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Maryellen Hooper

You'll Fall In Love With Her Too!

 America is falling in love..  With Maryellen Hooper!

One smitten reviewer writes, "Heard of perfect date movies?  Maryellen Hooper is the perfect date comic."

America is falling in love with Maryellen Hooper... and it’s easy to see why. With her unique brand of storytelling and quirky physical humor, she’s one of comedy’s brightest stars.

Maryellen was named at the 12th Annual American Comedy Awards - stand-up's highest honor.  She has performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Her numerous television and radio appearances include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; Lifetime's Girl's Night Out; A&E's Evening at the Improv; and her own Lounge Lizards special.

Known for providing non-stop laughter, Maryellen describes her material as  "...just plain silly, fun stuff everybody can appreciate." She deftly comments on the travails of being a woman as she takes the audience along on a delightfully loopy ride. Her persona has been described as "...if Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke had a baby girl," which Maryellen jokingly explains is "because I have red hair and trip over ottomans.

Though she was born on Long Island, Maryellen grew up in the Tampa, Florida area. She learned quickly that being funny was a good way to be accepted. When acting in high school and community theater productions, she always got the funny parts; but it wasn’t until 1985 that she truly considered comedy a career.  After entering (and winning) talent competitions at nearby comedy clubs, it wasn’t long before she headed to New York.

Of course, she didn’t give up her day job(s) right away... while learning the ropes of the New York comedy club scene by night, she earned rent money by cutting hair in an upscale Manhattan salon and working as a "rolling billboard" - complete with orange jumpsuit, helmet and skates - around Wall Street.

As an up-and-comer on the comedy circuit, Maryellen soon found herself in demand as an opening act for such talents as Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried, Tommy Davidson, Andrew Dice Clay (!), and Wynona Judd.

A true original, Maryellen is a favorite at venues across the country. Whether you see her headlining at a Las Vegas showroom or your local comedy club, her patented style of silliness will have you falling out of your chair.

Maryellen makes her home in Los Angeles.

She was nominated for the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) Comedy Entertainer of the Year.

 She won the Colorado Comedy Invitational in Vail.

 She was named 1998's Best Female Stand-Up at the 12th Annual American Comedy Awards.

And Wynona Judd still calls her at 2:00 A.M. to say "...wanna open for me tonight? The tour bus leaves at six. This morning."

Here's what some of the fans have to say...

Maryellen, Excellent show! I'm so glad I listened to the radio that morning and heard that you were here! My mom and I think you are HILARIOUS!!! We watch the same Comedy Central special over and over just because it's so funny. Thanks for making us all laugh. And, please, come back this way just as soon as you can!!! I want to take my mom to see you. I bought her a tape, but it's just not the same as seeing you live!!! Keep up the good work!!!

We thought your show was fantastic! We will be back for more, keep up the good work.  Very funny, much more than I expected. It has been a long time since I laughed at almost everything a comedian said.  I was very impressed at your ability to do true improv. You are a true comic.

Thanks for a great show!

You are the funniest comedian I've ever seen. I took my mother
and father to your show. I've never seen my father laugh out loud
in my 40 years. He was howling, with tears rolling down his face.
Please come to Kansas City, I'll fill the joint myself. I’ve told dozens
of people about you, and they are anxious to see the show.

Best show we have ever seen!! Far surpasses   anyone else we
have seen in the last 15 years. The best of the best, needs her own
show!!!!! Very, very proud of this young woman, doesn’t need to
make fun of others, uses live itself to laugh about.....wonderful!!!

Absolutely AWESOM hilarious! Seeing you live and in person you
were even better! I wish all the luck in the world to you and hope
you come back to the Detroit area again soon! Please notify me if
you do return, you will have a couple of definite returns and also will bring a lot of friends along.


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