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Ken Grant

MotivatedBranding: A Place For Great Brand Innovation

Australian born Ken Grant, is an author, public speaker, and a sought-after subject matter expert on professional & personal branding and employee engagement. After twenty years in the branding trenches, Ken developed MotivatedBranding: A Place For Great Brand Innovation.

It is Ken's tenacious spirit and love for branding and 'The Art of Differentiation' that led to the development and publishing of 'Yoga In A Business Suit' Everything I Learned About Business, I Learned In Yoga and 'The A-to-Z of Brand Rejuvenation' 26 Practical, Tactical and Psychological Tips to Repair and Revitalize Your Business.

Seamlessly integrated with this world are: dynamic keynotes and interactive workshops, a publishing division: MotivatedBrandingPress (popular for their BiteSize BigIdeas books), 100-Day Executive MasterMinds, TV appearances and a full social media compliment including: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.  

Audiences love Ken's down to earth Aussie style, contagious energy and real-life background of building award winning brands - while clients enjoy Ken's easy going nature, business discipline, thorough prep and follow-through.

Ken's Programs:

You Are The Brand

More powerful than any product or service; your people are your brand!

The deeper we get into this century, the clearer we realize how commoditized our world is becoming. Companies of all shapes and sizes are asking the same question every day; "What makes me so different, stand out; what is my USP!?!" Interestingly enough, the answer is right under their nose.

At the end of the day, the only thing left that truly makes your product or service unique are the people that work for it - from CEO's with vision, to the R&D department reaching for the stars, front line sales people that are not scared to be part of the selling proposition, to support staff that are proud of their work - like it or not, every person makes up the brand.

The Keynote version of the popular 'You Are The Brand', is a thrill-a-minute conversation that addresses the fact that your people are your principle Unique Selling Proposition - all your people! Those who exemplify your brand and those that do not! Ken addresses why that is so important, why they should not be scared of the pressure to truly 'Show-Up' and tools to truly be the brand!

The A-to-Z of Brand Rejuvenation

26 Practical, Tactical and Psychological Tips to Repair and Revitalize Your Business
Take a quick look around any city, large or small and you will discover a myriad of businesses from car dealerships to gift shops, electronic stores to restaurants, clothing outlets and purveyors of pets, all vying for our attention. However, behind closed doors, many owners struggle without the proper tools to beat the clutter in a commoditized world. It is time to grow beyond survival mode to thriving mode.

The A-to-Z of Brand Rejuvenation brings effective tools to small- and mid-size business owners (perfect for business groups/associations) like never before; offering motivational tools that can be put into action overnight.

Additionally, The A-to-Z has been developed to increase the pride, joy and hope these businesses ask for to see a light at the end of an often rough tunnel. They just need the tools to either take things to a whole new level or turn things around for good!

The Keynote is a thrill a minute as Ken takes excited audiences through the powerful principles behind rejuvenating their brand. It is action packed, educational, witty and important information, as small- to mid-size companies represent 97.5% of all US employees! As a Breakout, Ken walks business owners and association members through a step-by-step program, studying each letter of our A-to-Z alphabet.

Yoga In A Business Suit

Who knew that yoga, that crazy exercise that pushes, twists and cajoles your body into positions where you never knew you could go, would also lead to the opening of a special door. It is a door through which we can learn so much about our own personal brands, and the brands we manage and work for every day.
Yoga In A Business Suit captivates a wide range of audiences with its powerful metaphors and parallels between the art of yoga and the hard-hitting world of business and branding (professional/Personal).
These 10 intriguing analogies include having a strong core, pushing yourself to truly discover your own limits and the increased power that comes from being flexible - in work and in life! 

Building a Better-Job-Seeking You!

In the hiring jungle, what makes you memorable and irresistible to your next employer? On top of that, study after study show that 82% of Americans are disgruntled in their job while 75% would leave tomorrow if they had the right motive (or courage).

"You are not going to settle for the next bit of drudgery that shambles along. You are ready to take charge of your career. You have done your homework, you have sharpened your skills, your resume is polished just so. Just like 1,000 other job seekers."

The question is: "how do you put yourself at the top of the heap? Fitting in is not going to cut it. In a world where people go to great lengths to hide who they truly are, showing your true self is your secret weapon in the employment wars."

In this powerful Keynote & Breakout, eager audiences discover what makes them truly unique - unforgettable and irresistible to prospective employers. Ken propels them to reach their goals with a powerful connection to their true motivations and desires. Participants become accountable for the change they desire. And best of all, they discover what makes them stand out in a cluttered-job-seeking-crowd is already within them, we just have to discover how to let it free.


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