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Fee: $2500 - $3500/exp

Michigan Based

Matt Jernigan

Comic Musician

MATT JERNIGAN is a comic who grabs the attention of people of all ages with his crazy song parodies. With just his guitar and amazing impressions of popular singers from Brittany Spears to Katherine Hepburn, from Ricky Martin to Sammy Davis Jr., Matt will immediately connect with your entire audience. Whether it's a night club, corporate event, college, or church social, Matt has done it and left a lasting impression—without a single swear word or innuendo. It's not an uncommon site to see Matt receiving standing ovations.   
Matt is an actor, comedian, singer/songwriter, and musician who has been featured on many television shows, films, and commercials including "The X Files," "Days of Our Lives," Comedy Central's "Make Me Laugh," and "Matlock." Matt has performed in some of L.A.'s top comedy clubs including the mainrooms at The World Famous Comedy Store and The Icehouse of Pasadena.

Originally from North Carolina, Matt has taken the L.A. comedy scene by storm and has won several voice and comedy competitions. Matt takes pride in doing completely "curse-free" comedy because he believes that it doesn't have to be crude to be comedy.

I shall not present swearing of any kind, racist remarks, obscenity, sexual innuendos, or gender-bashing material.

My performances will not contain any material that is inappropriate for a family audience, including but not limited to:

1. Profanity, vulgarity, sexual references or innuendos, swearing, curse words, including expressions such as "Jesus Christ", "My God", "pissed off", "crap", "bitch" or "bitchy", "suck", or other coarse expressions, etc;

2. Reliance on "toilet humor" or references to bodily functions such as flatulence, mucous, menstruation, urine, or excrement; or

3. Remarks that are insensitive to an individual's race, ethnicity, gender, sexual behavior, or disability.


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