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Jeff Caldwell

Funny & Smart

“Funny and smart.”  That’s what George Carlin had to say about Jeff Caldwell after a show at Caroline’s in New York. “This guy is incredible,” said Dennis Miller.  CBS showed that they agreed with George and Dennis by giving Jeff a deal to develop his own sitcom, and CBS employees David Letterman and Craig Ferguson just had to have Jeff on their shows.

Jeff Caldwell’s quick wit, good taste, and clever material have made him a favorite nationwide.  Jeff has shown his comic wares on TV, as a performer and a writer, for corporate clients across America, in colleges (traveling with Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart), and in comedy clubs from the Improv in Hollywood to Big Ben’s Rib Crib in Baltimore. Jeff moved to New York in 1999 and has since become a favorite at the Gotham Comedy Club and the Comic Strip.

Jeff prepared for greatness at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, graduating in civil engineering, not traditionally considered a “funny” major.  After a shockingly undistinguished nine-month stint with an engineering firm, Jeff decided he was unsatisfied with his student loan debt-load and returned to Johns Hopkins for a Ph.D. program.  After two years of pretending to read texts he leapt fully into the hurly-burly of professional stand-up comedy, and ushered in America’s brief love affair with “Engineering Humor.”

Since then Jeff has toured nationally as a comic, building a body of clean and funny material and a warm, witty stage presence.  At one Washington, D.C. show, Al and Tipper Gore raved “very funny, very funny” before jealous Secret Service agents rudely swept them away.  Jeff is a rare comic who can make the audience double over with laughter without resorting to sleazy, stupid material.    It may be his scientific background that enables Jeff to avoid the four-letter words, constructing his show exclusively of five- and eight-letter ones and the occasional semi-colon.

Jeff and his wife are currently considering starting a family, but first must whittle down some of his now unwelcome student loan debt-load (see above).  An advocate of “tough-love” parenting, Jeff has decided that his kids will not only have to pay for their own college education, but much of his own as well.



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