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Bryan Dodge

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Every appearance and product by Bryan Dodge is fueled by his passion for sharing with others what he has gained in over 20 years as a lifelong, avid student of success habits and leadership principles -- knowledge he used first to transform his own life.

A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Bryan Dodge began his career in agricultural sales after graduating from the University of Nebraska. His desire to excel led him to become an avid student of success habits and leadership principles. After an award-winning career in sales, this same avid study, now a lifelong passion, changed his life and eventually launched his speaking career.

Early on, he started a company Results that promoted sales seminars throughout the United States and Canada. His company grew to more than 60 employees. Relocating to Dallas, he expanded his business, filling stadiums in major cities with events featuring the most sought-after national motivational personalities, with whom Bryan shared the speaking platform.

After 12 years, he sold this successful business to focus on sharing his own knowledge and experiences with audiences directly. He is now one of America's most sought-after speakers, making over 250 appearances in the U.S. and Canada last year.

His relationships with top CEOs and other nationally known trainers have given him a wealth of knowledge that he readily shares through his keynotes, workshops, products and radio program. Through the years, he has inspired audiences within thousands of major corporations, professional associations, and other organizations.

At all of his events, he stresses the importance of keeping professional life and personal life in balance. Bryan practices what he teaches when he says that he goes home to his most important job: being an involved and dedicated father and husband. He and his wife, Margaret, have three children. He has been very active in coaching soccer and football and working with kids in YMCA programs. Outside of his love for reading, Bryan’s hobbies are mostly outdoor activities such as hunting and skiing.

Bryan's Keynotes Topics include:
  • How to Build a Better You
  • Time Management
  • Selling Strategies for Today's Client
  • Leadership Principles: The Critical Difference
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Keynote Appearance for Special Company Events
  • Memory Skills
  • How to Set Goals and Get Results®

Workshop Topics

Building a Better Team!
Our most popular workshop teaches people the steps to build the chemistry and energy shared by winning teams. Master communicator Bryan Dodge deals with the core principles and real-world issues necessary for everyday team success. Participants learn:

  • Why being a team player is so important in today’s world
  • How to support and build on the strengths and skills of the people around them
  • Communication techniques to help deal with negativity
  • How to discover and develop your Talent DNA -- the key to building a successful business team
  • How to Take Ownership of Leadership Book Bryan Now!
  • This one-of-a-kind workshop alters how people view their individual responsibility and elevates every participant to higher levels of leadership. Bryan challenges leaders to take team performance to the next level by conquering their fears and helping their people overcome their inhibitions. Participants learn:

The three laws of leadership and how they affect every area of life – from the boardroom to the soccer field
  • What truly motivates people
  • How to find and keep a good team
  • Skills that improve team communication
  • The intangible quality that enables leaders to reach new levels of performance

How to Build a Complete Salesperson!
In this workshop, Bryan Dodge coaches and encourages salespeople -- whether veteran sales professionals or those brand new to the field -- to master new levels of professionalism. In this workshop, Bryan teaches participants:

  • How to develop the characteristics of a professional salesperson
  • Questions that all top producers answer the same way
  • How to master seven tools of the sales profession
  • Practical do's and don’ts of establishing a good first impression

Goal-Setting Book!
We all know the value of setting goals, but many of us never do it or do it ineffectively. Bryan Dodge teaches a powerful, step-by-step program for goal-setting: The Truth of Diminishing Intent (the 48 Hour Rule). By emphasizing the life-changing difference that goal-setting can make, teaching people a simple method for doing it, and motivating them to begin applying this method immediately, Bryan's program has been the turning point in thousands of lives.

Negotiation Skills Book!
Negotiation is primarily an exchange of satisfactions. But how do you develop a climate and attitude of “win-win” while negotiating? In this workshop, Bryan Dodge teaches these keys to successful negotiation:

  • Communication skills that lead to increased understanding
  • Areas of negotiation – price, control, power, position, recognition, etc.
  • Values vary – priorities, importance, and moral issues
  • Issues – have the real concerns been uncovered?
  • What is said non-verbally – observing actions, body language, attitudes, and sincerity
  • Questioning – in-depth probing that can lead to a win/win outcome
  • Information – the party with the most information has the advantage
  • Patience – don’t let the other party rush you; control emotions on both sides
  • Planning – detailed planning gives a negotiator options and the ability to predict offers.
  • Foresighted planning protects against making concessions.

Communication Skills!
In this high-impact session, master communicator Bryan Dodge provides the inspiration, insights and need-to-know information that help participants gain new communication skills and refresh old ones. Participants evaluate their own communication skills and learn the steps needed to become more productive and professional communicators. Bryan also emphasizes key communication practices that energize and sustain winning teams.

Time Management & Work/Home Balance!
In this fast-paced workshop, Bryan Dodge coaches participants to improve the quality of their time at work and balance the quantity of their time at home. Participants learn:

  • The four cornerstones of organization
  • A simple method for prioritizing tasks
  • Nine time-saving techniques that can double productivity
  • How to plan and manage complex tasks from conception to completion
  • How to identify time-wasters
  • Quick solutions to life’s daily challenges
  • Bryan also makes the connection between time management and goal-setting, teaching strategies to move from just getting the bare minimum done day-to-day to making your dreams a reality.


The Power of Coaching Up!
Keynote speaker, author, and radio personality Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to unleash your full potential in business and at home by teaching you the new skills in how to lead today’s generation. People do not want to be managed; they want to be coached and mentored in these ever-changing times.   The goal of this training is to give you the tools to create a culture that stands strong during tough times. You will form the chemistry of a winning team by learning effective communication and team-building skills. Bryan’s program is refreshing and entertaining, yet informative and educational. His vibrant and spirited delivery style keeps his audiences in tune to every word.

Attendees will walk away with many take-a-ways including but not limited to

  • Be skilled at creating chemistry
  • The power in coaching up instead of managing down
  • Coaching is about redefining the possible
  • The key is to help people go somewhere specific
  • The key to hiring the right people
  • Transparency is the key to true leadership
  • Changing a toxic culture
  • How to lead today’s generation
  • How to earn and maintain trust with your team
  • How to handle conflict and confrontation
  • Creating a culture that stands strong during tough times
  • Bryan also makes the connection between time management and goal-setting, teaching strategies to move from just getting the bare minimum done day-to-day to making your dreams a reality.


“I was not only impressed by Bryan's speaking at our event; I was inspired. He is not the typical keynote that you dread when attending a conference. Within 2 minutes of the start of his speech I was at the edge of my chair not wanting the session to end. You can can not afford NOT to hire Bryan to speak at your next event!” March 30, 2011 - Betsy Bartholomew, HEI Hotels and Resort

“Bryan is an amazing and passionate speaker! His stories are motivational and inspiring. Thanks for the great message Bryan!!” April 1, 2011.  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative - Danielle Adams, Event Planner - Nonprofit Solutions

Hi Bryan:  I just wanted to tell you again that your presentation was amazing!  I feel so empowered after listening to you speak that I can't begin to tell you how my life IS GOING TO CHANGE! "  - Pamela J. Isetts, Manufacturer Direct Sales Group

"Dear Bryan, Thank you for such an inspirational message this morning. You truly opened my eyes to where it is that I need to be and what I need to do to continue to grow" - Tammy Mutina, Mammoet USA South, Inc.

“You touched on a lot of material in a short period of time.  I know it's not easy for most people to open up to a crowd of strangers and reveal personal facets of their life.  I think those moments were some of the most hard-hitting points you made all day.  The story of the young girl's funeral and your son's meningitis had such an impact on me.  You definitely opened up your heart that day.  You made a difference." - Doug Brokaw, TriMark SS Kemp


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