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Pat Haggerty
Entertains, Informs & Motivates

Pat will walk you through the "Trump Effect".

We have a new President and a new Congress and things will be VERY different in DC. 

Donald Trump was a very different candidate and is demonstrating he will be a very different President.  When your clients want a DC insider’s view, my keynote is fun and insightful and has the following topic content;

* How will a Trump presidency affect your industry or profession? 

* How did Trump win, Hillary was 8 points up only 6 days before the election?  How did he win after insulting Latinos, women, Muslins and others?

* Does Donald Trump truly understand that DC is run by three people, him, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  All three MUST agree to accomplish anything, they must work as a    team.

* How and can Donald Trump move from campaign mode to leadership mode, he’s off to a rocky start?

* How can all the Republican Members of Congress who called his candidacy a joke work with him?

* How will incumbent Democrat Members of Congress from states that Trump won vote over the next two years?  Many Democrat Senators and all members of the House in “Trump” states are up for election in 2018.

* Trump has already canceled the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to the dismay of rural America and agriculture groups.  Rural America strongly supported Trump and agriculture is America’s #1 export

* How can Trump replace Obamacare without upsetting the 22 million people/voters who have Obamacare health insurance.  Children staying on their parents health insurance is also very popular. 

* Trump already has one Supreme Court (Scalia) appointment to make.  However, given the ages of the current Justices, Trump might have enough appointments to shape the court the for a generation.

In America, everyday is the 4th of July!  Let Pride and Freedom ring at your next meeting with this patriotic keynote address!

Every 4th of July we celebrate the greatness of America and Americans.  Everyday when we think we're just living our lives, we also celebrate America's greatness, richness, values, history and potential.

Using humor and tales of everyday heroes, this Keynote Address makes your chest swell with pride while challenging your audience to keep working so our children and grandchildren will also live the American Dream!

Pat Haggerty was born near the middle of the country near the middle of the century.  He has lived and worked in Washington, DC for 29 years as a journalist covering Congress, the White House and the federal agencies.  Some of Pat's career highlights include:
  • Frequent guest on the Larry King Show
  • Press Secretary ot three Members of Congress
  • Advisor on four Presidential campaigns
  • Staffer on a U.S. Senate campaign
  • Congressional Quarterly seminar speaker
Pat's Partial Client List:
  • Baxter Health Care
  • Corning
  • Dow Elanco
  • TXU Corp.
  • Portland Cement Corp.
  • Association of Public Television Stations
  • Professional Insurance Agents of America
  • American Bankers Association
  • American Medical Association
  • The National Confectioners/Chocolate Manufacturers Association
  • Associated General Contractors
  • American Nurses Association
  • Credit Union National Association
  • Hospital Associations (in 9 states)
  • The American Farm Bureau
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • American Society of Association Executives
What They're Saying About Pat:

"Pat's program made my audience laugh, cry, listen and think."

- Beverly Sobel, VA Health Care Association

"Pat, Thank you for re-sculpting the patriotism portion of your legislative advocacy speech into a purely patriotism speech.  Our members loved them both.  What a spirit booster."
- Peter Loughlin, Associated General Contractors of America

Pat's Other Programs:

  • "The difference between the Boy Scouts and elected officials is the Boy Scouts have adult supervision."  This program empowers and informs people that grassroots advocacy is a very easy and very effective tool in achieving your legislative/regulatory agenda.  This politically humorous and patriotic Keynote explains how ordinary people can make a difference with letters, emails, phone calls, office visits and the other fundamental tools of democracy.
  • "Election Analysis."  Who's going to win, who is going to lose and why.  Will Republicans maintain their control of both houses of Congress?  What will President Bush do to win the states he won in 2000 to win re-election and what will the Democrats to do win just one state more than they did in 2000 to win the White House?  This program is also filled with political humor and patriotism.


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