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  Illinois Based

Deanne DeMarco

High Energy & High Content

Looking for a Motivational Keynote or Business Speaker with a powerful message and is inspirational?….then Book Deanne DeMarco as your Motivational Business Speaker.

Deanne’s unique presentations and business topics encourage and empower participants to excel on both a personal and professional level.  Managers often comment that Deanne has the experience, coupled with practical tools and strategies that they need.

Deanne conducts high-energy, high-content, keynote presentations and workshops.  She speaks to management groups, business owners, organizations, large and small companies, churches, and professional associations that appreciate her customized motivational, content-rich programs.  Deanne is a business professional whose primary goal is to provide substance-rich information coupled with practical tools in a memorable program.  Her diverse background in clinical medicine, utilities, hospitality, and education gives her the unique ability to connect with her audience on many levels. Deanne is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA).

As a Motivational Business Speaker, this Chicago based keynote speaker is a former Foodservice Manager, Pharmaceutical Training Manager, University Adjunct Professor, and has conducted Clinical Cancer Research.  This Chicago-based motivational keynote speaker has the unique ability to combine substance with practical application tools that ensures that you will receive a memorable, customized program for your next program, business meeting, conference or association meeting.  

Deanne's most requested programs:

Hot Keynote Programs

Generations @ Work
The dynamic of 4 generations employed at the same time creates new challenges for today's managers. In this fast paced presentation, learn the traits of each, how to connect, and the specific leadership needs of each generation. Motivation Secrets: Revealed! Be among the first in learning how to use the just released, leading-edge motivation research to successfully merge your diverse workforce. You'll learn how to improve retention, and create an environment that will inspire all your employees to give you their best every day.

You're Driving Me Crazy!
Dealing with difficult people is a challenge for all of us. Learn the strategies in working with the difficult people in your life. In this fast paced, humorous keynote you'll learn the secrets in working with and communicating more effectively with the difficult people in your life.

Leadership Keynote Presentations and Training Programs

Critical Choices in Tough Times
Survival in this new economy requires 21st Century managers to learn new skills sets on coaching employees and building stronger teams. Replace yesterday's obsolete tools and strategies with fresh guidelines for team building to re-gain the competitive edge. Discover current approaches to stay connected, improve accountability, foster cooperation, and boost employee performance.

Change Keynote Presentation and Training Program

Transitions: Working Through Organizational Change
Navigating the waters of organizational change is often difficult. Change is all around us- and affects all aspects of our lives. From Typewriters to computers, from floppy discs to cloud computing, from 64K to 6 gig… no wonder we sometimes feel like we are in the white water rapids of change. Learn how to ride the current, maneuver around the boulders of change and how to win the race.

Note: this program can be customized for Leaders and Managers in helping their direct reports through the rough waters of change, or for direct reports in understanding the turmoil of change and how to deal with changing organizational issues.

Top Ten Reasons to Book Deanne DeMarco:

10. Deanne is high energy - it is rumored that her enthusiasm is often contagious and spurs others to take action

9.  Deanne is an Award Winning Speaker and Executive Coach

8.  Deanne’s real life stories and practical tools connect well with her audience

7.  Deanne’s pre-program questionnaire is eco-friendly

6.  Rare chocolate coins and gummy bears often flow from the stage during her lively presentations

5.   Fun, memorable and dynamic are words participants often use to describe Deanne

4.  Meeting planners often invite Deanne back 

3.  Deanne’s presentations are content rich and practical

2.  Meeting planners surveyed found Deanne to be engaging, original and easy to work with

1.  Participants tell Deanne that her message has had an impact on their lives and they continue to use her tools and strategies - years later. 

Are you looking for a:

  • Motivational Healthcare Keynote Speaker?
  • Motivational Hospitality Keynote Speaker?
  • Motivational Cancer Survivor Keynote Speaker?
  • Motivational Keynote Speaker or Business Speaker in Illinois?
  • Female Motivational Business Keynote Speaker?

Then book Deanne DeMarco! 
Deanne’s Client List as a Keynote Speaker and Business Coach include:

Banking Industry (including Thrift)
Financial Services
Restaurant / Hospitality/ Foodservice
Hospitals (including Military Hospitals)
Medical – including: Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors,
Utilities  (gas, telephone, and electric)
MLM (multi-level marketing groups and associations)

About Deanne DeMarco
The Cultural Transformation Coach

Deanne's career has revolved around helping people break through communication boundaries and career roadblocks.

Deanne is a speaker and trainer that clients invite back again and again. With enough degrees, honors, awards, certifications, and rave reviews to fill a file cabinet, Deanne has become the speaker, trainer or coach of choice for organizations and leaders looking for solutions for today's changing workplace.

For more than 20 years, she's worked with managers, leaders and individuals advance their careers, lead more productive teams, and manage more effectively. She has a strong business background with expertise in medicine, education, and utilities.

Through keynote speaking and fun, interactive workshops and seminars, Deanne helps participants achieve breakthrough results and soar to new heights. Participants often comment on her unique ability to effectively use real-life stories along with proven strategies and tools that work!

She is the premier author and expert on generational communication. She has been providing insightful solutions in training and managing the changing workforce since 1992. Her on-going research provides clients with leading-edge solutions that drive results.

Deanne earned her RCC - Registered Corporate Coach – designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

Author of four books, and her articles have been published in over 300 trade magazines and professional journals. Her coaching program won national recognition from "Training Magazine's Top 100."

Her multicultural training and research extends across 28 countries and 52 cultures, including working as a conflict mediator during the first Gulf War Crisis.

Interesting Facts

Deanne was a medical technologist and focused on medical research. During that time in her life she was a member of the three-member research team that first discovered the cancer link to secondhand smoke. Their work was published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

Deanne was a conflict mediator during the first Gulf War Crisis.

Deanne is the author of four books and numerous workbooks and has been published in more than 300 trade and professional journals.

Her multicultural training and research extends across 28 countries and 52 cultures.

Deanne is certified as a Corporate Coach Instructor .

Memberships & Awards

Deanne's coaching program has been recognized by Training Magazine's Top 100.

Deanne has won numerous 1st place public speaking and Humorous speaking awards.

Deanne has coached notable TV and stage personalities in presentation skills.

Deanne had coached numerous 1st place public speaking winners in both college and high school speech and debate, and Toastmasters.

She is a member of:

National Communication Association
National Speakers Association
National Speakers Association of Illinois
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches


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Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Generation, Change, Dealing with Difficult people, Tough Times, Transitions

Industry specialties: Healthcare, Utilities Foodservice, Education