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 Illinois Based

Nick Halley

led tens of thousands of soldiers in the most difficult leadership environment - combat



General Nick Halley is a recognized expert on leadership, terrorism, change management and integrity. Nick works with people and organizations that want to educate, inspire, and motivate their leaders to take action now and be better leaders and followers in their organizations.

- Nationwide Conferences
- Leadership Development Training
- Association Conventions
- Executive Conferences
- Employee Meetings
- Management Retreats
- Personal Coaching


Nick's Leadership Presentations:

- Produce concrete results

- Takes the best of the leadership learned at West Point, combat command of thousands of soldiers, 30 years in the military and combines those techniques with the most effective leadership lessons learned as a Director, VP and General Manager with several prestigious international electronics organizations to include Motorola

- Are based on real world leadership experience under the most difficult conditions - combat

- Are unique - you can not get this approach from standard leadership presentations and leadership books


Nick's Military / Terrorism Presentations:

-Are based on first- hand operational experience

-Provide graphic, inside information

-Offer unique perspectives

-Are updated with the most current information

-Provide everything you need to know about terrorism and how it affects your lives and business


Nick's TV Experience:

-WGN TV Chicago (seen nationally on cable): General Halley is the official on-air military and terrorism expert.

-FOX News Network: General Halley has made numerous recent appearances as a military and terrorism expert.

Nick's Speaking Experience Includes:

• AC Nielsen
• Motorola
• WGN-TV, Chicago
• World Equity Group
• Mechanical Contractors Association
• Construction Financial Managers Association
• Central States Hardware Association
• Michael Bass Productions
• Telemanagement Resources International
• Celebrity Focus Inc.
• DuPage County, IL Chiefs of Police Association
• NW Illinois Executives Club
• Cambridge Bank
• Illinois Road Builders Association
• U.S. Army Official Desert Storm Speaker
• Boy Scouts of America
• Loyola and Lewis Universities
• NW Illinois Police Academy
• Union League of Chicago
• U.S. Embassies, Korea & Japan

"Absolutely great! The most informed, interesting and insightful talk I have ever heard. Captivating presentation given with passion and inside information. Greatly exceeded expectations. It is clear why you were so successful in both your military and corporate careers." - AC Nielsen -

"You definitely exceeded our expectations and kept us spellbound throughout your presentation! Most outstanding and inspirational talk of the year. Your leadership insights and inside information were a revelation. Rave reviews from all of our members." - Construction Financial Management Association -

"Your ability to bridge the gap between military and corporate leadership and take the best lessons learned and leadership principles from both is amazing. Your talk was very inspirational and motivated our leaders to "Take Action Now" to be better leaders in their organizations." - Mechanical Contractors Association -

"Brigadier General Nick Halley has made a major and signifcant contribution to our viewers understanding of international terrorism and the Iraqi conflict and how those operations are a part of the overall US Strategy. His insights and knowledge are amazing." - WGN-TV Chicago News Director -


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Topics: Inspirational, Motivation, Leadership, Military Teamwork/Teambuilding, Patriotic

Industry specialties: Electronics, Engineering