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Doug Dvorak

Motivational Humorous Speaker


If you're looking for a Motivational Humorous Speaker with a powerful message, who is absolutely hilarious and  inspirational,  then Book Doug Dvorak as your Motivational Humorous Speaker.

Doug Dvorak's unique presentation topics encourage and empower individuals to excel on a personal level which in turn equates into more efficient business and professional success.

For a professional motivational humorous speaker with professional comedic experience, Doug Dvorak's humorous approach will empower and motivate any company or organization to excel. Doug Dvorak's experience as a Second City  Improvisational Actor gives him a totally unique and fresh approach and audiences love it. Doug Dvorak is one of  the funniest professional speakers in  America today.

Doug Dvorak is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Doug Dvorak earned his Certified Speaking Professional designation through the National Speakers Association (NSA) early in his speaking career. The CSP is the hallmark of the expert who speaks professionally.

Dr. Carpediem is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, an expert on peak performance and a clinical psychic. Before founding the Human Potential Institute, Dr. Carpediem was Professor Emeritus of Sensory Deprivation at Dubuque University and is occasionally a guest host on the Psychic Friends Network.

Dr. Carpediem holds a B.A. from the University of the Pacific, an M.A. in Psychic Therapy from the Timothy Leary Institute, and obtained his Doctorate. Dr. Carpediem has attempted to appear on the Ricki Lake Show, Late Night with David Letterman, The Montel Williams Show, Good Night Peoria, and has delighted listeners on his own nationally syndicated radio talk show, “Hello, Is Anyone Listening.”

Dr. Earnest Carpediem's™ Programs:

"Mega Motivation With A Twist®" program.

Program Description: 
Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ delivers a highly energetic, creative and humorous interactive presentation as a motivational speaker and gifted psychic that actively solicits audience participation in an enthusiastic and non-threatening manner.

Program Goal:
To ensure that each audience member receives a hearty laugh, feels better about themselves, and leaves with a positive attitude. Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ reminds his audience that laughter equals longevity and psychological well being.

"Laughter is the Best Medicine®"

Program Description:   
What's your HQ? (Humor Quotient) Is it surprisingly low or non-existent? Are you laughing and living up to your humor potential? If you want to develop and exercise your "Funny Bones", then you should plan on attending this interactive workshop.

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to add humor and laughter to their personal and professional life! This workshop takes you through the creative process of humor and improvisation and teaches you to recognize the "Funny" in us all.

Program Goals:

  • Recognize the importance and power of laughter and humor in life and work.
  • Learn to create and honor your own unique sense of humor.
  • Increase you comfort and confidence by using humor personally and professionally.
  • Embrace a broader perspective of humor as a way to get support for all areas of your life.

"Lighten Up®"

Program Description:   
How to put more fun in Your Life and Work!!
In this program, participants will learn how humor can reduce stress, improve creativity, increase productivity and balance the stress of life and work by providing them a new perspective. Through a fun, funny and educational experience, participants will acquire humor coping skills to incorporate into their personal and professional lives.

Program Goals:

  • Recognize the value and importance of humor in creating a more healthy and balanced life.
  • Use humor to make a message more memorable.
  • Achieve more balance in life and work through humor.
  • Recognize the value of humor in creating a healthier perspective.
  • Enjoy a fun and entertaining program full of practical information.
  • Live long, laugh large and often.
  • Implement specific techniques to incorporate more fun and humor in your personal and professional life.

"The Art of Being Creative®"

Program Description:   
The Art of Being Creative Seminar will help you to become a more creative person. You will learn how to expand and refine your creative ideas. You will no longer haphazardly search for creative solutions or become frustrated when your random methods don’t yield results. This seminar will also help participants improve the capability for innovation through examining known pitfalls and problems, while developing tools for maximizing the creative potential for both themselves and their colleagues. In a business world that’s changing fast, innovators and problem solvers rise to the top. How good are you at coming up with bright ideas? More importantly, how do you get better at it? This program shows you how to put yourself in a creative mode anytime, anyplace.

What you will learn:
Select exercises that can be done to mentally prepare you to be creative. Identify elements of physical surroundings that you can control to increase creativity. Choose ways in which you can physically prepare yourself to be creative. Use ways to be more adventuresome to reach a decision. You will also learn how creativity and innovation can foster a creative environment that offers students information required to recruit and retain creative individuals, perform a creativity audit, and to communicate with creative people. In addition, the program explains creative rhythm and gives suggestions for implementing a creative culture.

  • Understanding of the nature of creativity.
  • Techniques for managing the creative process.
  • How to assess the levels of creativity and innovation for yourself and your organization. 
  • Recognize techniques that will enhance creativity.
  • Avoid personal and organizational factors that block creativity.
  • Why you must ditch some of your “standard” routines before creativity can occur.
  • Why your best ideas often come to you as you’re driving, showering –or even falling asleep.

"Creating A Team Culture®"

Program Description:   

Our team building workshops are highly interactive and are customizable to meet the specific needs of your team. The variety of experiential exercises that are available can take you outdoors or keep you inside the training room of your own company facilities. No matter what direction your organization decides to take, our team building workshops will create excitement, focus, and action for improvement.

How We'll Work Together for Your Team:

In advance of your program, we'll ask each member of your team to invest fifteen minutes in completing a team building questionnaire. This assessment gathers key preferences, including communicating, learning, and decision making.

We'll supply all materials and instructions, and we'll ask you to return the completed questionnaires a couple of weeks before your workshop. Your team facilitator will use the results—along with a pre-course consultation with you—to personalize your program for your group.

The resulting workshop is highly interactive. Your facilitator will guide participants through fascinating exercises that bring team relationships into clear focus. Your teammates will have fun in the program, but they'll also discover something fascinating: How personality preferences and the resulting professional relationships can paralyze or mobilize a team.
Participants also will receive their 25-page individual profiles during the workshop. These personality "owners manuals" provide enlightening insights that will benefit participants throughout their lives. Participants customarily share their outcomes with their teammates, instantly upgrading your team relationships

Your team will benefit from:

Improved Communication through a revealing exploration of the different ways in which team members send and receive information.

Reduced Conflict, the team will gain the ability to recognize and minimize unnecessary clashes between dissimilar personality types.

Strengthened Management Effectiveness through an awareness of the various human needs and professional preferences within the team.

Decreased Stress, the team will discover how to sidestep anxiety-generating and time-consuming interpersonal issues.

Better Team Relationships, Heightened Morale, and Greater Camaraderie, boosted by a lively team building session, and sustained by the healthy insights harvested in the workshop.

"Creating a Customer Centric Culture®"

Program Description:   

Imagine an organization where all your employees are confident, self-sufficient and motivated. Your company’s turnover is at an all-time low, as are customer complaints. Word on the street is that your company offers the benchmark for customer service in your industry, and your competitors are seeing red as their customers jump ship and swim your way. With “Creating a Customer Centric Culture”, a powerful new customer excellence program, you don’t have to imagine anymore. You can make your dream world a reality!

What you will learn:

This training program leads to customer service consistency. Your customers are your business. They write your paychecks — and those of your employees. Even the briefest customer interaction affects your bottom line.

We show you how to win customers over by treating them well and retain them by keeping them happy, while maintaining your competitive advantage — excellent customer service — with across-the-board consistency.

We use dramatizations of real-world customer service situations to keep the training interesting, relevant and fun.

Bottom-line benefits of “Creating a Customer Centric Culture” include:

Leads to higher employee productivity and profits

Increases employee retention

Creates consistency of service throughout your company

Fits into any schedule – no matter how hectic

Benefits to attendees:

Increases the confidence and competence of your employees

Boosts self-esteem and morale

Skills are transferable to other areas of work or life

Learning is customized to the needs of the organization and individual and thus, non- threatening and more effective

Doug Dvorak's  Programs

Selling Up in Tough Times®


“Selling Up in Tough Times” is not just a workshop or seminar, it is an attitude adjustment!

Approaching the marketplace with your product or service in these uncertain economic times can be a daunting task…. less than 50% of today’s business-to-business salespersons have ever sold during an economic downturn.

One of the great penalties of the longest business expansion in U.S. history (the Nifty ‘90s) is that an entire generation of sales professionals have worked all of their professional lives knowing nothing about selling in hard times and how to deal with them. Even if you do remember downturns in the ‘70s or ‘80s, selling in a recession is likely but a distant memory.

So what’s the plan? What are the selling strategies and tactics for a reeling economy? This workshop will discuss the skills, the strategies, and several solutions to respond positively and creatively in these potentially stressful times.

“When someone says that the free market isn't working, what he means is that he doesn't like the way the free market is working." 

-Nicolas Martin, "Indianapolis Star"

“The road to positive thinking is strewn with the abandoned vehicles of the faint-hearted. “

-Peter McWilliams

Who Needs a Selling Up in Tough Times Workshop?

• Individuals or organizations that are customer oriented
• Individuals or organizations whose job it is to produce sales results regardless of economic conditions
• Individuals or organizations experiencing confusion as to how to proceed and formulate a successful sales strategy/process in today’s conditions
• Individuals or organizations who need a sales skills adjustment to prepare for the ‘new game out there’
• Individuals or organizations that want to remain positive in a seemingly negative business environment

What you will learn:

• Recognize the realities of Consultative Selling
• Understand what Consultative Selling is and is not
• Learn the key steps in adjusting attitudes toward customers and conditions, while adding value and maintaining margin integrity
• Begin to look at also adjusting selling skills in these uncertain times
• How to leverage and harness the powers of good-will and ‘care-man-ship’ into renewed customer relationships and new customers
• How to leverage and harness the powers of the internet and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN to build and enhance your sales pipeline

Understanding the nature of Selling Up in Tough Times:

• Techniques for managing your existing customer relationships
• Recognize techniques that will enhance those most valuable relationships
• Avoid personal factors that will limit your willingness to change with the times

Understanding the Selling Up in Tough Times Process:
• How to discover the changes needed
• How to create new strategies and tactics
• How to understand what is in the customer’s world these days
• How to differentiate yourself from the competition
• How to create value propositions that offer lasting value
• How to beef up your basics in a pessimistic business climate
• How to develop and write Unique Value Propositions (UVP) with ROI focus
• How to achieve your goals and objectives

Workshop Deliverables:
• How to develop a plan that will work
• How to clarify the murky for your customers and add value
• How to maintain your best customers
• How to develop a plan for finding and selling new customers
• How to develop a positive approach that adapts but doesn’t waffle

Sales Excellence Workshop - Managing for Sales Success®

Doug Dvorak offers an interactive process for sales professionals to discover their natural talents and how to overcome potential roadblocks to sales success. Every individual has a unique selling style that sets them apart. This interactive process allows the individual to focus on and develop their strengths, while identifying potential weaknesses through Doug’s sales self-development plan. Immediately, sales professionals can complete the process and start implementation for sales success.

Doug’s customized program focuses on selling techniques that are used throughout the sales process, from creative prospecting, to developing customized value propositions, to first impressions, to demonstration, to closing. In prospecting, it is imperative to understand the different types of clients you will encounter and what selling techniques will work best for them. Some clients are going to want all of the facts and supporting data and may take a long time to make a decision to move forward. Other clients will want to know how the product or service will benefit the organization and may even make a decision without hearing the entire presentation. When dealing with demanding situations, sales professionals need to be able to adapt their selling techniques and style to match the client’s needs. After all, the golden rule has changed to, "Treat others how THEY want to be treated."

In order to adapt to a client’s needs, a sales person must first understand his or her own selling style. Which selling techniques come naturally, and which one is a challenge? How does he or she naturally tend to handle objections, make decisions, pay attention to details, and how fast does he or she move through a presentation? If a client does not handle these items in the same manner, a communication breakdown is likely to occur. To avoid the breakdown, you will want to choose a different selling technique.

In addition to selling styles, properly managing an organization’s sales talent can be a key competitive advantage in today’s workforce. It will lead to higher productivity, job satisfaction, increased morale and decreased turnover. All of these factors can contribute to a healthy increase in the organization’s return on investment and are addressed in this customized sales training program.

Sales professionals tend to be goal oriented and results driven. Through sales coaching and the use of Doug’s sales assessments, individuals learn how to satisfy their natural motivators and to behaviorally adapt their sales style to target the communication needs of their clients. As a result, sales will increase and job satisfaction rises.

The Managing For Success® Sales report (MFS) is designed to help sales people attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure in our work and personal life. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The MFS Sales™ report quantifies information on how we see ourselves and presents this self-perception in a detailed computer report.

Results and Benefits of the MFS Sales Report:

   •    Helps spot winners and establish a reliable method of choosing sales people.
   •    Evaluates the performance of both new and existing sales people.
   •    Shows the sales manager how to get the most out of the sales team.
   •    Provides coaching for the sales team for maximum results.

The assessment also looks at six areas of the sales process and helps select the salesperson that best fits the present needs of the company:   

   •    Prospecting
   •    First Impressions
   •    Qualifying
   •    Demonstration
   •    Influence
   •    Closing

Once the results are received, sales skills development can be tailored to the different needs of each sales person and organization. When sales people understand themselves and their prospects, communication becomes more effective. Therefore, sales productivity and performance increase. The information given in these assessments will enhance the sales development process for any organization.

Y.O.B. Build Your Own Brand
How to Harness the Secret Powers of Personal Branding! ®

What is Personal Branding?
Your personal brand is the values that your friends, family, co-workers, and the marketplace associates with your name. What values do you stand for? How do you make that clear to the world around you? How do you achieve your goals by being clearer and more visible? By developing your Personal Branding.

Personal Branding describes the process by which individuals differentiate themselves through identifying and articulating their unique value proposition (UVP) to achieve a specific goal. Many other people bring the same products, services and skills to the marketplace that you do. So why is it that some people just seem to stand out? Chances are, consciously or unconsciously, they have created their own unique personal brand.
Personal Branding is not about applying a thin layer of veneer. It's about getting in touch with your authentic self - what's true and real and genuine about you. It's about harnessing the values you live by and the passions that drive you and presenting the real you to others.
“Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of personal branding. We are the CEO’s of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be the head marketer for the brand called YOU!”

Who Needs a Personal Branding Workshop?

  •   Individuals or organizations that are interested in developing or revitalizing their brands
  •   Individuals or organizations just starting out that need to create a strong personal brand
  •   Individuals or organizations experiencing confusion among employees about their brand
  •   Individuals or organizations not quite sure how to explain to people what they do
  •   Individuals or organizations that want to motivate themselves and build momentum  and excitement around their own unique personal brand

What you will learn:

  • Recognize the importance of a personal branding
  • Understand what a brand is and is not
  • Learn the key steps in building a personal brand
  • Begin your personal branding journey

Understanding the nature of Personal Branding:

  • Techniques for managing your personal brand
  • Recognize techniques that will enhance your personal brand
  • Avoid personal factors that inhibit you from being authentic

Understanding the Personal Branding Process:

  • How to discover your brand
  • How to create your brand
  • How to maintain your brand
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • How to gain confidence in your abilities
  • How to increase your visibility and presence in the marketplace
  • How to achieve your goals and objectives

Workshop Deliverables:

  • How to develop a clear brand direction and focus
  • How to develop a clear brand message
  • How to develop and maintain a motivated and reinvigorated team
  • How to develop a clear foundation for strategic brand decisions
  • How to develop a key brand visuals
  • A foundation for applying the brand across all customer touch points

The Magic of Mentoring ®

What is Business Mentoring?
A matter of trust. Business Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings people together with caring and competent individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing and enhancing the business competence and character of the Mentee. A Business Mentor is a professional with specific business acumen and competencies who provides a Mentee with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example. Mentors are good listeners, people who care; people who want to help younger business professionals bring out strengths that are already there.

Business Mentoring Defined
Business Mentoring refers to a developmental relationship between a more experienced Mentor and a less experienced partner, or Mentee. Through regular interactions (face-to-face, on the phone or via email), the Mentee relies on the Mentor’s guidance to gain skills, perspective and experience. Mentoring exists in many forms: formal or informal, group or one-to-one, structured or unstructured and is always one size fits one!

With roots in ancient history, Mentoring now brings value to organizations and communities worldwide. Doug Dvorak is a recognized leader and pioneer in offering formal mentoring programs to individuals, corporations and associations. The internal and cross-company programs he has designed and delivered help organizations strengthen talent in ways that tie directly to business goals. His mentoring philosophy is based on his proven methodology, tools and structure around training, matching, accountability, and more.

Business Mentoring succeeds when it is:

  • Mentee-driven - Mentor-guided
  • Dynamically reciprocal with active learning
  • Recognized as different from managing, performance coaching, or sponsoring
  • Voluntary - Confidential - Structured and formal

There are few talent development tools more powerful than a well-designed Business Mentoring program. Our clients have come to realize this, and many have been with us since our founding. Organizations depend on us to understand their business and to develop and deliver Business Mentoring programs that tie directly to their strategic goals, defining success at the outset so that everyone recognizes it when it arrives.

Custom Mentoring Solutions
Whether you want to focus on leadership development, succession planning, fostering innovation or a host of other critical talent management issues, our experienced consulting partners work closely with your organization to deliver a program which addresses your particular business objectives. With our extensive experience in the arena of human capital development, we have created a number of ground-breaking mentoring platforms that can be customized to maximize your organization’s mentoring experience and ensure return on investment for your development initiatives.

A sampling of our signature programs that deliver customized solutions to your organization's development are:

One-to-One Mentoring
The most powerful component of our program is the direct access to the knowledge, experience, and insight of a more-experienced professional from another organization. Our highly personalized and in-depth match process guarantees that each partnership addresses the specific needs of the Mentee and the business objectives of your organization.

This ground-breaking program combines formal one-to-one Mentoring, business education and peer networking to create a powerful learning experience. Our program gives organizations a compelling and cost-effective way to recognize and invest in your emerging talent and to diversify the senior ranks amongst Fortune-ranked companies.

Group Mentoring:
This collaborative program brings together a group of Mentees whose common goal is to develop both personally and professionally from the guidance and feedback provided by dedicated Mentors. Mentees drive the process by scheduling and facilitating meetings based upon their collective development needs and benefit not only from the insight of committed Mentors but from the interaction of their Mentee circles group.

Self-Directed Mentoring:
Designed as a program for self-starting individuals, we place development tools directly in the hands of the participant. We have developed a comprehensive process that provides an organized action plan, which guides the participant from assessing their readiness for a Mentoring partnership to identifying a Mentor and defining development goals. Organizations can use this program independently or as a complement to more comprehensive, formal programs.

Mentoring helps clients meet these business challenges:    

  •  Retaining key talent
  •  Diversifying the leadership pipeline
  •  Attracting new talent
  •  Supporting business strategies
  •  Preparing for the future
  •  Integrating new employees and corporate cultures
  •  Remaining competitive

Mentored employees benefit from:

  •  The broad perspective necessary for sound decision making
  •  Access to new resources and the opportunity to build and strengthen networks
  •  The insight to become more effective and politically savvy
  •  The chance to take ownership of their growth and development
  •   Customized, real-time development that is unmatched by MBA programs, executive coaching and other approaches.

Who Needs a Mentoring Workshop?

  • Individuals or organizations that are interested in developing or revitalizing a Mentor program
  • Individuals or organizations just starting out that need to create a strong Mentoring program
  • Individuals or organizations experiencing confusion about what a Mentor – Mentee relationship and program is?
  • Individuals or organizations that want to motivate themselves and build momentum and excitement around a Mentorship program.

What you will learn:
This workshop will prepare you to set up your organization's own Mentoring system. Learn how to use a formal Mentoring approach to support retention, diversity, recruiting and succession planning. Establish strategic goals and plans for implementing mentoring. Develop strategies for selecting and matching mentors and Mentees. Gain skill in the best way for communicating the process to your organization. Leave with a valuable step-by-step guide for establishing and sustaining a mentoring system.

  •  Recognize the importance of a Mentoring
  •  Understand what a Mentoring is and is not
  •  Learn the key steps in building a Mentoring program
  •  Begin your Mentoring journey

Understanding the nature of Mentoring:

  •  Techniques for managing the Mentoring process
  •  Recognize techniques that will enhance the Mentor-Mentee experience

Understanding the Mentoring Process:

  •   How to create a lasting mentoring partnership
  •   How to maintain your mentoring partnership with the Mentee
  •   How to gain confidence in your abilities as a Mentor
  •   How to increase your visibility and presence by becoming a Mentor
  •   How to achieve your Mentoring goals and objectives


Doug Dvorak assists clients with productivity training, corporate humor and workshops, and other aspects of sales and marketing management. Doug’s clients are characterized as Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium businesses, civic organizations, service businesses, and individual investors and entrepreneurs.

Doug Dvorak is a certified sales trainer, management consultant and corporate humorist. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management. But Doug’s sense of humor is no less refined, as he is a graduate of the Player’s Workshop of the Second City, one of the oldest and most prestigious improvisational comedy schools in the world.

But what is it that Doug Dvorak really does? First, one must consider, what is it that traverses all people in all places? What tool can improve an employee’s productivity, yet at the same time let them enjoy what they are doing? Humor. The power of laughter can quell the most volatile situation and bring real motivation and pleasure to the most tedious activities. Humor can bring true employee and customer satisfaction. Through the unique, original character created by Doug Dvorak, Dr. Earnest Carpediem™ , Doug delivers a highly energetic and creative interactive presentation: “Mega Motivation With A Twist™.” Dr. Carpediem™ is a motivational speaker and gifted psychic that actively solicits audience participation in an enthusiastic and non-threatening manner.

Doug conducts personalized presentations and workshops. He speaks to management groups, business owners, and professional associations that appreciate his customized programs which never fail to bring smiles to people’s faces. But regardless of Doug’s comical presentations, he is a consummate business professional whose primary goal is client satisfaction. In addition, Doug is a active member of the National Speaker’s Association® (NSA®). Everyday new clients are finding out what Doug Dvorak can do for them.

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