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Paul Fell

Political Humorist And Cartoonist

 If you're looking for a speaker or entertainer for your next meeting, reception or social event, and you want something a bit out of the ordinary, call on Paul Fell. You can retain Paul as a speaker or feature him at your event creating on-the-spot caricatures.

Paul’s Speaking Engagements

Paul Fell has spoken to groups of all ages and interests about his career as a political cartoonist. His presentation is titled: “Life As A Cartoonist / Why Don’t You Get A Real Job?”.
This is a presentation unlike any other, where Paul promises that you won’t learn a thing and guarantees that you’ll have tons of fun! Fell discusses a day in the life of an editorial cartoonist, touching on topics like how he gets ideas, dealing with editors, deadlines, and irate readers. During his talk he shows samples of some his latest cartoons and draws famous personalities on the spot. The highlight of the program comes when Paul calls “volunteer” audience members up on stage to pose for their caricatures.

Paul’s Caricature Sessions

Spice up your cocktail party, reception or trade show by arranging to have Paul Fell on hand to draw on-the-spot caricatures. This is the ideal ice-breaker for groups of all kinds and sizes. Even if you’re not brave enough to sit in the caricature hot seat, it’s a lot of fun to watch Paul create fast, funny accurate likenesses of his subjects. He always takes special care to exaggerate those facial features they’d just as soon we not notice.

Paul Bio
Paul Fell grew up in Massachusetts but headed west to Nebraska to play college football and study art. He married a farm girl and discovered that the Cornhusker state and its people had grown on him. He has been a high school art teacher and coach and a college art professor in addition to pursuing a career in cartooning.

Fell was the editorial cartoonist and newsroom artist at the former Lincoln (NE) Journal newspaper from 1984 to 1992. When his position was eliminated without warning he decided to try his luck at being his own boss. He has been operating his freelance cartooning and humorous illustration studio, Paul Fell Cartoons, ever since.

Fell figures that if he can make a living as a cartoonist out in the heart of the Great Plains, he can make it anywhere. He takes pride in being able to cope with Nebraska’s extreme weather conditions and feels only contempt for those Midlanders who move to places like Arizona and spend the rest of their days bitching about how they miss the change of seasons.

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