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Ed Goldberg

Globalization and International Trade Expert


Ed Goldberg unique appreciation of the interplay among business, culture and politics in implementing cross border business strategies. He is much quoted expert on Globalization and International Trade.

As some one who has spent his whole life moving between the worlds of international trade / trade finance, U.S./Russian business and academia, Edward Goldberg has a unique and realistic appreciation of globalization and its effect on culture, business, trade and politics----

"China and Egypt were both great civilizations subjected to imperialism and were both dirt poor back in the 1950s, with China even poorer than Egypt, Edward Goldberg, who teaches business strategy, wrote in The Globalist. But, today, China has built the world's second-largest economy, and Egypt is still living on foreign aid. What do you think young Egyptians thought when they watched the dazzling opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics? China's Olympics were another wake-up call - "in a way that America or the West could never be" - telling young Egyptians that something was very wrong with their country, argued Goldberg."

Thomas L Friedman- The New York Times, March 1, 2011

"Globalization has forced the fusion of American foreign policy and domestic policy. They are now one and the same. There are few domestic initiatives on the agenda - whether they are education, health care, taxation or budgetary issues - where a large part of the answer does not pertain to globalization"

Edward Goldberg- The Globalist, November 29, 2010

      Regularly writes a column for the Globalist- the daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture.

      Written numerous articles on Globalization, U.S. Economics, European-American relations, and the U.S. / Russian relationship for the Baltimore Sun, The Washington Times and the Chicago Tribune, and American Foreign Policy Interest. His essay on the relationship between destructive technologies and the energy industry was quoted extensively by Thomas L. Friedman in Hot, Flat and Crowded.

      Interviewed on CNBC Television, Public Radio, and CBS radio, the Associated Press Radio as well as Russian State Television.

      Quoted in the New York Times, Foreign Affairs Academic Update and Yale Global online, Roubini Global Economics. Other quotes can be found in Google under Edward Goldberg- the Globalist, Edward Goldberg- Annisa Group and Edward Goldberg- Baruch.

      Member of President Obama's Foreign Policy Network Team for the 2008 Presidential election and was a member of Senator Kerry's Russia and CIS Policy Team, for the 2004 United States Presidential Election

      Represented the United States Department of State at The International Conference on International Relations and Problems of Globalization in St. Petersburg, Russia where he delivered the opening ad

      Teaches at the Zicklin Graduate School of Business, Baruch College of the City University of New York, - courses include International Marketing Management, International Trade Operations. and Market, Cultures and Regimes.

      Nominated this year for a Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Teaching at Baruch College City University of New York.

      Member of the visiting faculty of University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business where he lectures on International Business.

      His USC Marshall School of Business course on how to do international business, entitled Creating Success in the International Marketplace is featured on The New York Times Knowledge Network.

      Lectured at CEDEP/INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, IESE, the Kennan Institute in Washington, D.C., the Harriman Institute of Columbia University, and the European Union Study Center at the City University of New York as well as the Weissman Center International Business.

Mr. Goldberg has worked on global issues with such major companies as Goldman Sachs, Rockefeller Brother's Fund, and Raiffeisen Zentralbank.

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