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Nebraska Based

The Chaz Singer

The Ultimate Entertainment Package

The Chaz Singer spans an array of top name artists capturing their voice intonation and rhythm.  His voice has drawn crowds, as the audience swells to see the top name artist they so clearly heard.

Bringing the biggest names and brightest starts to the stage all in one night.  Your guests will see a performance they will never forget and neither will you!

His performance is more than just music, it is a platform that transports the audience to those special times in life where they went on their first date, had that first kiss and found true love.

The Chaz Singer brings back the smooth easy voices of favorite romance songs they heard in the car and the driving rhythm and dynamic voices of the dance floor.  There is something for everyone: country, rock and mellow favorites.

Its no coincidence people like the songs performed; they are the best of the best done in the styling and voices of your favorite artists.

This act is one that will create new memories, stimulate emotions and open your heart.  Take advantage of the opportunity to share with your guests a warm and heart filling experience.

Neil Diamond Tribute
A show dedicated to one of the greats.  Spend your evening listening and dancing to the smooth styling of Neil Diamond.  No not the real Diamond, but a Cubic Zirconium.  He has been mistaken for the real thing.  Don't be fooled, he's just one of the best vocal illusionists.

Hear your favorites done live in a voice that you will swear is the real thing.  It's all backed by top quality full orchestra sounds.

Rockin' To The Oldies
Want to hear Elvis live one more time?  Driving Rhythms, full bass and hot leads along with some of the best voices to come out of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  Think of hearing John Fogerty, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.

The Chaz Singer mixes vocal illusions with finger styling of the great lead and rhythm guitarists.  They won't stay in their seats long.  Its got the great sounds and power you love from a live performance.

Country Hall of Fame
Tributes to Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings make this a show to remember.  Conway Twitty gives it his all; oops, it's really the Chaz Singer, but you might make the same mistake.  Get your hat and boots and join in the thump of the bass and the solid beat of the drums as you move to the vocal illusions of country greats!

Make it the Event of the Year
You can choose any one of the acts in one or two hour shows or you can spend up to four hours listening to a combination of these fine shows.  With over 20 years of experience, the Chaz Singer has shared the stage with some greats: The Grass Roots, Bobby Vee, Tommy Roe, The Buckinghams, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Crickets and Danny & The Juniors.

Sometimes, I even do me!
The Chaz Singer

This production is backed by 1500 watts of smoth clean driving power.  Big box speakers effortlessly move driving rhythms across the auditorium.  State of the art mixers and filters insure rich vibrant sound quality.  The light show is synchronized with the production to complete illusion.  What you will have is total quality and entertainment for your guests!
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