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Todd Cohen

"extraordinary results from ordinary interactions"

"Extraordinary results from ordinary conversations".  -That's how one participant from Ernst Young described Todd's workshop.

Hiring Todd Cohen will give your audience  immediately actionable learning's for how they can contribute to their personal and professional growth. Attendees will leave the session energized, inspired, and ready to "sell" themselves and their goals.   In his keynote Todd will have been thinking very differently about the value and importance of their role in the organization and how to make a difference starting now!

Todd Cohen works with all business professionals who want to create a sales culture so that more sales happen. Since 1984, Todd has coached and led sales teams to deliver more than $850 million in revenue for leading companies including Xerox, Gartner Group, Thomson-Reuters, and LexisNexis.

Today Todd helps companies meet and exceed all goals by creating a high performance sales culture. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker at and his Sales Culture Workshops TM have been met with wide acclaim. He is the past President of the Philadelphia Chapter President of the National Speakers Association and he serves as chair of the Sales and Marketing group of the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group as well as being on the executive board. Todd is also a regular contributor to the Philadelphia Business Journal and he is a passionate net worker and connector of sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives in transition.

Todd holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Temple University and been the Sales Executive in Residence at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI) at the Fox School of Business.

Todd's Popular Keynotes include:

Building Sales Culture: Everyone's in Sales
Audiences learn the elements of a "sales culture" starting with their personal and professional selling proposition and how to make that work for them to achieve their goals.

Relationship Portability (tm)
Audiences learn how to proactively recapture, renew, and develop relationships for professional success.

Creating YOUR Virtual Sales Team
A dynamic, inspiring and engaging keynote speaker, Todd has lectured and written extensively on topics such as:

Sales Culture and the role it plays in driving success

Growing from a "sales rep" to a "sales professional"

"Everyone In Sales"

Creating Virtual Teams to drive the success of the Sales Culture

Selling intangible products and consultative selling skills

Creating and using the right metrics to ensure success

Todd Cohen's Philosophy of Sales

Todd's work is informed by his belief that "everyone is in sales." He particularly enjoys working with "non-traditional sales people" to help them understand how to sell successfully, and how sales-related skills can translate into many kinds of professional success.

Todd believes that the success of a sales team depends on selecting and training the right people, thinking and working collaboratively, and consistently doing the right activities. He has successfully implemented four Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which he views as an essential catalyst for driving and measuring the right activities through consistent sales metrics. Todd also has seen from experience that technology and measurement only make a difference when an organization hires the right people and cultivates the skills, competencies and work habits they need to be successful.

Passionate about the value of early and continuous training, Todd is trained in the most successful and classic sales methodologies, including SPIN® Selling, Strategic and Consultative Selling, and Xerox Corporation's Leadership through Quality.

Most Requested Programs

"Everyone's In Sales" Keynote

"People don't wake up and decide to be overhead!"

This highly engaging and energetic keynote (and expanded workshop format) address is based on professional speaker and trainer Todd Cohen's book "Everyone's In Sales". Todd's keynote is all about building a successful sales culture so more sales happen! A robust sales culture also ensures client retention and positive organizational engagement. Todd Cohen covers such areas as developing a professional value proposition, developing a virtual sales team and relationship portability. Todd will show each attendee how what they do contributes and how what they do impacts the customer and their ultimate decision to say "yes"! This is a timely and motivational message that speaks to the ability to create a mindset that everyone "sells" by doing what they do so well each and every day! Todd who covers such areas as developing a professional value proposition, developing a virtual sales team and relationship portability will also lead the audience through the building blocks of how to sell ourselves and motivate others to help us achieve our goals.

Session Objectives and Immediate Takeaways:
  1. Learn the principles of a sales culture and conclusively know that what you do contributes to sales!
  2. Understand and engage others with your Value Proposition
  3. Definition of your Virtual (Sales) Team
  4. Identifying and leveraging your Relationships Portability Index
  5. How to make sure that you are selling yourself the best possible way to get what you want!
  6. Measuring Sales Culture ROI

"Relationship Portability; Leveraging the Past Present and Future for MORE Sales!"

Your ability to recapture, renew and develop relationships can make a huge difference in how successful you are in being an active part of the sales conversation and hence part of the sales culture! Relationship Portability™ describes and instructs on how we can learn to keep our relationships portable, active and active as part of our virtual teams. The fours categories of relationship portability are introduced and taught to be immediately leveraged.

  "Networking Skills to Creates a Sales Culture and MORE Sales"
We all network every day! Is your networking paying off for you? Are you collecting business cards or making meaningful connections?

Networking is an essential activity for all business professionals and the modern day consulting professional is no exception. There is a vast difference between networking and networking in a way that builds consensus and support for you and your initiatives. Networking correctly builds business and drives revenue and profits!
In this highly interactive and fun session nationally recognized speaker and author Todd Cohen will take you through the 23 steps of networking and share how the best networkers make networking work for them! You will leave this session and immediately be a better networker and that skill set will help you get the return you deserve from your networking activity.

Session Objectives and Immediate Takeaways:

  1. The 23 skills of great networkers
  2. How to make networking fun and make it work for you
  3. How to network efficiently and get the results you need
  4. How to turn three networking experiences per month into real results
  5. Build YOUR networking plan!

"Coaching NOT Telling"

We are all coaches in some fashion. Not only is coaching a fine form of selling, when you have the opportunity to help someone by coaching, do you respond by telling them or coaching them? Being a great coach is a skill and one we can all work on and be aware of so we "coach and not tell!"

Effective coaching accomplishes the following:
Builds strong and successful internal relationships and forms the basis for long term relationship management

Builds confidence and trust which leads to a mutually desired outcome

Creates more opportunity to develop people and show them they matter and contribute

Creates a more profitable team and increases client and employee retention

Reinforces coworkers value and contribution to the bottom and top line

<>It is direct and has a point but not necessarily an end -coaching is long term
investment by the coach and the company

Coaching is a very refined form of selling underwritten by our ability to sell ourselves and our accomplishments
Logistics and Materials:

Session Time Frame: estimated 4-6 hours based on finalization of content
Class size: Approx. 20 people
Each module has learning takeaways and exercises
Coaching book and templates

“Objection Handling and Overcoming Obstacles”

Everyone faces obstacles every day and this workshop teaches how to handle common and unexpected objections and move the sales forward. Handling objections and overcoming obstacles is actually easy if we know the reasons why we encounter them and how to handle them in a systematic and fact based way.

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Topics: Sales, Customer Service, Business Growth, Accountability, Networking, Presentation Skills

Industry specialties: Sales, Services