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Dave Caperton

"The Joy Strategist"

Sure, laughter feels good, but it also has a serious side as a learning tool because it raises the chances that content will stick. Whether your needs include improving workplace culture and employee engagement, managing stress and balance, or driving customer service, patient care or student learning, an interactive, energetic and laughter-filled experience is the one most likely to produce lasting results. 

As a former educator, stand-up comedian and comedy writer, Dave Caperton combines a passionate presentation style with comic timing to provide transformative programs that are highly interactive and loaded with takeaways to affect real change right now.

Keynote Topics:

Being the Voice of Joy

How can one person make a difference? You’re more powerful than you think!

How can one person make a difference? You’re more powerful than you think. A recent study concluded that a single joyful person is influential up to a third degree of separation (Fowler and Christakis, 2008). That means one person’s joyful voice not only lifts up the people with whom he or she comes in direct contact but people with whom that person interacts and those with whom that person connects. Wow. It’s fair to say that a single joyful voice can be amplified in ways that can change the customer experience, a work culture, a community, perhaps even a generation. Joy becomes a grassroots movement starting with an individual commitment to making choices that result in joy. Those choices don’t require being delusional or denying reality because joyful people don’t deny reality, they defy it with a resolve to choose actions such as: expressing gratitude in spite of challenges, laughter in spite of pain, and focusing on a purpose even when hard work goes unnoticed. They choose to engage fully, reject cynicism completely and maintain a default setting of joy no matter what. It takes strength and will and a strategy to make it a reality. The payoff, though, is huge because those who make the critical choices change the culture and the lives of the people around them. Joy isn’t a feeling, it’s a movement that can revolutionize your work, your industry and your world.

The Fezziwig Principle: Driving Success With Joyfulness

In today’s work environment, trust is broken. How do we fix this?

In today’s work environment, trust is broken. A Maritz poll reports that only 7% of US workers trust their leaders or their fellow team members. Disengagement is epidemic, cynicism is rampant, all of it is costly, and it’s also nothing new. Charles Dickens wrote about dysfunctional workplaces over 170 years ago, never more famously than in his classic, A Christmas Carol. We all know (and most of us have worked for) a “Scrooge.” But one minor character in that story represents a standard for joyful and people-centered leadership: Scrooge’s old boss, Mr Fezziwig. Fezziwig is joyful, kind, beloved, successful and he creates a work experience that is joyful and profitable.

In Dave’s program, The Fezziwig Principle, you’ll learn 4 principles of Fezziwig’s philosophy that are more relevant than ever and the keys to creating a workplace where engagement, loyalty, innovation, and a competitive edge aren’t goals, but natural by-products. This program will show you how smart companies are using these same principles to revolutionize their cultures to build trust and unleash success, and how you can do the same for your organization.

Adjusting the Lens of Perception

Choices that Create More Joy, More Engagement and Less Stress

If perception is reality then what might be possible if we could change our perceptions? How about more engagement and enjoyment as the natural by-products of a motivated and engaged team and a healthier work culture? A commitment to joy, cultivating a compassionate sense of humor, maintaining a positive focus, even making small physical changes are among the choices we can make that alter our perceptions and shape our reality.

The Stress Myth

Understanding Stress and Balance to Thrive in a Changing World 

We’ve all heard that uncontrolled stress can lead to burnout, immune suppression and illness, but a lot of what we think we know about stress is wrong. Stress is a natural part of living a productive and connected life.  Learn how to accept stress and the strategies to disrupt it rather than eliminate it. Understanding the nature and biology of stress and what it really is leads us to develop the right attitudes about stress and why it’s not only inevitable but necessary for healthy and fulfilled living. 

Joy Hacks

Choices and Actions to Create Joy and Connections in the Now!

Finding joy in what you do doesn’t guarantee success, but when you enjoy what you do, you tend to be better at it. It’s the fuel that drives motivation, curiosity, innovation, and a burning desire to go farther, aim higher, and dig deeper. Discover the secret ingredients that change getting by to breaking through to more success, service, and connections right now.The Joy Process for Healers Laughter doesn't just feel good, it's good for you. Besides providing a disruption of the stress-response, a healthy sense of joy and humor has also been found to improve immune function, relieve pain, and has been shown to be a proven predictor of longevity. Joy and compassionate humor have healing benefits both for self-care and for ministering to the needs of others.

Your Brain Sells

Understanding Emotions and Reasoning in Persuasion and Decision-Making Brain research  is leading to classroom and workplace applications that are revolutionizing learning, leading and persuading others.

This program provides a working understanding of the human brain as well as concrete actions to put brain principles into action to frame appeals that lead to mutually beneficial decision-making. This plain-language TED Talk-style primer provides fascinating insights into the complexities of the center of learning and decision-making. 

Authentic Influence through O.P.E.N. Communication

Influence is dependent upon our ability to transfer meaning effectively.

We can’t truly manage people but we can manage the messages we send to them. O.P.E.N. stands for Other People’s Emotional Needs. Communication that makes the emotional needs of others a priority is a feature of effective communicators. Learn what elements are most influential in interpersonal communications and what you can do to make interpersonal communication more successful.

Joyful Teaching for Superior Learning

Great teachers have long known that compassionate humor and laughter are important as are identifying and building on students’ strengths and cultivating social bonds for engagement and resilience. Put these research-based principles into action tomorrow for more effective teaching.


Like you, joy strategist, author and speaker Dave Caperton has highs and lows. Some people may believe that joyfulness is rejection of reality, but that, he says, is a misconception that prevents them from tapping into a powerful force for personal happiness and organizational success. “Joyfulness isn’t living in denial of the negatives, it’s living in defiance of them!”

Dave blends laughter, solid research and storytelling to teach corporations, individuals and groups how living and working with intentional joy is an act of leadership, courage and a disciplined will. It’s not about avoiding or denying pain—which is impossible—but about maintaining joyfulness as a default mode. It’s like the “king of the hill” game we played as kids. Joyful people aren’t always happy, but they are committed to joyfulness no matter what. They don’t waste energy whining and they use response choices like humor to get back to joy quickly when life sometimes knocks them off.

Dave has 20-plus years of real-world experience speaking, coaching, consulting and writing about the benefits of a joyful mindset in a business context including how to unleash creativity, strengthen health, increase engagement, super-charge learning, and provide legendary service and outstanding care while eliminating. stress and conflict.

As an award-winning educator, performance consultant, stand-up comedian and comedy writer, Dave’s original approach fuses entertaining stories, in-depth research and proven learning strategies so that his programs inspire laughter, demolish barriers between groups and open pathways for innovation and change. His entertaining conversations about joy provide a new vocabulary and concrete actions to celebrate successes, solve people problems, and to build a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

His clients over the years have included Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations in health care, education and government. Clients and audiences value his programs because they provide a positive shared emotional experience that is highly interactive, energizing, and wildly funny. Unlike many humorous speakers, though, Dave’s programs are always infused with current, relevant and transformative takeaways to provide lasting value throughout your event and to accelerate you toward your goals.


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