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Missouri Based

Christopher James

Funny Hyper Magic Boy

Named Branson’s emcee of the year for 2010, Christopher James has appeared on CBS, NBC, and FOX.  He currently headlines in Branson, Missouri daily from May thru December aboard The Showboat Branson Belle.  Christopher performs regularly for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and Princess Cruise Line and has appeared in over three dozen countries.  His interactive comedy show was named the Eastern United States Comedy Act of the Year, Stage Act of the Year, and Most Original Entertainer.  Christopher’s unique performance style and incredibly fast wit has earned him the name “Funny Hyper Magic Boy” and he is currently one of the most sought after U.S. performers.

Hired for a limited one year engagement on The Showboat Branson Belle, in Branson, Missouri, Christopher has been appearing daily since 2005.  Originally performing an 18 minute comedy set, Christopher quickly became a popular staple of the attraction.  In 2006, his role was expanded to include cruise director as well as headlining comedian.  Christopher’s set now includes 20 minutes of improvisational question and answer from the audience, 20 minutes of comedy, emcee responsibilities, singing, and magical effects for The Showboat Branson Belle.

Blnding comedy, current music, and improvisation, Christopher's show is the last thing you will expect, but the first thing you will remember. His versatility and ability to get the audience involved in the show are Christopher's major attraction for event planners nationwide. Christopher relies upon audience participation in almost every minute of his roller coaster ride into the unknown. In fact the audience IS the show. "I think people are bored with those stereotypes of magic, I know I am", Christopher often tells potential clients. Improvisation mixed with Christopher's unusual comedy routines, test your view of reality to the extreme. His quick wit and ability to work on the fly with audience members have appealed to event organizers nationwide. Audiences may be mystified when it comes to understanding how Christopher accomplishes his magic but his popularity is no mystery at all. His on stage personality, charm, and quick wit have made him one of the hottest tickets around. Christopher has been asked to emcee events simply for his ability to work off the audience and turn almost any situation into an improvised comedy performance.

The Magicians Alliance of Eastern States, named Christopher as Comedy Stage act of the Year, Magic Act of the Year, and first the first time in their 60 year history, awarded him the Entertainment Award of Excellence. Christopher is now headlining at top comedy clubs, resort destinations, and college venues. He was selected from thousands of applicants to be the U.S. representative at the 2005 Earth Festival in Oman. Corporate clients have relied upon Christopher and his unique brand of showmanship not only to entertain their employees and clients, but also to motivate them. Annual company parties will never be the same. Campus Activities Magazine nominated Christopher’s act as one of the top five touring club and campus acts in the United States. Christopher’s easy going personality and ability to entertain in any venue has made him one of the most sought after club acts on the market. His ability to adjust his performance for any type of audience has made him a perennial favorite on campuses nationwide.

Christopher’s performing schedule has taken him to cruise ships, corporate events, theaters, universities, showrooms, resorts and clubs across the United States. In the world of Christopher there are no doves, tacky tuxedos, or puzzles to solve, just an enthralling personality and a powerful presentation that will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary and memorable!


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