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Jimmy Fingers

Trickstar of the New Vaudevillian


A typical Jimmy Fingers' Show is not typical at all...  It all starts out with his Las Vegas Dove Act-The act that was too hot for FOX Television!!!  This is the actual show that Jimmy does in Las Vegas, and throughout the country, where doves are produced and multiplied in the purest way!  Without boxes or contraptions from the magic shop.  In his bare hands!

The end of this segment features a fire-eating display (see picture) that will leave your guests breathless!

This is followed by The Vanishing Yo-yo, an exhibition that earned Jimmy a Duncan Yo-Yo Champion patch in the early 70's, and helped him win the title of "Houston's Top Juggler" in the only juggling competition ever held in the Houston area.

Then, the magic begins again, as Jimmy cuts himself in two using his own invented trick, the Visible Rope through Body illusion.  This effect was featured nationally on "30-Seconds to Fame" on Fox Television, and was requested for repetition 3 times by David Copperfield when he asked Jimmy to demonstrate it for him.  The rope visibly cuts through Jimmy's body, arms, legs, head, and travels throughout the extremities with ease.

 Next, the audience is asked to help with magic using everyday objects.  The Communication Test shows what happens when "the world's greatest magician" does miracles with common drink napkins.  Audience scrutiny added to ordinary objects creates MIRACLES!

Another audience member is brought to the stage and allowed to examine CHOPPO, the world's only ungimmicked guillotine that will be cutting his or her hand off(?).  This piece is one of a kind, and Jimmy's show is the ONLY place to see this original effect performed.

In some shows, Jimmy will produce the hilarious, hypnotic Floating Zombie Ball.  The silver ball will taunt and tease audiences as it floats, hides, reappears and torments the magician and the audience, as well.  A classic of magic, done with Jimmy's own original touches.  If you've ever thought that you've seen a real ghost, welcome back!

Now, it's time for the Psychic Prediction tests.  Jimmy reads the minds of several audience members, and the looks on their faces show the extent of how how eerie and intrusive Jimmy's incredible power has proven to be.  Three audience members are told what cards they are merely thinking of.  They never even touch a deck of cards!!!

Next is the Touch of a Ghost.  Two audience members, any age, one male and one female, are brought onto the stage, and asked to stand several feet from each other.  The male is asked to be the 'receiver' of the invisible touches, and closes his eyes. He is told to wait for the feeling of being touched on his face.  Jimmy touches the female 'transmitter' on the right side of her face, near the jaw.  The male receiver is asked if he felt anything, and he indicates that there was a feeling IN THE SAME PLACE ON THE JAW!!!  No one ever comes near or touches the male receiver's face, it's real magic.  The effect is repeated with the female being tapped on the arm, and the male points to the same spot, with no possible knowledge of it.  Next, there is an object accidentally dropped by the female transmitter.  When it gently bumps the side of her leg, HE FEELS IT, in the same spot!!!

SLAMDOWN features a row of seven upside-down styrofoam cups that have been visible throughout the show.  An audience member is purely, randomly selected.  Jimmy informs everyone that there are six sharpened objects pointing straight up under six of the cups, and only one cup is safely empty.  He waves his hands back and forth along the row of cups, and the audience member yells out stop at any time.  Then, the audience member freely selects the hand to be slammed down.  Immediately, and with no extra prompting or byplay, Jimmy SLAMS DOWN his bare hand over the selected cup, and he walks away, completely unharmed.  The audience is relieved at first, but they still have not seen the objects under the other cups.  After a bit of guilt-tripping and begging, the cups are all lifted, displaying the sharp, upright objects, in place, just as described.  Jaws drop, and the audience is once again FLOORED!!!

Enlightened is a miracle!  Jimmy requests an audience member to obtain any common, white light bulb.  They cradle it on their hand, and Jimmy places his empty hands near the bulb.  His loosely held fingers touch the bulb, and it begins to glow, illuminated, to the surprised gasps of a bewildered audience.  Even the person helping is amazed!

One of the most memorable effects of any presentation is the devastatingly pure Book Test.  This one leaves the engineers and skeptics BAFFLED!!!  When working house parties, libraries, or any event where there is a completely unprepared large number of books, Jimmy does the impossible...  any audience member is asked to get any two books from anywhere in the house.  They check to make sure that the books are not picture books, and the spectator makes a free selection of one of the books.  The book is randomly flipped through, and the spectator yells out 'stop.'  The page number is noted, and the spectator finds that page in the other book that she is holding.  From several feet away, with no way to see the book, Jimmy reveals what words are written within a chosen paragraph on the page.  Due to the directness and complete fairness of this effect, audiences go wild over this one!

Jimmy is the inventor of the internationally acclaimed effect called Standing Between Objects.  Another audience member writes the name of ANY OBJECT on the back of his own business card, using his own pen, from across the room from Jimmy.  Jimmy's thoughts go immediately to the business card that is held folded, in the audience member's fist behind his back.  Jimmy gives the impression, the idea, the image, as the word begins to materialize in his mind...  he psychically reveals the name of the object!!!  There is NO POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!!!  What could be more impossible?  Well, that would be if he were to do this, but with 3 audience members and NO writing or other props or interaction of any kind.

Another Jimmy Fingers creation is Free Will of Order.  A prediction is written on the back of a business card.  The audience member is asked to select from 3 different, ordinary items...  A pen, a watch and a coin.  The prediction reveals that you knew EXACTLY what, where and how everything would be done.  This one is another highly requested effect, and it will stump even the most skeptical engineers and scientists!

NEW, just added to his larger shows, at no additional cost,  Jimmy can read the minds of 3 audience members, without the help of props or ANY preshow setup or preparation.  A Sharp, Sudden Blow to the Head is an absolute miracle, and one of the greatest mentalism effects of all time.  The three audience members are selected and seated side by side on stage.  The first person selected is asked to imagine a shape, the next is asked to mentally consider a vacation destination, and the last is told to randomly select, in their mind, an unimportant date during the year.  Without prompting or any help from props or participants, Jimmy reveals the thoughts of the three spectators, with the accuracy and precision of gunshots, without hesitation or lack of clarity.  They verify the accuracy of the results by returning to their seats, surrounded by a theater full of spectators with their JAWS in their own LAPS!!!  An amazing, clever, subtle and diabolical effect requiring no preshow arrangements, props, research or coaching...  THIS one is pure MAGIC!

The Magellan Levitation is the finale of every Jimmy Fingers presentation.  Jimmy levitates upwards, almost a foot and a half!  This is regarded by experts in the magic world as the greatest self levitation EVER!!!  This thrills audiences beyond belief!

No act in the world features more original, inimitable entertainment than Jimmy Fingers!


Trickstar Jimmy Fingers has performed in every major performing venue and almost every major corporation in the southwestern part of the U.S.  A list of companies that Jimmy’s worked for would be easier compiled by removing a few names from the local Houston business directory.  But he’s also considered a national act.
He had a standout feature role in a Command Performance for President Bush at the 1991 Economic Summit.  His fire-eating presentation was front and center stage at the Houston Grand Opera Command Performance of Carousel at the Wortham Center.  The guest list also included Barbara Bush and the Prime Minister of Japan.  Jimmy personally met and shook hands with President Bush while he and Barbara tearfully commented on the powerfully memorable events onstage.  This was only the first of two performances for the Bush family, as Jimmy’s full show was provided as entertainment for the President’s family for their annual holiday party held at the home of his son and daughter, Neil and Sharon.  Other guests included several local dignitaries, once again Barbara, the grandchildren, and New York Yankees World Series Champion pitcher Roger Clemens (who Jimmy played baseball with in Little League as a high schooler).
A few weeks later, he stumped David Copperfield with his original version of Rope through Body.  Copperfield asked Jimmy to do it again… 3 times in a row!  Other high profile performances included providing party entertainment regularly for parties with such guests as Houston Mayor Bob Lanier with his wife Elyse, Tommy and Dick Smothers, Ross Perot, and others too numerous to mention.  The Smothers brothers commented on the show, stating that “it was over way too soon…”
In 1994, the Trickstar headed to Las Vegas to open for Rodney Dangerfield.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, the show was never opened, and Rodney went overseas.  Jimmy refused to leave Las Vegas before giving it a shot without any connections.  He performed in several showrooms, lounges and ballrooms before returning to the Houston market after 10 intense months of searching and struggling to find a niche in Las Vegas.  His dream to perform in a Las Vegas review as a regular comedy act was delayed.  Jimmy returned to Houston in August of 1994.  Almost immediately after returning to Houston, he began to receive invitations to do showroom reviews back in Las Vegas, but none were quite what Jimmy was looking for.
In 1995, Jimmy was selected as the only performer in Texas to represent Coca-Cola/Minute Maid Foods in the national touring production of the Fruitopia Road Experience.  In a crew of a half-dozen performers, Jimmy was depended on to fill over 75% of the performance time, several times a day for 4 months.  He acted as emcee, review act, and final act of the performance.
The Trickstar was hired to perform in a cameo unicycle and juggling part with the world renowned Cirque du Soleil’s “Quidam” touring company.  A little known fact, Jimmy was selected as Houston’s Top Juggler in the only juggling competition ever held in Houston.  He also won a Duncan Yo-Yo Champion as a ten year old, showing the kind of dexterity and determination that still causes his show to sparkle today.
Laff Spot Comedy Club’s Don Learned discovered Jimmy while searching for a local comedy magician who could fill a huge demand created by World’s Greatest Magic’s resident comedy magician Mac King, a Las Vegas veteran with a reputation for offering comedy clubs something different than the usual stand-ups.  After excelling as a feature act before such legends as Jimmy “J.J.” Walker (of “Good Times”), Bob Zany, and other great headliners, the Laff Spot engaged the Trickstar to perform with Jimmy Walker at the New Year’s Eve Millennium show.  After a week of knockout comedy and magic, Jimmy Walker spent the big evening relaxing and emceeing for the Trickstar.  Soon, Don Learned was sending Jimmy to perform in Las Vegas at special events, comedy magic clubs and showrooms supervised by Steve Schirrippa, the manager and the actor portraying Bobby Bacala on HBO’s “The Sopranos.”  Jimmy also substituted for Mac King and Nick Lewin in the ComedyMax showroom at the Maxim Hotel.
Jimmy was the regional television and radio spokesman for Gulf States Utilities in 1992, and has done several TV and radio commercials.  His audition percentage is legendary, posting a gaudy success ratio of being cast well over 80% of the time that he is submitted.

In 2005, he was selected as a finalist in the Carnival Comedy Cruise Line Challenge, and also represented the Houston comedy community as the only Comedy Magician to appear in the Houston Comedy Festival.
Jimmy has worked cruise lines, coffee houses, comedy clubs, universities, corporations, churches…  anywhere that audiences gather, regardless of age, gender or taste…  Instead of becoming a hardened, road weary, jaded lounge lizard, Trickstar Jimmy Fingers approaches every performance as more of a work of art than just work.  With the kind of improvisation and quick wit that Jimmy exhibits, each show is a new, fresh canvas that gets filled with the experiences of both Jimmy and the audience.

Bravo! Your work at the World Magic Seminar was LEGENDARY!  Folks are still talking...Your shows in our MYSTERY SCHOOL room took the World Magic Seminar to a new level..... praises to the late night Cult-0-Jimmy!"  Jeff McBride, Internationally acclaimed television and Vegas star of World's Greatest Magic

What do the world's greatest magicians say about Jimmy?

"I can always depend on Jimmy to totally rock our WONDERGROUND nightclub in Las Vegas. He amazes and mystifies the worlds greatest magicians. Jimmy is one of the top creative minds in the world of magic making!" - Jeff McBride, star of World's Greatest Magic and television's Celebracadabra!

"Jimmy Fingers gave a wonderfully amazing performance." - Eugene Burger, expert magician, mentalist, and author.

"Jimmy Fingers is different! A unique, original and edgy approach to magic with unique, original and edgy tricks. Gentlemen, something must be done!" - Whit 'Pop' Haydn, internationally recognized star of magic, and Magic Castle regular

"Wow! Jimmy Fingers really made me laugh!" - Mac King, long-running star of Las Vegas show, and the only magician to appear in ALL of the World's Greatest Magic TV specials

"Jimmy Fingers' approach to mentalism is laughable. The good thing is, it's supposed to be!" - Max Maven, world renowned mentalist and author

"Jimmy Fingers rocked the crowd again with his wonderful original material...Jimmy Fingers was the official #1 hit of TAOM 2010! Congratulations!! You deserve it!!!" - Paul Vigil, house magician and mentalist at Las Vegas' Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort

"It's rare to find someone who is equally talented at Entertainment & Creativity" - Bill Malone, star of World's Greatest Magic and owner of  world renowned Malone's Magic Bar at the Boca Hotel and Resort in Florida

"The Highlight of the 2010 World Magic Seminar was an impromptu, late night performance by some guy I'd never heard of... Jimmy Fingers!!!" - Rick Lax, Las Vegas Weekly journalist and au


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