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Denny Diamond & The Jewels

“Beautiful Noise starring Denny Diamond & The Jewels” can put a sparkle in your line-up!

With a magnificent voice that rivals that of any Neil Diamond impersonator, Denny’s performance is all about the words and music of a superstar that’s held a place of honor in the entertainment world for decades. Forget the flash, effects, and costumes that seek to convince the audience it’s just like the real thing; the “Denny Diamond & The Jewels” show is focused on the remarkable vocals, masterful musicianship, and family interaction that’s charmed audiences everywhere! The show also features Denny’s talented sons, Lucas and Spenser.

The boys enjoy the songs of their Dad’s hero, but they employ their method they’ve coined as ‘six degrees of Neil Diamond’ to introduce other music into the mix, including that of superstars like Glen Campbell, Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash. And, as if all that fabulous music isn’t enough, you’ll be treated to original songs from “Denny Diamond & The Jewels!”

After capturing the attention of the Dick Clark produced, talent seeking television show, Your Big Break, Denny's career focus was confirmed; he became a sought after performer who excelled at leaving audiences enchanted! Along with the boys, these three artists create a dynamic four-piece band, courtesy of Spenser’s unique ability to play both bass and drums simultaneously.

No destination pays tribute to music and Hollywood legends like Branson, and no tribute show brings you the brilliance of Neil Diamond like “Beautiful Noise starring Denny Diamond & The Jewels!”

"...vocal impersonation...a dead-on mimic of Diamond's raspy nothing to scoff at, and it's earned him high-profile gigs at the Frist Center, Cannery Row Revival fest, even a private party for Keith Urban."
- Dave Paulson The Tennessean

- "What an amazing night. The sold out crowd at Metropolis had the time of their lives. You got them on their feet singing and dancing and they loved every minute of your show. We had patrons already asking when you'd be back to our theater. Thank you for such a great show."
- Jim Jarvis, Metropolis Performing Arts Center

- "…brings natural warmth to your heart and a new breath of life to Neil Diamond's music. Denny performing Neil Diamond's music sounds like Americana: Warm, comforting - just what you expect! Captivating! Energetic! Charismatic! A guaranteed crowd pleaser and a sold out show!"
- Laura Witlox, Board Member, Friends of the Woodstock Opera House

denny diamond


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