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Andy Hickman

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Andy Hickman, CSP, believes that our future will be based on these two things: "The choices that we make and the commitments that we honor."

Andy Hickman is a Certified Speaking Professional. The CSP designation is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association. Fewer than 5% of speakers worldwide have earned this prestigious designation. Qualifications/Features/Benefits:

•    Spoken for most of the Fortune 500 companies in America on the topics of 
     Change, Customer Service, Leadership, Relationship Building, and Sales.

•    Delivered the Keynote Address to the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing

•    Honed his skills as an illusionist while working with David Copperfield's
      "Project Magic"

•    Author of two books as well as an audio-book on CD

•    Delivers a unique combination of good clean humor...amazing illusions...and a
      customized message will make your next meeting a laughter-filled, inspiring,
      and unforgettable event.

•    Has been a full-time professional speaker since 1990.

•    If your people need to be entertained, educated, excited, encouraged, and
      inspired, then Andy Hickman is the speaker you want.

He doesn't merely talk about "exceeding customer expectations," he models it! He will totally spoil you. He does this by arriving early and staying late for his engagements as his schedule permits. He will play golf, dance, attend your other sessions, and get to know each person that he meets by name. Later, from the platform, he will call each person that he has met by their name...sometimes hundreds of them. This results in a deep connection between him and each member of your audience. Andy believes that only by becoming "rare" can we receive more money for our services. Andy delivers an experience for your people that is indeed "rare."

Before becoming a Professional Speaker, Andy owned and operated three businesses at the same time: a Real Estate Development company that built over 1,000 multifamily residential units in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex...a Property Management company to manage these properties...and a Mortgage company to finance the sales of these properties. At that same time, while working with David Copperfield's "Project Magic", he realized that others could be profoundly moved by the art of magic. Today, Andy is far more than just a speaker/entertainer...he connects with his audiences on a profoundly deep level. After experiencing one of his Keynotes, the audience members are inspired and equipped to grow in the midst of change.

Andy is the author of two books: Stuff That Really Matters - Establishing Priorities for Your Business and Your Life and Humor Me.

Since 1990 it's been Andy's privilege to address thousands of audience members, and perhaps one of his greatest honors was being hired to deliver the Keynote Address to the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Andy Hickman believes in magic...and after hearing him speak, you will too.



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Humor, Motivation, Relationships, Magic, Change, Customer Service

Industry specialties:
Real Estate, Banking