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  Nebraska Based

John Frost

Why Are You In Class?

John has been doing motivation speaking for many years. He uses his expertise in higher education to motivate and inform his audiences about college success. By engaging his audiences on asking “WHY”?

Why are you going to college?
Why are you taken this class?
Why are you choosing this school?

The best advice I give to my audience is always remember “College Visits are Free and College Classes Cost”.

John has experience in all areas of higher education starting is career in “ for profit education,” to “community colleges” and currently working in a private four year university.

Through his experience John has seen a lot of unprepared students. John believes students should understand college is an investment in their own brand.

Once a audiences hears a “John Frost Presentation” they will be prepared to take advantage of their college experience and realize what they should take away from earning a degree and selling themselves in a career.

John’s humorous and real world approach leaves audiences uplifted and encourages to finally take the role of being a CEO of themselves.

John’s Favorite quote

“It’s only one reason you should be in college. It’s because you want to be in college.” At the end of the day it’s a choice so make the best choice.”

Key Points and Outcomes:
  • Better understanding of Higher Education
  • A better understanding of taken your talents to money making skills.
  • Versatility Sells
  • Building Your Brand
  • Never Stop Learning

Recommended Audiences:
  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • Athletes
  • Youth Groups
  • Business
  • Non Traditional Students


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