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Omaha Chamber of Commerce 

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Thank you for the informative seminar this morning at the Chamber. 

I have several items noted that I will use in my business.  Nice to know after 20+ years in sales, we can always learn something new. -

Sandy Turner, CRS
Associate Broker, N.P. Dodge Real Estat

Chamber Academy Session Evaluation

A Desire to Inspire with
Andy Greenberg
Speaker + National Motivational TV/Radio Personality + Author

Andy is one of the most listened to speakers in America as a result of his “Your Daily HIgh with Andy Greenberg ” motivational vignette that is heard regularly by millions on 100's of Radio America network stations across the country.

  Andy now appeared weekly on Fox 42 KPTM TV station on the Sunday Night news with a weekly motivational vignette!

For more than 11 years, Andy has been mentoring and training people, both formally and informally. From casual conversations with friends and colleagues to official presentations at large businesses and associations, Andy’s desire to inspire is far-reaching. He has become known as a “Life and Business Builder.”  Andy’s love of counsel was not born professionally; it grew organically. He is passionate about people and relationships, and it shows. People are drawn to his natural enthusiasm and find his desire to live life to the fullest nothing short of inspirational.

Andy also enjoys travel (he’s been to 67 countries!). His devotion to  exploration feeds his presentation style. He wisely and naturally finds connections between different customs, philosophies and societies – taking common beliefs and turning them into opportunities to teach personal and professional growth.

But what comes most genuinely to Andy is his charm and uncomplicated style of communication. He makes sure everyone he speaks to can understand even deeply complex concepts and that each individual in the room, no matter how large the audience, feels his desire to inspire.  His entertaining and engaging style makes the time spent with him memorable and dynamically effective.

Andy shares his unique approach to life, sales, marketing, leadership, customer service, networking and negotiation with individuals, groups, organizations, small and large entrepeneurs and large corporations.

For the past two years you been listening to Andy’s daily message of Motivation, Leadership and Inspiration at 5:25 a.m. on Omaha's KFAB "AM" morning talk show The Good Morning Show with Gary Saddlemeyer.  “By adding this segment, we hope to enhance our audience’s reliance on us for a useful and entertaining information”,  Sadlemyer said.  “Andy’s diverse background of professional success, personal achievements, rave speaking reviews along with his unique and gifted insights, makes him a natural fit and a welcome addition to our lineup”

Andy just release his book "Your Daily High" - Greenberg's stories about everyday items are designed to prompt reflection. For example, he compares changes in life to road construction, and makes the point that once the construction is done we often like the result.

Programs included:

Motivating Your Mind For A Better Personal and  Professional Life
 ”Getting UP with Andy Greenberg”
is based on the national radio motivational vignettes that are heard on 100′s of stations regularly. The entertaining and educational experience will add excitement to your business and personal life.  The attendee will leave with easy to use, simple and highly effective techniques to enjoy and prosper every day.  The presentation will highlight some  of the over 300  original ideas and vignettes  heard daily  on 1110 KFAB radio from  the 2 minute  ”Getting UP with Andy Greenberg” segment that is now heard  nationally on  “Your Daily HIgh with Andy Greenberg”

Time Mangment and Change
Learn how to prioritize, save time and manage tasks.  Also sometimes it comes by way of choice and sometimes it is forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control.  Either way, it is a part of life that is needed in order for us to grow to our full potential.  Andy will show your group how to deal with one of our biggest fears in both the workplace and in our personal lives…CHANGE!  Everyone will learn the skills needed to use any change to their advantage, creating greater success on all levels.  

Do You See What I See?
Ideal for all businesses, governments and individuals, “Do You See What I See” takes everyone’s opinions and molds them into a concise and executable vision that is shared with all levels of eager supporters. This interactive workshop is insightful as well as entertaining and extremely productive. Each attendee will experience the exploration and is an integral part of the process. It’s your turn to learn how to “Create the Future then Make it History!”

On Your Marketing, Get Set, GO!
Developed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses seeking creative solutions for their brand, highlighting its unique qualities and separating it from the crowded marketplace. The goal of the seminar is increased revenue and profits. The techniques are easy to implement and presented in a very enjoyable and memorable seminar.

Who’s Buzzing Me?-Create a “Personal MEdia!
For all those who are active in the Social Media culture!  Learn how to create very low-cost BUZZ about you and your business. A fun-filled interactive seminar that will have your contacts, prospects, clients and employees raving about you!  It takes social media to the next level by creating your  ”Personal Media” and answers the question “now that I have met you-what do I do?”

Never Close a Sale – Always Open!
Learn how a simple change in the way you approach sales, the prospect, and the
customer will have your competitors wondering why your sales and market share are
increasing at their expense!  This method works for business to consumer and business to business-from a one time small dollar sale to multi million dollar contracts. Comments such as ” I have been selling for years and simply did not know how much I can improve my ability to generate revenue for myself and my company!” are always heard.

Turn Your Customers into Life Long Fans
A special presentation for those businesses who are looking to separate themselves from the competition through new customer service insights.  Your after the sale support and service will create life long fans for your company, products, people and future.  They will root for and support your growth!

Leadership Skills – Build Loyal Supporters!
There are no followers, only loyal supports. From teens to seasoned adults, leadership techniques and understanding the needs of supporters are combined to shatter the myth that a person is a born leader. This course will give you the skills you need to create a loyal following of supporters who will pursue the achievement of the team’s goal.

It’s Safe to Say
A special presentation just for manufacturing managers and executives that focuses on techniques to reduce accidents by inspiring a culture of safety on the shop floor, construction and all other places where safety and accident elimination need immediate attention.

A step by step approach and workshop that will support your efforts for higher prices, price increases when dealing with your market place and for lower prices and better terms when dealing with your suppliers. The money left on the table will be on the side you are sitting on!

The Art of Public Presentations
I start by shattering the fears of Public Speaking, reveal techniques then train each
attendee on their own newly acquired skills.  With in one hour even the shyest person will transform into a confident and influential speaker

Corporate Clients:

American Society of Training Directors-Omaha

Toledo Scale Company

National Ethnic Food Show

The National Association of Independent Office Furniture Resellers

National Association of Independent Food Equipment Dealers

Western Association of Independent Business Forms Dealers

ITT Technical College- Teachers Inservice

Omaha Advertising Federation- Meet The Pro’s

Sales and Marketing Executives Club-Fargo

Dacotah Paper Company Fargo

Midwest Young Leadership Conference Leadership

Great Falls Montana Advertising Federation

Touro Law School (New York)

Hilton Waikola Village- Kona Hawaii

Nebraska Association of Mortgage Brokers-

Institute of Supply Management (Omaha-Lincoln)

National Radio Group (NRG) Lincoln

Public Relations Society of America-Heartland Awards Dinner

Omaha Council of Women Realtors

American Society of Professional Estimators-Great Plains Chapter

Nebraska-Iowa Business Travelers Association

Midlands Latino Community Development Association

National Stuttering Association-Omaha Chapter

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association Inernational-Heartland Chapter

The Association for Operations Management Omaha Chapter

The Association for Operations Management Lincoln Chapter

Performance Automotive Group (3 dealerships)

Godly Job Search (3x)

Black Hills Energy (Sales -6  locations)

Black Hills Energy (Nebraska Leadership Conference)

Nextage/Ashar Realty

La Vista Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Banquet

Small Business Association of the Midlands Thrive Omaha

Better Business Bureau – Omaha

Payless Office Products

AmeraScope Media

Omaha Career Network Group (3x)

Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce (2x)

Buy It Local Omaha

Hilton Hotel Omaha management team

Transformation Academy

Le Peeps Restaurants

Pinnacle Bank

Human Resource Association of the Midlands

Eastern Nebraska Soybean Association

Governors Conference on Volunteerism

Future Farmers Association State Convention

La Vista Chamber of Commerce (2x)

 International Association of Administrative Professionals- Nebraska Chapter

Morning Rotary Omaha

Nothing But Network

NP Dodge Real Estate- Omaha (2x)

Syngenta Corp

Omaha Red Networking Group

Millard Business Association

Superior Lighting

Nebraska Ag Business Annual Banquet

National Association of Jewish Nursing Homes

Omaha Chamber of Commerce (2x)

Western Douglas County Chamber of Commerce

Nashua Corp

Wayne State College

University of Nebraska Omaha (2x)

Omaha J Child Development Center (Omaha TV- Community Correspondent)

Published and Quoted in:
Omaha World Herald
Strictly Business Magazine
USA Today
Inc Magazine
Midlands Business Journal
Associated Press
AOL Yahoo
Secrets of Inspirational Instructors
Motivational Press

Featured in:
Shout Magazine
Ross on Radio-National
Larry Shannan National Newsletter
Professional Experience

Employee and Skills Enhancement

Business Development and Marketing — Strategic and Tactical Planning

Sales Team Management — International and Domestic Sales

Key Account Management — Major Account Acquisitions

Launched and developed 11 new products (1 patent)

Latest Reviews:

The thanks is all yours.  As I wrote in my SC Leadership Survey, I have been to many leadership presentations but none like yours.  Your style and communications skills are exceptional.  It made learning fun.  I suggested SC invites you back sometime for a follow up.  Kind of like we all get a physical from the Doc, maybe a four hour re-enforcement class in early 2014.
Thank you again, Mike Cavanaugh, Manager Injury Prevention Safety and Technical Training Division                       

Reviews from 2013 Leadership Retreat

Big thank you to Andy.  His energy level was great the whole day.
I have attended other leadership classes but nothing like Andy Greenbergs.  His presentation was the absolute best.  His passion showed throughout the entire class and becomes contagious.
I know I should not give a perfect score but I really did find Andrew and the whole conference very useful and am very happy I attended.  I could complain about the cold room, but I think I was the only one who was cold ;o)
A shorter, follow up class with Andy might be a good idea.  Maybe he could just come to one of our meetings and speak for a half hour to make sure we are all still as energized as we were when we left the retreat.
Andy was fantastic. His perspective was always interesting and he really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I left his training feeling more in control of my own success than I've felt in a long time.
I have shared and put into practice many of the things I learned from Andy, his information was both new and easy to use. Very effective!
First of all Andy was great.  Everything from team building to who is the leader was helpful. Andy's presentation will help me with my confidence speaking and leading.
He shared a lot of different ideas about leading that I hadn't thought about before.  Realizing that we could be the problem in a conflict was eye-opening, but true.  And defining our values, roles, and responsibilities in terms other than job title or non-descriptive terms is something I think everyone should do, whether they are a leader or not.
Andy definitely stretched me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me to push beyond my limits.  I was challenged to exercise my thinking muscles, to think differently, and to put new ideas inside the box. I  discovered some weaknesses that need to develop into new strengths as I become a better leader. I can say yes to new challenges.
The process Andy  shared for creating a vision helped my create a vision statement that will be applied to my person business verbatim. There are so many small and easily used strategies he shared that I feel are to numerous to describe here. So far today I have used the short-term/long-term goal activity, the definition of F.E.A.R. the creation of a vision, selling outcomes, to name a few...

Andy gave me a lot of info that I have not heard before
The training challenged me to always look at things differently. My perspective was challenged from different heights and zones of comfort.  I felt like I grew and I look forward learning from the rest of the group.

Part of me feels like I had already heard a lot of what Andy shared with us. But this is only because I have done the MCC Academy for Leadership in 2012 and also have my Masters in Organizational Leadership from College of Saint Mary as of May 2013.  We did a lot of leadership training in my grad program. But as with any new training I did learn.

Besides the knowledge gained I now feel more confident (qualified) in my position

Comments..."right on"..."his sincerity added to the message and his credibility"..."enjoyed the humor and motivation"...

"Clear, concise and highly applicable concepts that can build momentum throughout the year!"  - Mark Wehner Senior Vice President,Agent Development, NP Dodge Real Estate- Author "Results Coaching"

"Congrats on a great day with - NP Dodge Real Estate- Arlene Cohen- Agent

"He was really great!", - Mariah Swafford, Sales Represtitive, Syngenta Corp

" Thank You so very much.  You presentation was on point for the team."  - Debbie Bishop General Manager Hilton Waikola Village- Kona Hawaii

"Got great feedback from everyone!"  They are using what you taught."  - Rikki Leach " Director of Training Hilton Wailokla Village- Kona Hawaii

Motivational Reviews:
Thanks Andy.  I've been meaning to get back with about your presentation at the in-service.  Nothing but high praises from the instructors..Particularlly the newer folk.  I found it refreshing to here how we can simply act in front of the students to give them feeling of purpose to attend school.  Passion is easy to show if the passion is there.  And most of our folks have passion for teachinfg what they teach.  Sometimes after working hard all day, adjunct instrucors fail to see how imortant it is to show passion for there subject. Thanks again Andy, - Monte Spikes, Dean of Academic Affairs, ITT Technical Institute
Andy, I really enjoyed your speech this last week. The crowd interactions were great as it was obvious that they all got into it and the concepts were all very practical, which is essential with such a diverse audience. - Sincerely, McKenzie Steger, President Nebraska Future Farmers association
Andy, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, especially since you had some prior work commitments! You did a great job of motivating our group! I heard nothing but wonderful comments. Obviously, several people wanted a copy of your presentation! __You were able to get audience participation and they truly enjoyed the exchange. I thought the whole evening went very well considering we started a bit later than usual!__Thank you again for you motivational talk and for the donation of baked goods from the James Skinner Baking Company. I bid on them and lost, however the nice lady who won gave me a dozen cinnamon rolls and they were delicious!__I will keep you in mind for presentations at our Nebraska Farm Bureau events in the future!__Thanks again, Best Regards - Tina M. Henderson Director of Communication Services, Omaha Ag Business Club
Andy, Very good presentation last night!  We will keep you in mind for future company meetings. Jerry A. Warner, Chief Management officer, Farmers National Company
Andy, Thank you very much for your presentation. You were very inspiring and I enjoyed listening to you the entire time. You definitely had my total attention.  Thank you again, -  Stacey Hand, Commercial Accounts Rep

Andy, Awesome presentation last night at the Nebraska/Omaha Agri-Business Dinner: Losing weight, Getting on 1st page of Google on all testing services and Spending Quality Time with my wife and 5 kids are the top items on my Possible List. I am going to work on all three over the next 90 days!  You are a great presenter! - Keep up the positive message. Let me know if you are doing any presentations around Omaha. - Brent Pohlman _Midwest Laboratories
Reviews: Sales Training
Andy, Overall, the presentation packed a lot of useful and practical sales techniques into a small amount of time. There is little doubt in my mind that if we internalize 25% of what was presented, our "opening" rate will improve.
Your presentation style is positive, upbeat and maintains the listener's interest. Our service manager, who was not in attendance, but was working late and could hear your speech, commented the next day on your positive attitude and professional presentation style.
I was also impressed with the fact that you had done some homework and were able to tailor the presentation somewhat to our organization and product offerings. I know this was difficult given the time your scant knowledge of Superior Lighting.
I hope we can work together in the future. You have much to offer. - Ed Hagstrom Chief Financial Officer Superior Lighting Inc.


Andy, It was a pleasure having you as a speaker for Kosherfest.  You are so professional and easy to work with.  After your session, attendees were raving about what a dynamic speaker you are and wanted to know when they could hear you present again!  Thank you for helping to make our show a success. We look forward to working with you again in years to come.  - Joy Scott, Conference Coordinator

Hi Andy, Thank you so much for joining us last night.  Your presentation was wonderful and followed the objectives of our Meet the Chapter Night perfectly.  I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone in the group.  Several people asked how I had found you and said it was "The best speaker we have ever heard." I don't think there's much more than that for me to say.  We have had a lot of speakers in the past, and most of them discuss their careers and maybe a few things they learned along the way.  However, the motivational tools have never been included.  I know there are a lot of members who have lost the excitement of Delta Sigma Pi.  Your speech showed our potential members AND current members that the organization can really impact their lives with speakers who discuss their experiences and offer relevant advice.  I will forward your request about the pictures from last night to our Historian, Megan Knudson.  It will probably be easier for her to send them directly to you. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I know we were all very impressed! Thank you again, - Crystal

Andy, The presentation well exceed my expectations! I thought you did an excellent job, many people mentioned throughout the week that you were "the best speaker Delta Sigma Pi has ever had". I could not agree more.  My advice would be to continue speaking and motivating as many people as
You can. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you, if there is every anyway our organization or myself can help you out let me know. Thanks,  - Amanda Johnson
Andy, I wanted to share a student review with you regarding your substituting for Economics class last night.  You must have done an incredible job to receive such a wonderful and impressive review from a student that isn’t normally so impressed.  This demonstrates that to me that you do have a passion for instruction that definitely came across to the students and for that I wanted to thank you.  Instructors like you are the ones that make it possible for these students to become academically successful!!  Keep up the great job and what a nice warm welcome for your first evening of teaching at ITT!!  - Thanks, Cameron Arthur at 066 Chair, School of Criminal Justice ,ITT Technical Institute
Andy, I thoroughly enjoyed your engaging, no-nonsense presentation yesterday. My team and I came away with some great information and ideas. Thank you for sharing! - Andrew
Andy, I wanted to write to thank you again for the very enjoyable and informative presentation you made at the Buy the Big O Show.  We really enjoyed listening to you and thought you made a lot of great points. - Ann, Anderson Partners Advertising

Andy, Wow!  Wish I had been there!  Thank you for sending……going to go back through it again.  I especially like “building your business” on OUTCOMES rather than benefit marketing and selling.  That is what I am most proud of… that is what I should be doing.  Like I said, wish I had been able to come to your presentation.
Andy, Thank you!!!   Vicki Kovar, Realtor CBSHome Real Estate

Andy, I want to thank you for volunteering your time to provide our local area chamber members with such valuable information.  Your energy level was high, the information was great and the personal experiences pulled it all together.  If you take charge everyday like you did this morning I can only imagine how successful of a sales team you lead.  Thanks again!  -  Michelle, American Management Institution

Andy, Thanks, and once again, great job this morning!    Useful information well presented. - Gerry Phelan, Peak Pathways L.L.C.

Andy,Your presentation yesterday was very helpful and it grabbed my attention.  Today, I am reviewing my brochures to see if I am pointing out the outcome and not the features.  Thank you for the time you must have put into that class.
Andy, Would you like to have employees who are motivated and productive?  Doesn't this lead to more sales and a better bottom line?  Would you like to have customers who know that you appreciate them?  Customers who will continue to place order after order? I would like to send a sample throw that makes a lovely thank you gift for your customers and employees.  Would that be okay? -  Tammy Frank, Blanket Barons, Inc.

Andy,I thought the sales workshop was great and got some good ideas, enjoyed the stories, and thought the other participants really enjoyed it as well.  You're a great speaker and made the time fly by with your enthusiasm.  I especially liked the way you involved the participants by using their particular situations to incorporate your strategies for selling.  It was time well spent and great to see you again.  You can quote me on that!
Andy, Have a productive week! - Roger L. Hays, Senior Vice President, VantagePoint, Inc. / Career Partners International

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Each time, Andy brings with him enthusiasm and excitement.  His speaking style is fresh, informative
and creative. 

I found him to be very flexible.  He is a true professional in all aspects.

Corey Kirshenbaum
Pennie Z. Davis, Child Development Center, Director

Andy is personable, energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his topics. 

I feel that Andy is a
gifted public speaker and would highly recommend him for any position in the field of motivational
speech and sales.

Norman Wright