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Sam Glenn

The Attitude Guy™


Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy™ – Corporate Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur "Our Attitude is the one thing we have the power to choose. Choose to Go Positive™!" 

As a nationally-acclaimed corporate speaker, author of A Kick in the Attitude, and founder of and Attitude Digest magazine, Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy™, captivates audiences through a unique blend of inspiration, humor, and art – igniting teamwork and leadership – in an unforgettable program that will recharge your group's Attitude and keep them optimized for success. Join the millions who have heard Sam's incredible message, and discover the "kick" in your Attitude.

Sam Glenn knows success and failure. At one time, Sam was negative, broke, depressed, jobless, had no place to live and got by working odd night jobs. Sam's attitude was in the dumps until a dear friend gave him what he calls a "Kick in the Attitude," a gift that changed his attitude for the better. Within two years, Sam went from sleeping on the floor, to achieving dreams he once thought were impossible. Today, Sam energizes audiences as large as 75,000 with his inspiration and sidesplitting humor. His new book release, A Kick in the Attitude, highlights his own journey and energizing principles on how to go positive for success.

Sam is also the founder of, a motivational resource company recognized as The Authority on Attitude™, providing motivational tools, and corporate training for businesses and individuals seeking a kick-start or recharge to their attitude. also publishes a quarterly magazine, Attitude Digest magazine, the premier workplace publication aimed at inspiring a Go Positive™ Attitude at work and in Glenn, The Attitude Guy (tm) is one of the top leading experts and authority on the subject of attitude and works with organizations that believe a positive and proactive attitude makes a significant difference in achieving success-personally and professionally.

Sam delivers an unforgettable, highly-entertaining message that will captivate and energize your audience through humor, inspiration, and art. Whether you are looking for a program on leadership or teambuilding, Sam's programs pertaining to the transformational power of Attitude will ignite a "kick" of energy into your team, engaging them to Go Positive™ in the workplace and beyond.

Each message includes a dynamic live chalk-drawing demonstration by Sam, set to music and a lightshow, providing an extra "wow" element that steals the show (It might sound a little weird, but trust us... It's amazing.) Bonus: The large-scale picture is yours to keep -- great as an office reminder of the power of Attitude, or a giveaway/raffle

#1 Requested Keynote Message.....Go Positive!(tm)
What makes Sam's presentation so enduring to audiences is his story.  His story of once being a negative person and living a life of hardship just getting by.


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