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Fee: $8000/exp

California Based

Bill & Hillary Show

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Fee: $12,500/exp

CA/WA Based

Jan Mcinnis


Jan,  plans to be the funniest Hillary!!!

20-25 minutes of stand-up as Hillary. 

The show will include customized jokes for the group, plus jokes on democrat and republican candidates. . .

I promise not turn off the crowds who hate Hillary or the ones who love her.  All candidates are fair game. 
All political issues are fair game.  And my Bill Clinton jokes won't be raunchy!


--Emceeing events.  How about having Hillary actually doing some work for a change???  She can emcee the event and add some fun to the conference.

--Meet & Greet with photo ops. . .yes, everyone will love to have a picture
with Hillary. . .if ya can't get an invite to her political fundraisers, than
the next best thing is a picture with the fake Hillary.

  Jan Mcinnis Info page & video clips.....

    •     We are the only Hillary and Bill couple in which BOTH of us are stand-up comedians working the
           corporate circuit.

    •     We can customize the show, like we do our regular corporate shows, with info on the specific group,
           industry, or association.  Right now we can promise a 30 minute show (with more time in the future)
           and/or also emcee the event.

    •     In addition to corporate events, we would be excellent for private parties, trade shows, fundraisers, and

    •     The show doesn’t end when we come off stage. We can do a meet and greet, and/or a grip and grin
           (photo op with attendees for souvenirs).

    •     We not only look like the Clintons, we’ve captured their voices and mannerisms as well.

    •     We have great chemistry!  We've known each other for about 10 years, and it shows on the clips.

    •     We've both been working fulltime in the convention/meetings arena as comedians for a combined 20
           years, and both been fulltime comedians for a combined 30 years.

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