Andy Gross
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Fee: $3500/exp
California Based


Andy Gross
Comedy - Magic - Ventriloquism 

Mind Boggling the show consists of comedy, magic, illusion, theater and ventriloquism blended together seamlessly to create a full evening of entertainment suitable for all.

Once the show begins you are captivated as you hear live someone actually throwing their voice.

Projected on a large screen you will see the most popular type of magic right now, street magic or what magicians call pure sleight of hand. No camera tricks here! 

Watch as a borrowed, signed $100.00 bill turns into a $1.00 bill later to reappear inside a baked piece of bread.

You may just become part of the show as there is considerable audience participation. Later, you will see a volunteer transformed into a human puppet.

The star of the show has performed since his early childhood. He has appeared all over the world at comedy clubs, theaters, cruises, Las Vegas, TV, motion pictures and more. He is considered by fans and his peers to be one of the very best at his specialty talents. 

His ability to throw his voice has been compared to the legendary ventriloquist Senor Wences as many remember from his Ed Sullivan appearances. He is able to captivate an audience with his honed stage presence, charisma, comedy, voice throwing, psychic phenomena and illusion.

This show is an unforgettable evening that combines magic, ventriloquism, comedy, psychic illusion and more into a perfect show for all ages. Come see why critics and fans have nothing but great comments to say about this show.


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