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Dr. Dale Henry
  Author, Educator, Trainer & Speaker
Professional Development Seminars

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His Signature Presentations and Seminars

The Drive Attitude
Cruising The Road Less Traveled:
The Extra Mile of Customer Service

Sizzle or Fizzle

A Recipe For Leadership Southern Style

The Sixth Sense

— Laughing For A Change
Looking At Our Sense of Humor During Transition

Glad To The Bone
Stress Is Only Skin Deep…
But Glad Runs All The Way To The Bone!

The Hootie-Hoo Attitude

How To Make The Buck Stop Here —
And Have A Real Good Time Doing It!


The ONLY Four Letter Word That Everyone Should Use!

The Proverbial Cracker Jack

How To Get Out of The Box And Become The Prize!

- All Filled With Humor And Personal Insight! - 

A great motivational opening or closing
for professional meetings or conventions!

The “ER” Factor — When Business Is Down, UP YOURS!
The hospitality industry all over the world has found itself scrambling since 9/11.  Serving to our full potential will always be an issue for those who excel in tourism.  During the sports season, athletes become champions with great performances.  However, the season did not make them great—the off season did.  During this session, you will learn how to increase your skill set so that when that winning season comes, your team will be ready!

Humor:  Don’t Leave Home Without It!
Discover humor’s place in the workplace and its importance in our daily interactions with customers, co-workers, and family.  A lively and entertaining look at what makes laughter the best medicine of all.

If You Want NO SHOES and NO SHIRT, Then Give NO SERVICE!
Have you ever had a problem staring you right in the face until your eyes crossed?  Have you ever wondered why organizations can’t deliver better customer service to those they serve?  Well, it’s simple.  Organizations don’t deliver service.  People do.  In this empowering workshop, Dr. Dale Henry will explore how to learn from your mistakes, the real value of service, the hidden power of “one”, and service’s real role in business success.

Sailing The Winds of Change on The Seven C’s
Change — the only constant in today’s world.  This seminar examines the seven phases of change and how we may chart a course that produces less stress and more productivity.  Designed to reboot your master computer, your brain, and to enable you to play and work smarter.

Managing The Job of Managing
Thirteen ways for managers to improve their coaching and counseling skills.  What’s a manager to do?  Attendance at this powerful seminar will teach you proven coaching, counseling, and motivational techniques.  Strategies that will immediately solve your most frustrating employee performance problems, while inspiring your staff to do their best work every day.

Your Best Self Forward
Success is a lot more than money.  It’s about self-motivation, understanding, fun, life, and relationships.  This exciting workshop will enable you to invest in yourself and your self worth through proven effectiveness techniques.

Managing You — Managing Me:  Stop Paddling Upstream And Start Rocking The Boat!
Ever wonder why people do what they do?  Finally, a training program that helps you see why managing some folks is easier than managing others!  A seminar for anyone who supervises anyone.

Dr. Dale Henry will also tailor design professional training programs &
in-service training sessions to meet specific needs within your organization.

Satisfied Clients

“27 programs, 27 hits!  You connected with our folks and gave us something new every time.  WOW!"
- Jack Schiff, Jr., President/CEO, Cincinnati Insurance/Cincinnati Financial

“This is the first staff meeting we have had where the meeting was more fun than the fun!”
- Terry Bell, Auglaize Provico

“Our sales people loved you, Dale!  That’s why we keep you coming back.  Your service program inspired us all.”
- Harold “Q” Quisser, Executive Sales Director, Marriott Hotels

“Thanks to what I learned, I have just written nineteen thank you notes that will be mailed in the morning.  You were wonderful!”
- Sandy Furches, Governor, Altrusa District Three

“I’ve seen Gone With The Wind once, and I don’t need to see it again.  However, I’ve heard Dr. Henry four times, and I can’t wait to hear him again!”
- Chief of Police, Lake City, FL

“One month after your presentation, everyone is still talking about your program.  It was a real hit!”
- Julia Fosque, Dept. of Defense Technical Information Center


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