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Thank you for taking time to explore what I can offfer you as a meeting planner.  I realize there are thousands of professional speakers and presenters vying for your time and attention each year, so I'll try to illustrate succinctly as possible why it might be to your advantage to utilize my programs and services.  I have been speaking professionally since 1975 and in addition to th specific content of my presentations, I can identify seven powerful reasons why you should seriously consider my programs.

Seventy percent (70%) of my annual business is with repeat clients.  The State Bar of California has usedme for three programs every year since 1983!  My relationship with clients lasts for years.

I offer truly customized presentations.  Many speakers claim to customize their programs, but that usually means using the client's name in the opening remarks and making reference to a few officers.  When I say I customize . . . I customize, doing specific research into an organization, it's needs and objectives and weaving my research through the fabric of my presentation.

I am dependable.  Since 1975 I have contracted for well over one thousand engagements and have cancelled only twice; once when the entire northwest was fogged in and the second time for a death in the immediate family.  If you contact me, I will be there!

My programs are practical.  No pie-in-the-sky theories, but good hard usable material the participants can digest and put to immediate use.  If you want someone to talk about how many angels can dance on a pin. . .it's not me, I will tell you how to make the pin, how to price it, market it and distribute it while keeping the work force motivated and enthusiastic.

Competent!  Perhaps this should have been the first reason I cited because you should expect your presenters to be authorities in their field.  Unfortunately, too many meeting planners find too late they have hired someone who is only giving a warmed-over book report on the latest fad!  I hold a Ph.D. and have been a practicing psycho-therapist since 1973.  I have been the vice-president of a university as well as the vice-president of a bank.  My presentations are fresh and factual.

I am easy to work with.  My job is to make the meeting planner look good and I know I can accomplish that goal by presenting a dynamic program that is not offensive to any segment of the audience.  I fly coach class and will work with the meeting planner's budget and do not present a take-it or leave-it fee demand.  I even bring an extra "multi-purpose" program with me in case another speaker is unable to attend and the meeting planner needs a last minute substitute.

Last, but NOT least, I entertain while I speak.  I have been called an "edu-tainer" and "funtastic" for my ability to keep an audience alert and attentive while I present.  I am no talking head, but rather an energetic and motivating speaker who even uses professional stage magic to illustrate key points.  My philosophy is simple; when people open their mouths to laugh . . . I shove in food for thought!

There is no substitute for experience combined with education and training.  Too often, however, some speakers try to conceal a lack of subject knowledge and a lack of thorough understanding with fast patter, stale comedy and hot air.  If you are weary of speakers who claim to be experts and then deliver sixth-grade level book reports, warmed-over theories and tired opinions, you will love Dr. Larry Helms.  He is for real!

Larry Helms has impressive academic credentials: a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and a post-doctoral certificate in management from Harvard University.  He is a former Fulbright Scholar, Standish Evans Scholar and has authored five books and numberous articles.  He has served as the director of training for a large corporate enterprise as well as being vice-president, teacher and campus dean.  In 1982, the Adult Education Association selected him as their Adult Educator of the Year and he is generally regarded as one of the nation's leading authorities in adult learning and behavioral change.

If It's Laughter Your After

All the sustance in the world will be worth little if a speaker puts an audience to sleep.  Relax, Larry Helms is simply amazing for his ability to weave good clean relevant humor throughout his presentations.  He never uses sexist, racial or religious humor; but rather directs the stories, anecdotes and humor back at himself!  Humor has been called internal jogging and Larry tries to make sure his audience gets a good workout with each and every presentation.  There is no reason why learning or training has to be boring.  You learn and retain more information when you are relaxed and attentive; as long as the humor is relevant to the topic and isn't silly or simply added on to get a cheap laugh.


But, he is more than simply a good speaker who uses humor.  He is also a professional magician and member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians.  He uses stage illusions to punctuate his points on self-understanding, management myths, business and personal fallacies, and more!  Would you like to see your chairperson's arm cut off?  Or, perhaps a silver sword driven through someone's neck?  Larry Helms is a showman who entertains his audiences but all magic, humor and stories illustrate a point in the serious message!  How much "style" and how much serious message is up to you.  Dr. Helms' programs can range from 10% humor/magic to 25% humor/magic, depending on his client's requirements.  He will create audience involvement, enthusiasm and laughter.  You will end up realizing that while it was business for Larry to "do" fun for you, it was fun for you to do business with him!

Satisfied Clients

- Nursery Association Director

- Water Well Drilling Association Director

- Associated General Contractors of America

- State Bar of California

Dr. Helms averages over 80 presentation a year, and over 70% are with previous clients!  He is not a one-dimensional speaker, as his recent list of clients have included nursery associations, bankers, realtors, lawyers, doctors, credit unions, government bureaus . . . and a host of state, regional and national trade and professional associations.  In the past years, he has been asked to address The American Society of Association Executives (four times!), the Canadian Society of Association Executives, the National Association of Exposition Managers, the Professional Convention Mangement Association, and Societies of Association Executives in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Texas, Minnesota, Idaho, Georgia, the Northern California Society, the Scaramento Society, the Kansas City Society and the Western Conference of Association Executives.

New Programs:

Running With Scissors:
Why Smart People Do Dumb Things (and How to Avoid Them)

Mental intelligence is not a vaccine against doing dumb things. Look at any newspaper and you will find example after example of really smart people who shoot themselves in the foot:
Martha Stewart, Kenneth Lay, Dennis Kozlowski, etc. This seminar explores the concept of "unforced errors" or self-sabotaging mistakes people make that are not only avoidable ... but dumb! Attendees will discover eight ways to recognize and eliminate unforced errors in their lives.

You Must Be Present To Win

Woody Allen is reported to have said that 80% of life is showing up. Funny - but wrong. Lots of people send their bodies to work every day, but find their lives and careers derailed because they fail to engage their brains! This seminar explores Will Roger's admonition that to be success you must (1) Know what you are doing, (2) Believe in what you are doing, and (3) Love what you are doing. He concluded "You can't heat an oven with snowballs," Seven concrete steps are given to illustrate how to be mentally present to win everyday of your life.

Positioning to Win

Winning means different things to different people, but no matter the goals you choose (money, titles, happiness, etc.) you have to take certain steps to position yourself for success. This seminar explores the psychology of achievement in all its forms and presents totally practical steps you can take to maximize your chances of achieving success. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but you can take steps to position yourself to win when opportunity becomes visible.

Managing at the Speed of Change

The dizzying Speed of Change is both frightening and exhilarating as the world hurdles toward the Twenty-first Century. Can you cope with the changes, or will you become a dinosaur left by the way-side? Do you understand the tremendous demographic changes occurring in society today or do you choose to put your head in the sand, hope they do not affect you and make do as always? Do you understand why today’s manager must act to relate to both staff, volunteers, and customers in a radically different way than mangers of the 1980’s? Do you know how to develop the mental edge so vitally necessary to prosper in the next century? The Speed of Change is offered in three segments; each can stand as a seminar by itself, or they can be combined into a one-day program that will provide a springboard for the future.  The new century is upon us… are you ready? Is your staff? Are your members?

101: The Speed of Change: The Demographic Edge!

Gain a fantastic understanding of why people do what they do because of their age and generation. This seminar breaks people into four generations: those born before 1945, 1945-1960, 1961-1980, and 1981-present. It delves into what motivates each generation, what are their values, describes their behaviors and finally tells you how to manage, market and sell to generation, you cannot compete effectively in the new century without knowing the demographic data presented in this seminar.

102: The Speed of Change: The Mental Edge

Why can’t we get ourselves to do what we know we really need to do Why can’t we break old behavioral patterns? This seminar delves into self-sabotage; why we are our own worst enemy and teaches how to develop self-discipline and self-motivation so desperately needed as the Speed of Changes forces us to constantly rethink our positions.  The Mental Edge is a system for learning what it is you need to do to develop strategies for the new century. Without such knowledge, the Speed of Change will time warp you into an early retirement.

103: The Speed of Change: The Management Edge!

This seminar brings the demographic edge and the mental edge together and combines them with new methods of managing and dealing with other people as well as holding on to time-tested older personnel methods. It explores why coaching behavior is superior to demanding performance, why team building is not just this decade’s fad, and illustrates how any person can develop a new management style…IF he/she want to! A variety of topics can be covered depending on the client’s specification. Coping with the Speed of Change has never been more important than whey you try to deal with other people.

The Pinocchio Response:
How To Spot A Liar

The most practical seminar you'll ever attend: who wouldn't profit from being able to spot a liar? Since September 11, 2001, Dr. Helms has worked with law enforcement agencies, judges, attorneys and similar groups in developing specific techniques to help identify people who are possibly being deceitful.

In this groundbreaking seminar you will learn over 30 distinct mannerisms that indicate deceit, nine ways to discourage people from lying to you, when you should confront a liar, why polygraph machines are not always accurate and much much more.

This program is not just for law enforcement personnel; it will help you when interviewing job applicants, when selling, when buying, talking to your spouse, your children ... yes, in every single aspect of your business or personal life.

Why is a keyboard on a typewriter or computer set up like this?


Most people think a keyboard is designed for maximum speed in typing, that that's incorrect. Early typewriters would jam if a typist went too fast, so the keyboard was actually designed to slow the operator down! Today, electric typewriters and computers are impossible to jam, so why do we still use this old style keyboard? Because we think inside "boxes" of rules and regulations adopted consciously, or unconsciously, long ago.

It's Called the Aslan Effect:

The Box

1. We make rules based on reasons that make sense.
2. We follow these rules
3. Time passes and things change
4. The original reason for following the rules is gone, but we still follow the rules.

This seminar is 100% practical and relates directly to one's professional and personal life. It examines the five major mental locks that need to be opened for more creative problem solving and decision-making. Each lock is examined carefully and procedures are shown that can be used to eliminate that lock as a stumbling block.

In this seminar you will also learn:

  • How to inspect old rules
  • How to discard old rules and adopt new ones
  • How to take appropriate risks
  • Your own sensitivity to risk-taking and why
  • How to become a better risk taker
  • Why failure isn't fatal or necessarily bad
  • How to be more creative
  • How to avoid the deadly "Judas Trap"
  • And if time permits, a special segment on:

    The Imposter Syndrome
    Why, if I am so sharp and even successful, do
    I often feel I am not as good as I should be?
    (Why do I feel I am "faking" it?)


    This is one practical and fast moving program that delivers more than it promises... it had better!  The emphasis is on value added customer relations; that is, giving the customer MORE than what is expected.

    It is not a tired re-hashing of the 1980's customer service themes; not old material re-warmed for new audiences.  Rather, it is a truly dynamic practical program that focuses on NO-COST or LOW-COST things that any person can do to improve their customer services!

    This seminar will put money in the attendees' pockets before it is over!

    Some seminar contents:

    • What is customer service?

    • What does it mean to be value added?

    • Why do people STOP doing business with you?

    • How can you keep old customers with you and...

    • How can you attract and keep new customers?

    • How do you develop and implement a customer service plan?

    • How to present effective no-cost staff training

    • How to coach better performance

    • How to K.I.S.S.

    • The value of receiving complaints

    • How to take advantage of complaints

    • The complaint log and follow-up

    • How to handle an angry customer

    • Dealing with people

    • Posture echoing

    • Non-verbal communications

    This is just a partial list of subjects that can be covered in this seminar.  It can be customized to meet the specific needs of any client.

    The program is designed to be presented in short-seminar form and in half-day or full-day sessions.  Obviously, the longer the session, the more topics that can be covered and in greater depth.

    In all presentations, however, specific practical information is presented that the attendee can implement immediately!  This is not a pie-in-the-sky theory program, but a presentation that is designed for immediate implementation!

    This presentation can have a two-pronged appraoch:

    1. Designed for and delivered to the owner or manager of a business or company who will tehn take the material home to use in his/her situtation


    2. Designed for and delivered to employees of a business to impress upon them the NECESSITY of being customer-oriented and friendly. (Sometimes it is better for an outsider to give your employees this message rather than the boss!)

    Working with volunteers?

    This program can also be directed towarvolunteer help as well as paid employees!
    Different emphasis is placed when presented to non-paid workers

    Help your exhibitors achieve!


    Special programs for exhibitors who want to improve their
    performance and get more bang from their exhibiting bucks!

    101: ON STAGE: THE BASICS.  How to design a booth; what colors to use; what colors to avoid; creating an image; games and give-aways; basic design; hand-outs; boothmanship and much much more.

    102: SHOW AND SELL: Sales techniques for, tricks are for hicks; show themes; how to qualify a serous buyer; eliminate tire-kickers; getting the order; selling not visiting and much much more.

    103: MARKETING: ABOVE AND BEYOND: How to attract your own audience; marketing analysis; your unique position; pre-shoe activities; media use; direct mail; invitations; evaluation; follow-up; serious planning and much much more.

    Larry Helms has THE outstanding training programs exhibitors in North America today.  He delivers over 100 programs each year in three formats: 90 minutes, half-day or full-day.  Not only does he present a seminar, but he will then: (1) walk the show and give on-the-spot critiques to exhibitors, (2) judge your show for exhibit awards, and (3) supply you, without charge, his award-winning one-hour audio tape on exhibiting that you can duplicate and give to your exhibitors.

    Pushy Salespeople have hungry Kids!

    Do you want your salespeople to be able to talk a pig into a ham sandwich?

    I HOPE NOT, because study after study, and success story after success story all reveal that the mythical sales representative who uses a silver tongue and fast patter to achieve sales success is just that... a myth!  A good sales person generates trust, becomes a consultant, a resource and, yes, a friend.

    In this seminar on selling, personnel will learn:

    • The Ten Commandments of Selling

    • The Six biggest mistakes in sales

    • Three MAGIC sentences

    • The concept of value-added selling

    • Exercising enthusiasm

    • Partnering

    • The power of persistence

    • Going the second mile

    • Silence and listening

    • The power of kissing

                    ...AND MUCH MUCH MORE!

    You will not learn about trap door closes, sharp angle closes, high pressure techniques and other commonly taught manipulative methods.

    Promotional Info



    Keynote: $3,500/exp
    Half Day: $4,000/exp
    Full Day: $4,500/exp

    - Nursery Assn Director