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Someone once asked a skydiver how many successful jumps must one make to be a competent skydiver. The Skydiver answered, "Everyone of them."

Like a skydiver, every meeting you plan must also be a success. As a meeting planner, you know the hard work and dedication that leads to the success of your meeting.

As you make the important plans and decisions for a successful meeting, consider Craig Grothe as your humorist and motivational speaker. (Clean and Tasteful Entertainment)

One of the few things you find today is a speaker that actually has literal "grass roots" experience. Craig speaks about agriculture to those who are in and deal with agriculture. WHY? Because he knows first hand what ag is all about. As an active farmer, he farms first and speaks second. Just as comfortable in workboots or shined shoes. Let him take your group to new heights today!

Craig is a 50 year old family farmer and public speaker. He and his wife Peggy, have four daughters, three son-in-laws, four grandsons and five granddaughters.

Craig started farming with his father out of high school. Craig had interest in attending college but his father insisted if he attended college, the opportunity to farm would not be available when college was completed. So Craig figured if farming did not work out, he would attend college to become a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine since he loves working with animals. Nearly thirty-three years later, he is still farming. Most days with no regrets.

He is a member of the National Cattlemens Beef Association, Iowa Cattlemen's Association, serves on the Henry County Cattleman's board, is a Farm Bureau member and is active in church organizations.

Farming has been Craig's ambition for over thirty years with the accomplished desire to build a sizable beef cow herd as well as raising the grain and hay to feed them. Soybeans are also a part of his family operation.

Craig began speaking several years ago as a hobby, occasionally putting together a humorous program for local organizations. Word of mouth started taking him further and further from home. In the past four years speaking has outgrown the hobby stages, growing into a nice business. He has spoken to organizations in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana, South Dakota and Oregon including both agriculture and non-ag related businesses. Audiences ranging from 50 to 1000. Each year, Craig continues to accomplish his goal of entering a new state as well as expanding into new markets enabling banquet guests to laugh and feel good about themselves.

His programs are primarily humor, with the intention of leaving a lasting message to each guest. A message of individual importance, imparting how much each individual has to give, encouraging them to believe in themselves as they enjoy life. Each of the programs inspire resounding laughter and enjoyment.

Craig believes that there are no challenges we can not overcome. Challenges are only opportunities that have not yet been conquered.


All programs contain copious amounts of humor as well as important points. When people are laughing they stay alert. When people are alert they listen and remember the points a speaker imparts. When people aren't laughing it is often because the program contains too many dry or unimportant facts.

You've gone to all of the work of bringing people together for a specific event - let us help you make it a memorable one.

"Life is a Challenge, But We Still Need to Laugh" is a proven program that makes people feel good about life and who they are. It reminds them of how special they are in life. Craig speaks about attitude, believing in yourself, communications, and the importance of being you. Craig shows us when life beats us down we can beat it back by growing from those challenges and finding humor.This program is 80% humor and 20% motivation. This is a very fitting program where the ages and interests of the guests vary and Craig's job is solely to entertain and leave a lasting message. This program can be as short as 30 minutes but preferably 45 minutes.

"Change, Moving Ahead, and Finding Success" is a very popular program for Conventions, Conferences or where the program is to be targeted to a more specific audience.This program enables Craig to elaborate on the exciting happenings of your company or organiziation, have better audience participation and better tailor it to that specific event. It too contains primarily humor and has a definite motivational message about change. This program talks about the pleasure of change and how we must sometimes leave our comfort zone and venture out into the unknown to find success. The length of this program is 45-60 minutes.

Tailor Made programs. On request, Craig has developed specific programs for companies celebrating anniversaries, having retirement parties and such occasions as that. He welcomes the opportunity to spend time and use his imagination and work with a meeting planner to design an original, humorous and meaningful program for your specific event.


"The YC's all enjoyed your comments and rated you in our survey very good to excellent. Thanks for helping us have a successful Annual Meeting!."

- Louise Kamali
Manager, Meetings/Office Dairy Management Inc., Arlington, Virginia

"I really apprecited the amount of time you put in getting to know our organization.Through that thorough investigation you were able to tailor pieces of your speech to our group. It made the audience feel as though you were one of their peers and not a professional speaker. That means a lot to people who are used to talking with cows on a regular basis."

- Mary Knigge, Office Manager, National Milk Producers Federation, Arlington, Virginia

"You spoke right to the needs of our plant... now we need to apply it to our lives. Thanks!."
- Kathleen, Office Manager, Fornoff Fertilizer Service Inc., Kilbourne, Illinois

"At one point I was laughing so hard, I had tears in my eyes."
- Mary Nance Miller, Office Manager, Coles County SWCD Charleston, Illinois

"Your planning and preparation really add to your presentation and we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm."
- RoseAnna Holliday, Midwest Dairy Association, Overland Park, Kansas

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