008, he was an outside advisor to the U.S. Treasury Department and White House on the economy and financial markets.

Andy had a similar role for the 2008 McCain campaign. He has met and advised the last three secretaries of the treasury including John Snow, Hank Paulson, and Tim Geithner.  In 2012, Busch met and advised Senator Orrin Hatch (ranking minority member of Senate Finance Committee), Representative David Camp (chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee) and Representative Paul Ryan (chairman of the House Budget Committee and Republican vice presidential candidate).

Andy is widely followed by clients and media for his daily commentaries and his frequent appearances on major financial news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, POLITICO and USA Today. In 2007, he published his book entitled, World Event Trading: How to Profit from Today’s Headlines.

2015 Speaking Topics
Global Economy 2015:  a murder mystery?
The global economy continues to teeter on the edge of deflation and recession while the US powers ahead.  How is this possible and what are the clues we should look for to see if this would change?  Who are the suspect countries likely to cause the "death" of the US recovery?  What methods did the perpetrators use to commit the crime:  interest rates, taxes, regulations, or simply international political mismanagement?  Most importantly, how will this impact your business?  Follow your chief economic inspector, Andy Busch, as he takes you through the possible perps and gives you their MO (modus operandi).  In a fun and entertaining way, let Andy guide you through the global economy to ensure your audience not only understands the forces at play, but also enjoys the discovery process.
Panel Moderation: Engage with Andy Busch
Why are panel discussions the momentum killer for most conferences?  The moderator!  Solve this for your conference with Andy Busch.  As host of Voice America's "Engage with Andy Busch", Andy has interviewed the top minds in finance, politics and culture. Andy Busch brings his open mind, keen intellect and fun personality to the table to moderate panel discussions for clients. Most importantly, Andy brings energy and enthusiasm to make the panel exciting and interesting.  Mr. Busch has worked with financial, economic and political experts on panels to draw out the best from them and to help audiences understand the topics in a comfortable fashion. He has worked with unions, entrepreneurs and government officials to discuss how to move forward in today's chaotic world to bring clarity and balance to tough subjects.

2015 Politics:  What Lies Ahead For Your Business

The US midterm elections ended with a "Red Wave" as Republicans not only added to their numbers in the House, but also took back the Senate.  What will this mean for policy in 2015?  Can Republicans work together to bring forward bills on energy, tax reform, and immigration without imploding?  Will President Obama continue to issue executive orders on key issues?  What areas can the two sides compromise on?  Most importantly, how will this impact your business? Now more than ever, businesses need to understand what's going on in DC and how it impacts their world.  With a balanced and fun approach, Andy Busch is your political expert to guide your audience through the tangled web of Washington.  Check out Andy's videos ( on the US midterm elections to get a flavor of what he can bring to your group.

The Fed and the US 2015 Economy: Risks and Rewards
At the end of the US economic recovery from the Great Recession continued in 2014, but how long will it last? The Janet Yellen led Federal Reserve is faced with the ultimate dilemma: a rapidly improving economy, GDP above 3%, and low inflation. What are the major obstacles facing the economy? Which sectors are driving the growth and what states?  Will the US Federal Reserve raise rates and by how much? Most importantly, how will this impact your business?  Drawing on 30 years of experience in finance, politics and economics, Andrew Busch attacks these topics to provide down-to-earth answers. As host of Voice America's "Engage" and editor-in-chief of the political and financial newsletter, the Busch Update, Andy is upbeat on three key areas for the United States: energy, manufacturing and housing. Also, he'll provide his outlook on interest rates, the US dollar and tax reform.
King US Dollar:  What's Driving the Buck?
In 2014, the US dollar surprised the markets and rallied against most major currencies.  What were the factors that drove the move and what can we expect for 2015?  Will the European Central Bank pursue an aggressive quantitative easing program like the Fed and will it translate into EUR weakness?  Can the Bank of Japan avert a relapse into deflation and while restarting its economic engine?  Will the Federal Reserve stay on hold longer than expected and hurt the US dollar rally?  Most importantly, how will this impact your business?  All these questions will be addressed by Andy Busch host of Voice America's "Engage with Andy Busch" and editor of the Busch Update.
2015 Outlook for US energy
The energy boom in the United States is a defining moment in the country for jobs, manufacturing and investments.  The US will surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia as the top global oil producer by 2016 according to the IEA.  The big question: is this sustainable?  Will the drop in crude prices shut down new US producers?  Will the new Congress lift the ban on oil exports?  Most importantly, how will this impact your business?  As host of Voice America's Engage and editor of the public policy and market newsletter "The Busch Update," Andy Busch brings his substantial intellectual resources to the energy sector to deliver a comprehensive, forward-looking analysis of America's energy and economic outlook.  Andy provides inside knowledge of how the sector works from the dirty secret that coal saved the US from rolling blackouts during the Polar Vortex to why the recent EPA rules are misleading for the states to what the is the next big opportunity (think Mexico!).


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