jason huneke
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$1,500 - $2,000/exp

Illinois Based

Jason Huneke

Comedic Juggler

Jason Huneke is a nationally known Entertainer, recognized for his Edgy but Clean Comedy Show. Influenced by Mitch Hedberg, Bonnie McFarlane and The Amazing Johnathan, Jason's non-offensive routine is filled with dry, smart, and random humor along with animated juggling, manipulation and dance routines.

Jason regularly performs for well known corporations such as Harley Davidson, Hormel, and Purina. He also presents programs for Colleges, Associations, and Theatrical Events.

Jason's customizes each show for the particular event, plus there is always improv and audience participation that make each show unique. Performances feature plenty of technical and dangerous juggling; with an amazing Michael Jackson inspired Dance that is always an audience favorite.


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