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Jeff Havens

Comedian or Entertainer with a Message

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jeff began his career as a high school English teacher before following his father Rex Havens into the world of stand-up comedy, where he worked with some of the brightest lights in American comedy and honed the art of engaging audiences through laughter. But his impulse to teach never faded, and soon he began looking for an avenue to combine both of his passions into entertaining and meaningful presentations.

The results are Uncrapify Your Life!, How to Get Fired!, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! and Becoming a More Annoying You!, and since their introduction Jeff has brought his unique, side-splitting, message-based presentations to General Electric, Ford Motor Company, USBank, McDonald’s, and hundreds of other corporations in the United States and Canada. Original, informative, hilarious and powerful, Jeff’s ability to help people achieve success in leadership, customer service, communication, generational issues, corporate culture and more by talking about what they should and shouldn’t do guarantees that his audiences manage to laugh and learn at the same time.  His stated goal?  To provide all the content of a traditional presentation with all the entertainment value of a comedy show.  Because improving your business doesn’t have to be boring.

Jeff is also a regular guest on Fox Business News and has been featured in Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, AOL, and dozens of other regional and national media outlets. His latest book, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant!: Proven Strategies to Help You Become a More Horrible Boss is available in stores now, and there will be many more to come.  Trust us: Jeff is just getting started.

 Here’s a sampling of some of the fascinating things you’ll learn by watching Jeff’s comedy:

• Boanthropy, metapneustic, sesquipedalophobia, and some more words that hopefully 
   don’t apply to you or anyone you care about

 • Courvoisier, Lemonjello, and other names you should never give to your children

 • “Whistling angrily” and 7 other things you’ll never be able to do

 • “Political science” and other adorable oxymorons

 • “No offense…” and other blatant lies

 • How to more effectively amuse yourself at your friends’ expense

 • And a lot more…


Uncrapify Your Life!  - The funniest motivational speech in America!

Designed for a broad spectrum of audiences, from entry-level workers to upper management, the award-winning Uncrapify Your Life! keynote is a study in exactly what not to do.  Promising to give his audiences permission rather than advice, Jeff will ‘encourage’ your team to criticize others and outsource blame before bringing it all home with a serious discussion about proper communication, customer service, and accountability practices.

By highlighting and then poking fun of practices we’re all guilty of, Uncrapify Your Life! offers a unique and delightful twist on the traditional keynote, one that has found favor with General Electric, USBank, Frito-Lay, Ford Motors, and hundreds of other companies representing virtually every industry in the United States and Canada.  At once hilarious and meaningful, Uncrapify Your Life! offers a motivational keynote utterly unlike anything corporate America has ever seen, one that is guaranteed to leave your audience refreshed, surprised, and begging for more.

  • How to avoid negative and unproductive conversations
  • The power of sincere, straightforward communication
  • The importance of small things when it comes to delivering oustanding customer service
  • How to approach change in order to achieve seamless integration

Becoming a More Annoying You! - A hilarious look at professional etiquette!

I’m sure people have told you how to behave at work.  You probably had a few days of training when you started your job and maybe a refresher once a year.  But you’ve never had training quite like this.  Because while everyone else gives you advice, Jeff Havens will give you the permission to act exactly the way that you want.  He knows you don’t value the people you work with.  You know you don’t value the people you work with.  But now it’s time to make sure that they know how little you value them.  In this action-packed, comprehensive hour of awesomeness, you will learn how to irritate everyone you work with in every way imaginable.

Full of reverse psychology and Jeff’s trademark wit, Becoming a More Annoying You! will help improve your professional behavior by ‘encouraging’ you to engage in all kinds of bad workplace behaviors.  This is flat-out the most hilarious professional etiquette seminar you’re ever going to attend, filled with all the takeaways and useful information of a more straightforward presentation and all the entertainment value of a comedy show.  Because improving your corporate culture doesn’t have to be boring.

  • How to dress appropriately for various business situations
  • How and when to send and receive emails and texts
  • How to effectively run and participate in meetings, conference workshops, and other group events
  • How to communicate with and relate to members of different generations
  • How to resolve conflicts calmly and productively

Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! - Jeff’s hysterical take on leadership training!

The first of its kind, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! helps managers and executives become better leaders by showing them everything they should avoid.  Veteran comedian-turned-corporate speaker Jeff Havens employs his trademark wit and reverse psychology to teach attendees the worst of all leadership practices – including how to create a culture of fear and mistrust, how to oppress and demoralize employees, and how to stand firm in the face of all change – before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kind of leaders we should all strive to become.

Every bit as content-rich and intensively researched as a more traditional leadership seminar, Unleash Your Inner Tyrant! has the added benefit of Jeff’s unparalleled delivery style that will have your audience laughing the entire time that they’re learning how to become more effective leaders.  Simply put, there is nothing else like this in the business world, and no better way to energize your management team while providing them with valuable training they will remember for months and years to come.


  • How to create a healthy, vibrant corporate culture
  • How to inspire trust and loyalty in your employees
  • How to deal with mistakes and build strength through them
  • How to approach change in order to achieve seamless integration
  • How to engage in proper, healthy, productive communication techniques
  • How to become the kind of leader others are excited to follow

How to Get Fired! - Everything you should NOT do in the workplace!

Welcome to How to Get Fired!, the only professional development seminar that prepares students for their professional lives by focusing on everything a good employee shouldn’t do.  Originally designed for college students and still delivered at dozens of colleges across the country every year, How to Get Fired! has also been adapted to meet the needs of high school audiences.

The show is organized around the Four Pillars of Poverty – fake your resume, establish your incompetence, destroy your work ethic, and alienate your coworkers – and covers such particulars as office gossip, Internet usage, punctuality, sexual harassment, accountability, personal initiative, communication, and more.  As with all of Jeff’s programs, How to Get Fired! begins by encouraging attendees to engage in all the worst professional practices before wrapping up with a serious conversation about the kinds of professional behaviors in which we should all engage.

Perfect as an innovative approach to new employee orientation or as a  novel way to get your students thinking about their futures, How to Get Fired! is simultaneously hilarious and every bit as content-heavy as a more traditional program on workplace development.  You can give your students another lecture if you want, or you can offer How to Get Fired! so they can laugh and learn at the same time.  Because improving your career preparedness doesn’t have to be boring.

  • The behaviors that will promote (or prevent) your upward mobility
  • How to prepare for the challenges of professional life
  • Techniques for becoming a productive and valuable team player
  • How to communicate with your boss for maximum, mutual benefit

Thanks to you, everyone had a great time and we were buzzing about it  for days afterward. We'll certainly have to have you come back for a  return engagement."  - John Riha  Editorial Director  Special Interest Media  Meredith Corp.

"Excellent! Jeff was very funny, and he brought awareness to  our clients of some of the things we do - like Outsourcing Blame -  that we take for granted. All around a great show!" - Dianne Covell, Operations Manager, Keith Hawthorne Ford

"Fantastic! Uncrapify Your Life is perfect - very funny. It was all  wonderful!" - Cary McCaghren, Intracorp

"Great, funny, the best non-motivational speech ever!" - Amanda McLaughlin, Executive Director of Marketing, Eckman/Freeman & Assoc.

"Jeff was hilarious! He involved the audience and kept us laughing.  I wouldn't change a thing!" - Starla Ford, Claims Examiner, Sedgwick

"Loved the concept! Jeff was entertaining, energetic, and real. It was  great!" - Tonya Lanahan, Brentwood Services


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