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Corporate Comedian David Glickman provides clean, clever, customized comedy entertainment for your convention, meeting, sales rally or banquet. This comedian will highlight your event with comedy material about YOUR people, YOUR industry, YOUR products, YOUR services. Comedian and professional speaker David Glickman will inspire and boost morale with great laughs and song parodies.
No two programs are ever alike. Your group will be highly flattered and impressed when they realize that you have had the program written “just for them.” A program that will only be used for that one event and never again.

This is not a comedian or humorist performing the same show they’ve done hundreds of times. This is The “Insert The Name of Your Group Here” Show, featuring laughs and songs all about you. The performance will entertain and boost morale. Most importantly, it will show your group that you really care about them. It will show them that you will go the extra step to give them something special.

Customized Corporate Comedy has been used for conventions, sales rallies, awards programs, after dinner entertainment, corporate retreats, holiday parties, and many other business functions. The program can also include any information or message you might want added for your group. It’s easy to do when the show is written specifically for you.

Health Care Programs

About David Glickman's Customized Corporate Comedy

David Glickman’s Customized Corporate Comedy has been used for conventions, sales rallies, awards programs, after dinner entertainment, corporate retreats, holiday parties, and many other business functions. The program can also include any information or message you might want added for your group. It’s easy to do when the show is written specifically for you.

Some clients request that the program be opened by David pretending to be a “subject matter expert” in their industry. Perhaps he can “roast” your dignitaries. He can also serve as a very funny Master of Ceremonies. He can also perform a non-customized comedy show as a second show for your event. Save money by using David for several functions at the same event.

The pre-show research places little or no burden on your staff or members. A few efficient telephone interviews usually take care of everything. The program requires very little in the way of audio-visual setup. For the musical portion of the program David “wears” a battery-powered musical keyboard around his neck on a strap. The keyboard is easily connected to the same sound system as the microphone.

Audiences especially love the song parodies that close every program.

  • The national Mail Advertising Service Association enjoyed “Mailhouse Shlock” (to the tune of “Jailhouse Rock.”)
  • “Secret Agent Man” became “Compensation Plan” for AT&T.
  • “(A) Norwegian Would” was a twist on the popular Beatles tune for Norwegian Cruise Line’s sales staff.
  • Another Beatles tune, “Paperback Writer,” became “Dave’s A Hack Writer” for roasting humor writer Dave Barry.
  • Gillette’s new razor was parodied in “Mach 3 Time”, based on “Knock 3 Times.”
  • The National Speakers Association learned to “Mingle Well” (from “Jingle Bells.)
  • Xerox enjoyed “The tech will come out….tomorrow” (To the tune of “Tomorrow”)

This program lets your group know that it’s ok to laugh at the elements of our job that we might find frustrating. And any group that can laugh at itself is a healthy group and on track for continued success. Let the laughter work its magic with David Glickman’s Customized Corporate Comedy.

Other Programs by David Glickman

A Dose of Healthcare Humor™
Direct from an HMO (Humor Maintenance Organization), the hysterical show of material & music geared specifically for healthcare professionals.

Punchline Your Bottom Line™
Incredible Ways to Get Any Business Audience Laughing
Learn the tricks, techniques and secrets for getting laughs from any business audience in any business situation. The highlights of David’s popular book are brought to life in this entertaining and educational session.

Services by David Glickman

Master of Ceremonies / Convention Comedy Commentary
The difference between success and failure in every event. Don’t chance this vital role with an amateur. Also available to provide hilarious on-going observations about each convention session.

Fake “Subject Matter Expert”
The popular practical joke to open the program. Initially fools the audience with nonsensical and difficult-to-understand material, and then transitions into the “regularly scheduled” program.

Comedy Roast Coordinator
“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” Now substitute the name of your guest of honor for “chestnuts” and you’ll get the idea! The time-honored and classic tradition of skewering those whom we hold near and dear. Don’t let your “roast” become “toast”. Make sure it’s handled in a professional and hilarious manner. Can include writing material for the roasters and rehearsing their performances, as needed.

Personalized Humor Coaching
Professional speakers and business executives alike can benefit from this one-on-one telephone or in-person consulting.

About David Glickman

David Glickman has been a full-time professional comedian for twenty years. He has performed over 2,000 comedy shows.

Before becoming a comedian, he earned a communications degree from the University of Florida. He worked for nearly a decade as a Manager of Public Relations and Marketing. In 1985, he switched from the “world of business” to “show business.”

Two years later, he opened South Florida’s first successful chain of comedy clubs. Initially named “Coconuts,” they later were renamed “Uncle Funny’s.” The clubs flourished. He also opened comedy clubs in several Atlantic City casinos.

David was featured in “Rolling Stone” magazine and scores of other publications. He was the opening act for stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ray Romano, Barbara Mandrell, Carol Channing, and many more. Steve Martin personally selected him from over 100 comics for an appearance on a CBS comedy program.

David sold the comedy clubs in 1992. He began focusing on shows for the corporate world. He began to get more national attention. He was selected the winner of the Entenmann’s National “Funniest Person In America” Contest from over 500 contestants. He was featured on “Evening At The Improv” and several other national television shows. He performed for Gloria Estefan’s birthday party. His ability to customize humorous material specifically to the client increased the demand for his services.

In 1995, David moved from Miami to Tampa. His list of corporate clients continues to grow as fast as the positive word-of-mouth and industry “buzz” that follows each of his performances. He is an active member of the National Speakers Association and is Past President of the National Speakers Association—Central Florida.

The Clients Speak About David Glickman

“Incredibly motivating and a great team-building experience. Haven’t seen anything like it in my 20 plus years of sales and sales management.”

Lenny Chesal
Sales Manager
AT & T

“I’m glad that we decided to go the ‘Custom Comedy’ route….It really showed my employees that we do care about them and won’t settle for the ordinary.”

Mark A. Mershon
Division Manager
IDS / American Express

“You created an outstandingly entertaining and hilarious performance, tailored specifically to my audience!”

Brandi Huff Bilyeu
Sales Development Executive
Home Box Office

“Your immediate grasp of the nuances of our business and your incredible ability to focus in on the personal hot spots of my staff left my audience in absolute hysterics. We all loved it and we all loved you.”

Steve Simon
Chairman and CEO
Canadian Auction Group

“As you know, it was a very important and stressful meeting for us, and you provided just the right touch of levity we needed to take the edge off of things.”

Nancy Berkowitz
Vice President
Mohawk Distilled Products

“We needed something to get the sales force really motivated and your show was the perfect way to do it.”

Fran Sevcik
Director of Public Relations
Norwegian Cruise Line

“It was the perfect way to end a long day of meetings: lighthearted and funny, but in good taste.”

Janis Altshuler
Production/Promotions Manager
The Sports Authority

“Using a scale where 5.0 is the highest, you were the highest rated speaker/entertainer with a 4.7.”

Cheryl Martin
Senior Vice President/Director of Marketing
Union Planters Bank

“David, you really did your homework on the real estate industry…Your presentation was the best part of our conference.”

Donna Sullenberger
The Prudential Florida Realty

“The creative, customized program, your ability to improvise on the spot…were exceptional. You exceeded expectations on all levels.”

Jacqueline L. Charnley
Christine M. Rostfold for
Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management

“I’ve had nothing but wonderful response from the President of the company down to the Account Executives. Everyone in attendance was “knocked out” by your performance…”

Tony DeBoor
Regional Sales Manager
Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company

“Your entertainment and ‘unique’ presentation of our annual Mark of Excellence Awards was the high point of our annual meeting. How can we top that next year?”

Wade Edwards
Vice President—Public Relations
Florida Hospital Association

“THEY LOVED DAVID GLICKMAN!!!…..David was very in tune with the group and even his study of the group from the small amount of literature I sent him were right on the money.”

Robin Cotchan
Meeting Planner
The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.

“He was just great….terrific….wonderful….I have no idea how we can top this at next year’s meeting. David was far more effective than any other speaker we’ve ever had.”

Alan Vargas
Senior V.P.—Sales
Schmid Laboratories

“Your customized program covered all the key points we wanted covered and kept everyone’s interest…”

Tony Carvajal, CAE
Executive Director
Tallahassee Society of Association Executives

“I have hired a number of speakers who promised to tailor their presentations yet mostly missed the mark even after interviewing our people. You were on the mark, with a great performance.”

Jim Lawrence
Executive Manager
Equipment and Tool Institute

“David’s presentations reflect the customized approach to comedy that separates him from other entertainers.”

Keith Hergesheimer
Vice President & Director of Corporate Training
Banner Bank

“Your ability to work around our schedule and still provide an excellent product with very little time to prepare is a wonderful talent.”

Rachel R. White
Mid-Year Chair
Kentucky Housing Association

“The amount of time and attention David invested in learning about our people was incredible….The problem I now face is just whom I will book next year that could top his program. I have a very serious problem.”

Joseph N. Loomis
Vice President
Garco Building Systems

”....your follow through on the ideas we shared turned out exactly to our expectations…..The audience loved it, which was our main goal for the evening.”

Vince Licata
Director of Marketing
US Food Service San Francisco

Healthcare Humor

From America’s Preferred Laugh Provider

David Glickman

For your next Awards Banquet – Medical Meeting – Management Retreat – Or any Gathering of Healthcare Professionals

David puts the med in comedy and the comedy in medicine!

Click Here to watch a video demo of A Dose of Healthcare Humor.

Enjoy a hilarious program of jokes and songs and props designed to positively address situations and frustrations that the typical healthcare professional deals with in his or her job.

You’ve never seen a funnier way of looking at Medical Technology, Patient Relations, Managed Care, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Specialists, Healthcare Bureaucracy, a Patient Bill of Rights, JCAHO, HIPAA, and much, much more!

It’s non-offensive, non-invasive humor——always clean, always clever! And David is happy to emcee your event, too. When David presents “A Dose of Healthcare Humor”, he will do whatever it takes to ensure that your entire event is an amazing success!

“…extremely entertaining…….the best…party the hospital has ever thrown”

Richard M. Irwin, Jr.

“No one from outside our ranks has ever provided such a dead-on—and hilarious—look at our company and our business.”

Mark B. Cohen
Vice President
VITAS Healthcare Corporation

“….fantastic…. .….the rave reviews are still coming in.. ….you definitely have your finger on the pulse of the industry”

Judy Casper
Project Specialist
Health First, Inc.

“…right on target……We have had so many compliments on the dinner”

Barbara Davis
Director of Medical Services
Winter Park Memorial Hospital

“I’ve never seen our people laugh so hard. How can we possibly top this next year?”

Todd B. Katz
Vice President

”…you certainly know how to operate on the funny bone!”

Michael A. Wasylik, M.D.
Hillsborough County Medical Association

“You made our Annual Employee Banquet a glowing success…..It was amazing watching you in action…”

Rick Snodgrass
Employee Relations Specialist
Halifax Medical Center

“Although our employees represent widely diverse ages and ethnic backgrounds, you managed to get them all laughing, with jokes and routines that everyone could relate to.”

Sue Baron
Director of Marketing
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

“….superb…..very funny….the wonderful ending to a great three-day program….you were a hit!”

Margaret Robertson
Speaker’s Coordinator
Carolinas Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy

David has been doing programs for healthcare professionals since 1981. He began his career as Director of Public Relations for the American Heart Association of Greater Miami. In that position he made media appearances and spoke to audiences on the risks of heart disease and stroke.

In 1985, David left the American Heart Association to become a fulltime speaker and entertainer. He has presented programs at many hospitals, primarily speaking about finding humor and reducing stress in the hectic healthcare environment. He has presented programs for physicians, nurses, administrators, volunteers, and patients.

David has also presented programs at conferences for dentists, social workers, patient relations staff, public relations and marketing staff, training and development staff, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, and other professionals within the health care industry.

Partial List of Healthcare Clients

American Academy of Physician Assistants

American Association of Therapeutic Humor

American Heart Association

Aventura Hospital & Medical Center

Baptist Hospital

Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome Network

Baxter Healthcare

Brandon Regional Hospital

Camillus Health Concern

Carolinas Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy

Columbus State Comm. College Mental Health Program

Coral Springs Medical Center

Florida Speech Therapists Association

Florida Association of Rehab Professionals, Private Sector

Florida Hospital Association

Florida Organization of Nurse Executives

Florida Orthopaedic Institute

Florida Society for Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing

Halifax Medical Center

Health Central Hospital

Health First, Inc

Health Resource Alliance

Hillsborough County Medical Association

Hospital Administrators of South Florida

Humana Hospitals

Jackson Memorial Hospital

Leukemia Society of America

Memorial Hospital

Mercy Hospital


Miami Children’s Hospital

MultiCare Medical System

Multiple Sclerosis Society

North Shore Medical Center

Palmetto General Hospital

Pasco County Medical Society

Pinellas County Osteopathic Medical Society

Ridge Association of Health Underwriters


Society for Vascular Nursing

South Florida Hospital Public Relations Association

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tampa Bay Association of Health Underwriters

United Cerebral Palsy

University of Miami Charities

VITAS Healthcare Corporation

Winter Park Memorial Hospital

No need for a second opinion

David Glickman will make your next event a huge success!

Call today to reserve your date for “A Dose of Healthcare Humor”.

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