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Randy Goruk

Making Managers Better Leaders 

Randy Goruk, started his career as an entry level design technician and through delivering results, developing and demonstrating rock solid leadership skills he successfully climbed the corporate ladder to a Sr. Vice President of a multi-million dollar organization at the age of 31.

 As a senior executive and part of a dynamic senior management team, he was hands on contributing to and leading change initiatives which resulted in accelerated growth numbers from $60 million to $1 billion annual revenue over a 26 year career with Trus Joist Corporation - now a Weyerhaeuser business ...today he shares his Real Experience ... Real Results.

Randy is known for his compelling and inspiring speaking style, and is masterful in executive and leadership coaching which propels each client forward to meet their strategic goals, improve skills and elevate performance.

Personal Background

In Randy's early years of management, he found when mentoring and coaching his team to achieve their goals, is when he had his highest level of career satisfaction. Randy offers the credentials of a seasoned executive and is a certified coach. His grass roots beginnings give him a unique connection with his audiences and clients.

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Most Requested Topics/Programs

Making managers better leaders is Randy Goruk's expertise. From his intensive sessions on building character, to tactical topics such as organizational change, embracing accountability or the elements of effective communication, Randy Goruk is the "go to guy" for all topics around developing strong leaders. Randy is entertaining, memorable and impactful and is sought after for his keynotes, workshops and webinars.

  • Making the Transition from Manager to Leader

Management isn't leadership and for many managers making the transition to leader isn't as easy as it appears. The competencies and practices that leaders must develop are different than the competencies and practices of a manager. This interactive presentation will discuss the primary differences between management and leadership as well as the steps required to cross the bridge from being a manager to becoming an exceptional leader.

  • Leadership Strategies for the New Reality

Randy will show you the leadership attributes necessary to lead in our current economic times. You will develop a heightened awareness of the mistakes leaders make in a changing economy and understand the secrets of those leaders who win when the economy bounces back. The audience will discover specific tactics to properly position themselves, personally and professionally, for the economic recovery!

  • Communication Strategies That Will Fully Engage Your Team!

From the power of the Stump Speech to the magic of a focal point for results, Randy Goruk effortlessly takes his audience through the power of effective communication. Each side of communication is explored, the cost of a poor communication and the profits of a communication system which doesn't just change what a teams knows, it changes what they do and how they do it. This presentation will share proven, effective and easy to implement strategies to engage your team and elevate the results!

  • Rock Solid Leadership! - A 5-Step Leadership Self Development Plan

The best companies operate with a plan and a purpose. Yet, many leaders neglect to create a leadership plan for themselves. Every leader from the rookie to the seasoned professional will improve their performance and results when working from a plan. In this high impact session, leaders will discover the simple easy steps to creating a leadership development plan which identifies relevant leadership competencies, different ways to measure performance, leverage technology and introduce new tools and techniques for optimal results!

  • Leadership Landmines

Watch your step! Navigating a mine field is only dangerous if you don't know where the mines are.  Randy will show your leadership team, landmines are 100% controllable actions, inactions, behaviors and language which can negatively impact a leader's ability to grow a business through the skills of others.  Avoiding leadership landmines, means leadership is done right the first time, without creating a mess to clean up after the fact.

Client Testimonial #1

Some speakers just deliver information or simply motivation, which is short lived and hard to retain. Randy Goruk delivers techniques, strategies and tangible tactics which can be implemented immediately. He doesn't just speak in theory, his real hands on, front line experience means he isn't just pumping the audience up, he is training them on how to make real, lasting changes that are immediate and impactful. Now that is value!

Marv Askey
Regional Manager
Engineered Wood Products,
Boise Cascade

Client Testimonial #2

It seems that everyone is talking about the down economy. Randy showed us the economy is simply changing and as leaders we need to shift and move to secure our success. Great Keynote on Leadership Essentials in a Challenging Economy! Very insightful, motivational and current.

Michael Balliet Jr.
Sales Manager
Builders FirstSource

Primary Audiences

Top thinking leaders know, making their managers better leaders is the foundation for sustained success. From the large organizations managing multiple divisions, products and thus leaders, to trade associations which are packed with various size companies, at different levels of experience and success, Randy Goruk lives his reputation for being compelling, relevant and memorable.

Tone & Image

Randy has a personal and casual delivery style that earns the trust and confidence of large audiences. In smaller groups Randy excels at interactive "town hall meeting" venues. Randy's audiences roll up their sleeves and get engaged. His memorable presentations are designed to provide knowledge and to help plant seeds of creative thought in leadership for results.

Benefits Your Audience will Receive

Having personally lead multi-million dollar organizations through many challenging times, Randy will show you the leadership attributes needed, detail the most common leadership mistakes, and provide specific tactics your leaders and teams can implement immediately to create the desired results for your organization.

Attention Meeting Planners! Energize your team and compel them into new behaviors by inviting Randy Goruk to your next event! Randy is a highly acclaimed speaker and presenter with more than 30 years of hands on experience. With practical insight into today's business challenges, Randy promises to never disappoint. Meeting Planners will receive direct communication and flexibility when hiring Randy. Every step of the process, from "who" is attending the event, to "how" the room is set up, to "what" the expectations are of the top executives will be discussed to make YOU look like a super star for hiring Randy Goruk.

Additional Information

Randy Goruk is a noted author with eBooks such as How to Sell More in a Down Market to hard back business fables such as 'Sparks - A Business Fable', one man's journey from underdog to top dog. Randy's Full Circle Leadership Model comes from more than thirty years of hands on experience, studying leaders, testing his knowledge and most importantly, measuring results.


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Topics: Leadership, Personal Development, Communication, Ethics/Integrity, Accountability, Success

Industry specialties:
Distribution, Building & Construction

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