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Ted Janusz

Social Networking - Social Media - Time Management

Ted Janusz is your business adviser on face-to-face social networking, electronic social networking and, since time refuses to be managed, how to manage ourselves instead. Because of his insights, Ted was invited to appear on Geraldo at Large on the Fox News Network.

Janusz has conducted nearly 500 full-day seminars in 49 of the 50 United States (lone exception: Wyoming), and in Puerto Rico and across Canada. He is also a runner who has covered over 30,000 miles. As a result, Janusz has the energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experience to ignite your audience and handle any environment.

Through a nationwide American Idol-like search, Janusz was also selected to conduct "eBay University" for eBay at sites across the country. Several hundred people gathered at each of these Saturday events to learn how to start their own businesses on the wildly popular Internet auction site.

Janusz is a member of the National Speakers Association of Ohio. He earned his M.B.A. in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Slippery Rock University with a B.S. in accounting.

Networking Getting To Know You

Your attendees know that networking is critically important for social and professional advancement.
Do your conference attendees sometimes feel less than visible at social gatherings?

Just once, wouldn't you like to see a kickoff presentation that is about the audience - NOT the speaker?

Ted Janusz speaks - Enhancing Your Networking Skills

"The opening session sets the pace, and you certainly presented a though-provoking start for the attendees. Our feedback has been very positive. The results of the evaluations indicate your presentation was very good . . . the program had valuable information and included fun exercises that made your point very well. We appreciate your contributions to making this year's convention one of the best ever."

"Given the many years of banking here, I heard many presentations over the years but your message was a standout and the delivery was particularly superb. You honed in on an excellent point of having empathy and thinking along the lines of the other participant. By being on a similar mutual 'wave length,' there is a much higher chance of motivating the other party and getting things accomplished as intended."

"Excellent; good audience participation; liked his enthusiasm; entertaining and informative; terrific speaker-please come back; liked the different approach of helping to understand dynamics rather than just tips."

Networking Skills: Getting to Know You!

Sure, we all enjoy social media like Facebook and Twitter. But 90% of real business is still conducted face-to-face. Because of our current reliance on electronic communication devices, we are actually losing our in-person networking skills. Join us for a fun, fast-paced, interactive presentation in which you will meet and begin to learn about other conference attendees. We'll start off by determining your behavioral style, and the styles of the other professionals in the room. Then we'll discuss how to better relate to people who are similar, or different from you. We'll finish by giving you tips on how to network during the conference so that you, too, can achieve personal and career advantages.

In this fun, highly interactive program, attendees learn

 The four behavioral styles - What is yours?  How can you quickly identify someone else's?
 Developing the Ultimate Elevator Pitch - What do you say when someone asks
"What do you do?"
 What can you talk about when you meet someone new? - F.O.R.D.
Listen to attendees roar as they laugh ... in empathy!

Ted Janusz, nationally acclaimed for his dynamic, insightful, humorous and down-to-earth style, has delivered this program hundreds of times -- with resounding success.

Ask about Power Networking. At a typical conference networking event, you may meet a half dozen or less attendees. With Power Networking, you will get to know everyone else in the room. Guaranteed! (And isn't that why you really come to a conference?)

Social Media For BabyBoomers

Sure, you could hire someone who has pierced body parts and tattoos for those parts that aren't pierced to try to demystify the phenomenally expanding use of Social Media for your audience.
Successful business people need a speaker who is not a technology geek to be able to explain it to them - in terms they can actually understand.

These business people are fascinated not by the technology (like many Social Media speakers are) but rather by how they can use this expanding trend to actually benefit themselves and their businesses, and how can they use the tools to promote themselves and their businesses on a shoestring budget.

Have an experienced Baby Boomer explain why and how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other Social Media to your Baby Boomers - in ways your audience can actually relate to.

For instance, do you realize that the fastest growth in Facebook users is now among females age 55 to 65?

In our entertaining, fast-paced session, your client will discover:

• A form of marketing that always works
• The differences among the popular Social Media sites
• The correct use of these tools in marketing to their potential clients
• How to get their current clients to sell for them - at no cost

Ted presents his Social Media Marketing workshops in Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans and other cities across the country. Attendees of these workshops range from representatives of government agencies who have limited budgets to reach their clientele, to casino employees looking for new ways to reach high-stakes players.

Time Refuses To Be Managed... So How To Manage Yourself Instead

FACT: Time refuses to be managed. Learn how to manage yourself instead. Getting organized is more involved than just time management. We will examine the three steps to get your life under control.

Get Organized!

How to Get More Organized Mentally

• A fun, interactive exercise to learn your
  behavioral style, and then learn how to deal
  with the other styles in the office
• How to use Microsoft Outlook more effectively
• What to do if you are juggling too many balls
• For better control - design an Absolute Yes List
• The WADE formula of time management
• Are you a Workaholic? A test to find out, and then what to do about it
• SMART goals - Michael Jordan on goals; Jimmy Johnson on goals
• The difference between Urgent and Important

How to Get Your Environment More Organized

• How to set up your Knowledge Store (your workspace)
• Dealing with space wasters
• Attack the S-P-A-C-E method of organizing your office
• Four Boxes and a List
• The PAPER method of handling paper
• Organizing paper at home

How to Get More Organized Through Other People
(Boss, Co-workers, and Subordinates)

• When to use / when not to use: e-mail, voicemail, face-to-face communications
• How to deal with Time Vampires (the Mr. or Ms. "Have-You-Just-Got-a-Minute")
• The Admiral Hyman Rickover method of running a more efficient meeting (a "tight ship")
• 7 Questions to Hit Your Employees' Hot Buttons (or how to determine what really motivates your
  employees, and become "Boss of the Year")
• Are you a ROAD Warrior or are you engaged in your work?
• How to get Outside Insights for those issues that are challenging you at work

Selected Clients

• American Payroll Association

• American Society of Clinical Oncology

• American Society of Plumbing Engineers

• Arizona Association of Medical Staff

• Auditek

• Department of Homeland Security

• DHS Systems

• eBay

• Farm Credit Bank of Texas

• Florida National Guard

• Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union

• General Dynamics

• International Association of Administrative Professionals

• InternationalParking Institute

• Invensys Controls

• ITT Technical Institute

• Kodak

• Lackland Air Force Base

• Lakeview Federal Credit Union

• Marathon Oil

• McGraw-Hill Companies

• Mid-America Conference on Hearing

• Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

• National Institutes of Health

• New York City Department of Design & Construction

• Nissan

• Ohio Professional Insurance Agents

• Ohio Veternary Medical Association

• ProFunds Group

• Raytheon

• Restaurant Facility Management Association

• Rothstein Kass

• San Angelo Medical Center

• Saturn

• Seafoam

• Social Security Administration

• Speedway

• Tennessee Professional Insurance Agents Association

• The Limited

• US Army Corps of Engineers

• US Environmental Protection Agency

• Verizon

• Wayne and Washington Mutual Insurance

• Whiteman Air Force Base

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