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Adam Christing

Interactive Entertainer 

As one of the world's premiere interactive entertainers, Adam Christing has amused, mystified, and delighted more than 3,000 separate audiences across North America.

Hailed as a "meeting planner's dream", Adam has become a favorite guest performer, emcee, and after-dinner entertainer for hundreds of the top companies and organizations in the world, including Toyota, Microsoft, Stanford University, and scores of others.

Adam became a member of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood at the age of 17. Since then he has been featured on more than 100 radio and TV shows, including Fox News, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, ABC World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News. He's also been in national magazines and newspapers, including USA Today, FORTUNE, The Chicago Sun Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times.

He has been ranked among the top 5 after-dinner speakers in America. Success magazine highlighted him as "one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in America." Business and media expert Michael Levine noted Adam's truly unique mix of leadership, humor, and creative communication, calling him "one of the most engaging and entertaining presenters in America today." Adam has a knack for "getting everybody laughing" together no matter how large or small the audience.

Adam is the author of Comedy Comes Clean: A Hilarious Collection of Jokes, Quotes, and One-liners published by Random House, Three Rivers Press. Adam earned a degree in public speaking from Biola University and has been named to Biola's Alumni Hall of Fame.

Look for Adam's first feature film Change Your Life! Adam is the co-writer and co- director of this hilarious "mockumentary" about the wacky world of multi-level marketing, starring Tony Plana of Ugly Betty fame. Adam's movie will be released in late 2007.

Adam lives in Southern California with his wife and 4, count 'em 4, children.

Keynote Humor Messages:

With Adam Christing, you can provide your attendees with Comedy + Content.

Adam holds a degree in Public Speaking from Biola University and has been ranked among the top humorous speakers in North America. He is a master at customizing his message around your event theme and program goals. Some of his topics include:

Say YES to Your Dreams. In this hilarious and heart-felt presentation, Adam shares his inspiring story of how he raised a quarter of a million dollars to write and direct his first feature length film. Change Your Life! is a comedy "Mockumentary" about multi-level marketing scheduled for release in 2008. It stars Golden Globe winner Tony Plana, from the hit ABC TV show Ugly Betty. This talk will help you build the confidence you need to fulfill your dreams.

It’s a Sin to be Boring! Adam helps audiences tap into 3 fun, attention-grabbing communication strategies. This message will help you present your ideas in such a creative way that people will actually remember what you say and care that you said it!

Dynamic Diversity. This is a fresh, non-threatening approach to an important topic. In this presentation, Adam involves your diverse group of attendees in lots of feel-good fun and team-oriented participation. Takeaway: Everyone walks away from this message feeling valued and empowered. Together we can accomplish great things.

Laughing Your Way through Difficult Times. Adam is the author of two bestselling humor books published by Random House. Laughter is truly the best medicine. In this presentation, Adam helps you identify and enjoy your unique sense of humor (there are 3 types). You can increase the laughter in your life without being a clown or a comedian!


"You hit a big home run for our event! Thank you.

Your ability to weave in customized content about our client (along with your hilarious humor and audience interaction) made our program a HUGE HIT!

As you can imagine, we have hundreds of choices when it comes to booking entertainers and speakers. We are glad we booked you and look forward to working with you again soon!" --Brenda Uribe, Entertainment Events Manager, DISNEY Entertainment Productions

"When it comes to using humor to bond with a live audience, Adam Christing is the best in the business.

Everybody at your event wants to laugh, have a great time, and experience moments of magic. Adam delivers all of that and more. Schedule him for your company. Your program will be talked about and remembered-and that's what it's all about.

You can't lose when you hire Adam. He never offends, yet he is always a high-impact crowd pleaser. Here's one entertainer who will make your group feel great and make you look like a star for pleasing all of your attendees!"
--Michael Levine, Author of 17 books, including Broken Windows.Broken Business "How the Smallest Remedies, Reap the Biggest Rewards"

Adam Christing is a dream-come-true for a meeting planner. He makes your company look good. His friendly style of humor is always a big hit with audiences.

I have hired him numerous times as an entertainer and as an emcee. Why? Because I want to please EVERYBODY who attends our events--and Adam always connects." --Sybil Horn, CMP Director, ADMINISTAFF Promotions, Events and Projects

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