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The Four Lads

Moments to Remember

From college campuses to supper clubs, fairs to industrial shows, commercials to concert halls, Tokyo's Latin Quarter to New York's Copacabana, Glasgow's Empress Theatre to Notre Dame, Las Vegas' Sands Hotel to Honolulu Stadium, Okinawa's Naha Theatre to Manilla's Aranete Concert Hall... the Four Lads radio, television and live appearances reads like a veritable "who's who" of the entertainment industry.

The Lads launched their professional career in 1950 singing in local clubs around Toronto. Quite a few "Ups and Downs" later, the boys had a chance for a tryout performance at New York's posh dinner club, Le Ruban Bleu. There, Mitch Miller saw them and put them on the million-selling Johnnie Ray records "Cry" and "The Little White Cloud That Cried". After that, the Lads were signed to their own recording contract, receiving their first Gold Record in 1953 for "Istanbul". Their success story includes the sale of some 50 million singles and albums to date.

Today the Four Lads continue their musical history bringing exciting and truly "golden" performances to receptive audiences on cruises, at conventions, night clubs, dinner theatres, concert halls and Nevada's hotel casinos. More than 50 years later the Lads' unique style captures hearts and brings back many a memory. It is a magical formula that keeps audiences all over the world in love with the Four Lads. They are still providing, to everyone who sees them, many wonderful 'Moments to Remember".

The Four Lads

Here are the Performers
who make up the present-day Four Lads

Don Farrar, Lead Tenor

Don began his professional singing career in 1956, as top tenor in a male quartet from his college, the University of Kansas. That group was part of a USO show that went to Europe and North Africa to entertain the US troops. The numbers they performed included, among others, "Standin' on the Corner, Watchin' all the Girls Go By". Little did he know then that destiny was giving him a hint of things to come. After singing with jazz groups in Kansas City and Omaha, forming his own group for a while, then singing in dinner theatre for three years, he moved to New York to seek his fortune as a group singer. Hearing through the grapevine that there was an opening in The Four Lads, he auditioned and was hired on the spot, moving into the second tenor position. That was in 1984. Two years later, due to a retirement, he moved up to lead tenor, and has been there ever since. His dream of long ago has come true.

Aaron Bruce, Second Tenor

Aaron began his singing career as Boy Singer with the famous Dick Jurgens Band, and the even more famous Jan Garber Orchestra. The Four Lads heard him one night, and when Bernie Toorish, the second tenor, decided to retire he felt that Aaron was the man for the job. That was over 30 years ago, and Aaron has been a fixture in the group ever since, recording with the group on their "10 MILLION AND STILL COUNTING" album. He feels it is a great honor to be part of The Four Lads, and the Lads are honored to have him. 

Alan Sokoloff, Baritone

Alan has been a professional group singer in New York since the late '40s. As a member of the Ray Charles Singers, he appeared on the Perry Como TV shows for many years and sang on all Perry's recordings. Also, many of The Four Lads' earlier recordings have his voice in the background. Primarily a tenor, he is known as a "utility infielder", so to speak, and can fill in for any voice in the group. In 1979 he became the first replacement for retiring lead tenor Jimmie Arnold, and has been with the group off and on for over 20 years. Since 1993 he has been in the Baritone spot, and enjoys his role as Group Storyteller very much.

Frank Busseri, Bass

Frankie is "the Old Man" of the group, being one of the Founders, and the only remaining Original Member of The Four Lads. He began as the baritone, and that's his voice you hear singing solo on the original recording of "Standin' on the Corner". He moved to the the bass part after Connie Codarini, the original bass, retired in 1961. For over 55 years he has been the Group's leader, manager, mainstay, Shining Light, and Keeper of the Flame, always on guard to maintain the original sound and musical standards of the Lads. He was inducted into the Group Singers Hall of Fame on Sept. 16th, 2003. You can eMail him at


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