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"I don’t think that I have ever seen this audience give a speaker a standing ovation - you were
quite a hit! Thanks again for a fantastic performance!"

 - Jennifer Paradela, meeting planner,Accenture

Craig Karges

Who is Craig Karges?
Craig Karges is truly extraordinary!  The "extraordinist" is an award winning entertainer, a nationally recognized speaker and an author.  He has made over four thousand appearances on four continents and in all fifty states.

Craig Karges' performance is an extraordinary blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition.  Karges dazzles the mind as he challenges his audiences to question what is real and what is unreal, what is possible and what is impossible.  Dennis Miller, comedian and talk show host, put it this way after seeing Karges perform, "this weirds me out."

A table "walks" on stage and then flies into the air!  Borrowed finger rings from audience members are linked together in a chain!  Thoughts are read and predictions are made and verified. Craig Karges risks his fee in a special demonstration.  If he fails, the money is returned to the sponsor!

Craig Karges dramatizes the unknown, the unexplained and the unbelievable.  You don't just watch this performance, you experience it, through total audience participation.

Audiences may be mystified when it comes to understanding how Craig Karges accomplishes what he does on stage but his popularity is no mystery at all.

Which events would you like to turn from ordinary into extraordinary?
  • Keynote Presentations
  • General Sessions 
  • Spouse Programs 
  • Luncheons 
  • Closing Night Galas 
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"This was a very important meeting, consisting of our top-level executives from all around the globe. It is often difficult to find the right entertainment that meets all of our criteria for this meeting.
  1. Pleases a mix of conservatives AND liberals by neither offending nor boring them.
  2. Appeals to the various ages (30-60+) - both male and female.
  3. Allows people to unwind from long meetings.
We've had acts that people walked out on or fell asleep during. You had everyone's attention the entire time and EVERYONE told me how much they enjoyed your show! Furthermore, as you are aware, because our President saw you at another meeting's dinner, and you were only available on night number two of our meeting, we moved around the ENTIRE meeting to be sure to get you there! We are looking forward to our re-booking of you to entertain our Annual Meeting guests in March. Thanks so much for making my job easier and pleasing the crowd so perfectly!"
    - Victoria Johnson, Meetings and Special Events Manager, Underwriters Laboratories

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did for us at our Annual Meeting. That was the third time I have seen your show and I was as amazed, pleased and awed as ever. The entire audience enjoyed your show from start to finish and we all went home shaking our heads in disbelief. I am a curious person who loves to know how things work, but I can only conclude that what you do is real magic and that you are a modern day wizard. Your show is absolutely ideal for a corporate audience. Bravo on being such a fabulous performer!"
    - Loring W. Knoblauch, President & CEO, Underwriters Laboratories

"On behalf of SBC, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your outstanding presentation at our annual kick-off meeting. The audience was 'blown away' and the subsequent buzz has not yet ceased. I desired entertainment, motivation and a business message. You went 'beyond the call' and exceeded everyone's expectations. As a result of your influence and inspiration, I'm confident BCS will bring growth back into the business. I can't thank you enough because you truly made me look like a hero."
    - Diane Quido, Associate Director Business Communications Sales, SBC Communications

"What seems to stand out most is your natural optimism, sincere interest in the group you would be presenting to, and absolute professionalism. From our first planning phone conversation, it was clear you wanted our event to be a success. Craig, I also can't leave out our thanks for an incredible performance. Our guests were mesmerized, astounded and enjoyed your show immensely. I just wish I knew how to have our entertainment in future years measure up!"
    - Leslie Miller, Member Relations Manager, National Fluid Power Association

 From the entertainment oriented "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" to the news oriented "Larry King Live," Craig Karges makes frequent guest appearances on national television shows.  Karges has also starred in two one-hour television specials for Cox Broadcasting.  He has also appeared on Lifetime Television, CNBC, United Paramount Network, CNN Headline News, Wisdom Television, SOAPnet, Fox News Channel, and E! Entertainment Television. The sheer number and diversity of Karges' television appearances is indicative of his widespread popularity.

Performance, the international touring talent weekly, named Craig Karges' touring show one of the top five variety/family shows in the country.  Karges was in good company as the list also included the likes of illusionist David Copperfield and Walt Disney's World on Ice. Performance magazine called the extraordinist's performance "The next era in mystery entertainment."

About Craig
Craig Karges first became popular touring college campuses. He was named Entertainer of the Year six times by the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). Past NACA award winners include Bruce Springsteen, Alabama and Jay Leno. NACA's campus membership also elected to vote Karges as Variety Entertainer of the Year for twelve consecutive years. The independent Campus Activities Magazine named Karges Entertainer of the Year on four occasions. In addition to Entertainer of the Year, the magazine also named Karges Best Male Performer, Best Solo Act, Best Novelty Act and Best Performing Arts Attraction. In 2003, Craig became the fifth inductee into the National Campus Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Even Craig Karges' peers find his work fascinating. He was named the top performer in his field worldwide by the International Psychic Entertainers Association. The National Speakers Association (NSA) honored him with the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, a recognition bestowed on less than 10% of the NSA's almost 4,000 members.

Craig Karges says that he does not possess supernatural powers, nor does he claim to perform as a psychic or a magician. While he acknowledges that he is an entertainer, and showmanship plays a role in what he does, he insists that he does not prearrange anything with members of the audience. Skeptical? Craig Karges has a standing offer of $100,000, payable to charity, if anyone can prove he uses stooges or confederates from the audience or hidden assistants to accomplish his demonstrations.

Corporate giants such as IBM, McDonald's, General Motors and General Electric have relied upon Craig Karges and his unique brand of showmanship not only to entertain their employees and clients, but also to motivate them. "Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary results because we all possess extraordinary capabilities. I communicate that message both verbally and visually," Karges says.

In a shift of focus from entertainment to empowerment, Craig Karges created "The Intuitive Edge" workshop. This one-of-a-kind presentation does more than simply amaze and entertain. Participants learn memory techniques; their intuition is tested; and they are taught how to tap into their unconscious mind to enhance their creativity, intuition and decision making. "The Intuitive Edge" allows participants to experience greater personal power and to achieve success more easily.

 Craig Karges' success in this area has led to Ignite Your Intuition, Karges' first book, published by Health Communications (best known for Chicken Soup for the Soul). Ignite Your Intuition is now in its sixth printing and is available in bookstores everywhere.

The Wizard's Legacy - A Tale of Real Magic by Craig Karges with Jon Saint-Germain is Karges' second book and marks his debut as a novelist. The Wizard's Legacy is a work of inspirational fiction which uses magic as a metaphor for life's mysteries and documents the student teacher relationship Craig had with his enigmatic great-uncle, Alain "Doc" DeLyle, who taught him his special brand of magic of the mind.

Craig Karges' performing schedule has taken him around the world, appearing at corporate events, theaters, universities, showrooms, festivals and performing arts centers. "No matter where I perform I try to make my audiences feel they are a part of something they have never experienced before and hopefully will never forget. My goal is to entertain my audiences through the creation of mystery and to open their minds to greater possibilities." says Karges.

In the uncanny world of Craig Karges there is no smoke and no mirrors, just an enthralling personality and a powerful presentation that will leave you with the overwhelming sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary!

Take your next event out of the ordinary and into the
realm of the extraordinary with extraordinist Craig Karges!

Craig Karges has become incredibly popular with corporate and association audiences for his ability to blend entertainment, message, and motivation in one unforgettable presentation.

The variety of situations that Karges finds himself in is extraordinary in itself. From addressing 30,000 people in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena to entertaining 25 incentive award-winners aboard a private yacht cruising Vancouver Harbour in British Columbia, Canada; and from providing corporate entertainment at high profile events like the Indianapolis 500 to conducting an intuitive management workshop in Cairo, Egypt at the Sheraton El Gezirah located on an island in the middle of the River Nile, Karges is comfortable in any situation and he delivers time after time.

Karges is not just an entertainer and he is much more than a speaker. As a speaker, he has been honored by the National Speakers Association (NSA) with the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, a recognition bestowed on less than 10% of NSA’s 4,000 members. In the entertainment arena, “Performance Magazine,” the international touring talent weekly, named Karges’ touring show one of the top five variety / family shows in the country. Karges was in good company as the list also included the likes of illusionist David Copperfield and Walt Disney’s World on Ice. Performance Magazine called the extraordinist’s performance “The next era in mystery entertainment.”

Craig Karges combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create the impression that nothing is impossible. Tables float, minds are read, metal bends and your imagination is challenged because you won’t believe your eyes!

Using total audience participation, Karges dazzles the mind as he challenges you to question what is real and what is unreal. You don’t just watch this presentation, you experience it! He baffles, mystifies and thoroughly entertains the audience and then, at the end of the presentation, when he has them in the palm of his hand, he delivers a powerful message concerning the potential of the human mind. “Experience the Extraordinary” is busines theatre and motivational entertainment at its best! And the Craig Karges experience can be heightened by arranging for Karges to present “The Intuitive Edge” workshop in conjunction with “Experience the Extraordinary.”

More Rave Reviews:

"We recently had Craig Karges perform at a business seminar where most of the attendees were top-level executives who get to attend many such functions. When it comes to seeing speakers, business gurus and entertainers our audience has 'been there done that!' At least that was the case until they saw Craig Karges. To put it simply, Craig astounded, delighted and entertained our group with his unique performance. I would highly recommend Craig Karges to the event planner that is looking to find someone who is truly different ... Craig engages the audience and enthralls them. The real magic involved is how good you will look for bringing Craig to your group."
    - Frank Daley, Vice President, AmeriQuest

"Our attendees were overwhelmed by your performance. In fact, many people listed your presentation as 'the best' aspect of the meeting. You left an everlasting impression on our group. Your presentation was a refreshing change of pace and will be hard to top next year!"
    - Stephanie M. O'Malley, Meeting Planner, Ferguson Enterprises

"On a scale of 1 - 10 Craig was consistently rated a ten with comments such as: 'Great ... Super ... Amazing ... Wonderful ... Fantastic ... Awesome ... Bravo ... Excellent presenter, couldn't be better.'"
    - Betty Green-Heffern, Manager National Marketing, CoBank

"The trouble with having high expectations is the likelihood of being under-whelmed. Happily, I found myself thoroughly overwhelmed by the reaction of our guests to your amazing program. They, and I, were quite literally stunned by your demonstrations and captivated by your stage presence. What a treat it was to have my high expectations exceeded in every way."
    - Robert Smith, Marketing Communications Manager, Balboa Life & Casualty

"Thanks so much for your fabulous presentation. As you know, we promise our attendees ‘The Best Seminar Ever,’ and because of you this was our best one yet!! Your show was without a doubt one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen!! In a field of top notch presenters that weekend (Erin Brockovich, Deborah Norville, Hyrum Smith, and many luminaries from our field) yours was the presentation that had everyone talking! Plus, your personalization made our attendees feel like you were doing it just for them. It is great as executive producer of the event to have a speaker that makes me look like a genius - and that’s exactly what you did!! On our rating sheet you consistently scored not just 5 (our highest rating) but 5+!!"
    - Dr. Richard Madow, The Madow Group

"Excellent show! By all accounts, the audience was astounded with your presentation and everyone had a wonderful time. I can truly say that out of all the closing banquets and speakers that we have had in the past, you were the best - thank you again for closing out our best conference ever with the best closing event yet."
    - Brian Lagana, Executive Director, Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association

"Entertaining ... highly interactive ... engaging. The program was well received by our audience, ranging from the firm’s Chairman and other senior level partners and executives to 750 university interns. We were equally impressed with Craig’s professionalism during the planning stages of our conference. Craig was customer-focused during the entire process ... he was very willing to work with our conference themes and took time to understand our objectives and key messages. Our conference team would highly recommend him to other organizations. Craig definitely left a lasting impression on the audience and his performance exceeded our expectations."
    - Lisa P. Young, Partner, Americas Director of Recruiting, Ernst & Young LLP

"What a pleasure it was working with you! The evening was a huge success due greatly to your performance. Your style, charisma and performance were captivating and inspirational; you kept our employees on the edge of their seats during the entire routine. No one wanted to see the evening end. Thank you again, you made us look like stars!"
    - Leigh Burke, Secretary, Oki Management Club, Oki Data Americas, Inc.

"You were an absolute delight to work with and to watch. As for my group, well the survey cards continue to roll in and ALL of them found you amazing! You made my job easier this year because you are just incredibly fantastic, but you have made my job next year incredibly tough. How will I top your act????"
    - Michelle McCormac, CMP, Special Events Manager, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

"What a thought-provoking presentation you gave to our group. People are still talking about it. You amazed, dazzled and totally entertained. You were definitely the highlight of our conference! What a good maneuver it was on my part to recommend you to our conference committee. You certainly made me look good. If any future clients are looking for a reference, please send them my way. I will be happy to share with them one of my best engagement bookings in over fifteen years (and this includes many well-known celebrities). I certainly hope to bring you back to this group or to another one in the future. I know I can expect and will receive the highest quality speaker around."
    - Mimi Harlan, Executive Director, International Society for Weighing & Measurement

"We all love those things that remain mysterious - especially when we can find ways to use them to our advantage even when we don't understand how they work. Thank you for making the hairs stand up on the necks and arms of an entire international group of attendees. Thank you for contributing such a positive message of optimism - to us in particular, and to the world in general. In an environment of considerable change with lots of anxiety, our people need to hear that they do indeed have what it takes both consciously and unconsciously to be successful. They now know that they have more working for them than they themselves had even imagined!"
    - Michelle Desreux, Senior Vice President, UNIGLOBE Travel

"Thanks for making our General Opening Session a complete success. You had our attendees in the palm of your hands. 'Amazing,' 'Outstanding,' 'The Best General Opening Session Ever' ... just a short list of superlatives from an audience who went on and on about your stellar, and amazing presentation. I knew that if you were booked for our conference you would make me look good, but I have to say you made me look GREAT!"
    - Lynn Fisher, CMP, Vice President and General Manager, Texas Apartment Association

"I don’t think that I have ever seen this audience give a speaker a standing ovation - you were quite a hit! Thanks again for a fantastic performance!"
    - Jennifer Paradela, meeting planner, Accenture

"You not only kept the audience riveted and amused, you gave them something fun and exciting to share when they returned home. The comments and feedback have been excellent. Thank you for a great job."
    - Deborah More-Ramsey, Staff Manager, Special Events, Lucent Technologies

"What a terrific performance! When you gather subsidiary presidents, senior level managers and the Chairman of the Board in one room and keep them all completely entertained you’ve hit a home run. My job just got a little more challenging. I now have to find someone who can measure up to your standards!"
    - Patricia Holt, Manager, Public Relations Services, Walter Industries, Inc.

"Wow! Fantastic! Mind blowing! These are but a few comments heard following your program that kicked off our National Conference. We always begin our conference with a winner and you certainly are that. An even bigger benefit to us was your workshop presentations the following day that received great comments as well."
    - Douglas Shaw, VP Planning, National Management Association

"Mesmerized! Spellbound! Captivated! These describe our top customers’ reactions to your presentation. Thank you for creating such a positive impact with our group. You could feel the energy in the room - it was electric!"
    - Nancy Larson, Mgr., Marketing Communications, Firestone Building Products

"You really fascinated our audience! I enjoyed looking around the room and watching the complete attention you commanded from them. Okay, okay, so it gives me a sense of pride that I CHOSE YOU and they were lovin’ it! When I asked the crowd it they wanted an encore their enthusiastic applause was buoyant!"
    - Nancy Takaichi, Meeting Planner, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

"What a show! Your presentation was tremendous! It was an energetic performance which left each of us saying WOW! I would be happy to speak with anyone who is looking for a highly charged speaker. Especially if they are looking for a speaker who delivers a great message in an outrageous presentation."
    - Dan Fagan, Training Manager, Ames Tools

"WOW! Thank you for an outstanding performance. Having planned scores of meetings and conventions for the insurance industry, I can tell you that sending them home amazed, amused and even empowered is not easy. And you managed to do all three for our six hundred guests."
    - John Carson, Director of Administration, Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia


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