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Doug Trenary

SuccessMind: The Most Powerful Strategies in Sales,
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Doug Trenary, award-winning author of The SalesMind, is founder and president of Doug Trenary’s Fast-Track, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. His organization, founded in 1985, provides sales, management, and peak-performance strategies through many types of mediums. His consulting, speaking, training, and products impact thousands of individuals and companies internationally each year.


R E S U L T S !

Named as one of the youngest speaking stars ever to receive the elite Sharing IDEAS Magazine’s Consummate Speaker Award, Doug Trenary is also electrifying audiences, readers, and the media on his way to the top of the business and personal performance world.

An award-winning author, Mr. Trenary’s new book, The SalesMind, captured the coveted Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for business books. He received this honor at the 2005 National Book Expo in New York City. His book, CD’s, and wide range of live programs are documented to have helped companies and individuals sell tens of millions of new sales dollars. More importantly, Doug has inspired people in all walks of life, from CEO’s to teenagers, to take their lives to a new level of success.

Doug Trenary began early in establishing his credentials as a rare performer. His distinct profile accelerated when he leaped from being a college basketball athlete to starting his business career selling day-to-day in the real sales trenches. He quickly thrust himself to the top and was honored as Salesman of the Year and winner of 26 awards in 3 years for Lanier Worldwide, one of America’s premier sales organizations, as cited in the classic book In Search of Excellence. He set sales records unequalled in his time from making an incredible 20 face-to-face cold calls per day to master the hyper- competitive business of selling copiers door-to-door.

Doug then became one of the youngest managers ever at 24 to be promoted to sales manager at Lanier to run a multi-million dollar budget.

Inspired with an entrepreneurial vision to contribute with his talents, Trenary then struck out at 25 and founded his now 26-year old highlyaccredited and successful firm that has been, for example, featured in Selling Power Magazine as one of “America’s Best Sales Training Companies.” He’s delivered well over 3000 speeches, seminars, and workshops since 1985 on many, many topics and lives, knows, and communicates the standard that real success comes from living a balanced life and transferring your personal desire into helping others and creating value.

The ultimate bottom line is personal and professional results, and results happen where Doug contributes. He has spoken to and consulted with clients that look like a Who’s Who list of Fortune-level companies and business associations - organizations like MetLife, Sherwin Williams, ADP, Honeywell, Masco, Canon, and REMAX – companies that are using Doug’s riveting influence and content to generate their own documented record-setting performances.

Doug Trenary is a bottom-line performer in a bottom-line world. He is an established and powerful contributor who brings a laser-sharp presence, a fresh but experienced voice, and a cutting-edge body of content that will energize, humor, and captivate any group. But above all, every attendee, listener, viewer, or reader will be compelled to take an immediate next action step to secure their dreams... to get greater results.


The Salesmind
This fresh look at the new positioning game of sales will knock your socks off with inspiring, practical, and proven strategies of today’s real selling masters. Doug Trenary, a high-powered corporate trainer since 1985, devoted eight years to capturing a 12-point profile of power that will take you way beyond outdated sales strategies to the new world of leveraging yourself, buyers, and time.

The Successmind
Confused by all the approaches to "success"? Is it all about just money? Or power? Whatever your goals, there is a distinct way high achievers play the game of life—they possess what Doug calls a SuccessMind. You can too! The SuccessMind on Offense teaches you how to advances your success while fluidly shifting to Defense when necessary to protect it.

The Leadersmind
A real leader doesn't follow the pack. He or she understands clearly the differences between being a manager — having a job with a title, and being a leader — inspiring and coaching people to perform beyond what they thought were there own limits. A "LeadersMind" has a passion to bring a powerful team performance to the customer.

The Servicemind
Service is on a decline in America — but not for those companies who employ, The "ServiceMind." They recognize that customer care and delivering on promises, at any cost, is always worth it. "The ServiceMind" represents both an organizational and personal commitment to continuous improvement. Service in all aspects is a continuous journey to the ultimate business challenge, client loyalty. There is no finish line for client loyalty.

Does Doug Trenary’s Training Get Results? (Ask his customers.)

“When I came in our region was dead last in sales. I immediately researched large and small training companies for help. I knew from the first interview that Doug Trenary’s approach was our answer. Doug started working with our salespeople and consulting directly with me. At the end of our first year with him, we finished number one in sales, and I am absolutely certain Doug’s powerful and unique influence was a big variable in that success.”

— Anthony Nugent, Vice President, MetLife

“Two weeks after attending Doug’s Dallas industry association seminar, and using his “SALESMIND” techniques, I closed a $423,000 deal. His teaching was the key.”

— Pat DeZeeuw, Botanical Technologies

“Even though we interviewed several other speakers, Doug’s high energy level, experience, and willingness to customize his program to our needs were the reasons in selecting him for our seminar. I can see why his company is on the list of Selling Power magazine’s ‘Best Sales Training Companies in America.’”

— Tom Slicko, Sales Manager, Peoria Siding Co.

“When Doug started his custom program of sales training and management consultation, our office had 56% ‘Million Dollar Club’ award winners. At the end of our first year with Doug, 90% had achieved that status. In interviews with agents, it was clear Doug‘s influence ‘to take action now’ was integral to this motivation and achievement. Best of all, our profitability soared.”

— Mary Anne Frolik, owner, REMAX Achievers

“I would recommend Doug‘s program to all but my competitors.”

— Fred Martin, General Manager, Minolta

“All managers, supervisors, and their respective departments at ADC are better managed and motivated than ever before. We could not have had or handled the tremendous growth we‘ve experienced without the ‘SALESMIND’ and ‘LEADERSMIND’ skills you taught our entire organization.”

— Ricky Jones, Vice-President, Andalusia Distributing Co.

“After Doug‘s first eye-opening training session I was able to successfully negotiate a $360,000 plus account and establish myself as an up-and-coming broker in my company. This one account will pay many times in return the price of his program.”

— Keith Harris, Broker, J.W. Gant Investment Bankers


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