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Ross Johnson

Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist…


Ross Johnson has been hailed as one of the most gifted psychic performers of our time. He was unanimously voted as the world's top entertainer in the areas of the psychic and arcane by the International Psychic Entertainers Association.

Mind reader, magician, clairvoyant, fortune teller, telepath, mentalist…Ross Johnson is all of these things and more. He possesses a unique array of amazing gifts, along with a dapper, professional appearance and masterful showmanship skills. At business meetings, training seminars and conventions held by most of Fortune 500 companies across the nation, Ross has held audiences spellbound with his mastery of the psychic arts.

Ross Johnson's performances offer a unique insight into the incredible power of the intuitive mind. Combining elements of extrasensory perception, magic and mind over matter, Ross provides his audiences with an entertaining and highly interactive experience. Even the most hardened skeptics become believers!

One of the hallmarks of a Ross Johnson performance is his remarkable "envelope demonstration." Audience members are asked to place questions and messages in sealed envelopes. Then, with his eyes sealed completely shut, Ross answers the questions accurately…and returns the still-unopened envelope to its stunned owner!

Ross Johnson's performances are as flexible as they are astonishing. He can customize his performance and weave his presentation around your business meeting event theme, corporate program, product introduction, recognition ceremony…whatever the circumstances dictate.

Optional Seminar Sessions
Usually held on the morning after an evening performance, Ross Johnson's training seminars center on more practical, down-to-earth applications of mental skills development. He brings to light simple, effective techniques of memory enhancement and mental imaging. The development of personal interaction is demonstrated and explained, with a focus on these simple techniques in day-to-day business situations.

Ross helps participants reach their full creative potential in several problem-solving scenarios, and shows the connections between the mental skills he explores in his seminars and the jaw-dropping feats of his evening performances!

Ross Johnson is an accomplished performer with over 20 years of experience as a psychic entertainer. In that time, he has amazed, entertained and delighted thousands of people from hundreds of the top corporations in America. Many of these companies have retained his service on an annual basis for their business meetings and training seminars.

Why do these companies seek Ross Johnson's services year after year? It's simple: because he continually amazes people with his virtually limitless repertoire of mind reading, second sight, mental projection and other astounding feats of intuitive prowess.

Ross is based in the greater Chicago area, but has performed in locations too numerous to mention. He holds a university degree in education, which has served him well in a career of public speaking.

Ross Johnson is a natural in front of crowds, with a riveting stage presence and engaging presentation skills. Most of all, Ross is a professional…and he projects an image of confident professionalism throughout his appearances.


ll over the country, people are saying the same thing about Ross Johnson:
"How did he know that?"

The following is a small sampling of some of the comments Ross has received as a result of his performances at business meetings and training seminars…

"Ross Johnson was very entertaining! His material was very appropriate for our group (a newly hired cadre of sales people), and he was a fun break in a series of working meetings. We will definitely use Ross in the future."
K.C. Gordon, Director of Sales & Marketing,
Ace Hardware Paint Division

"In an association so steeped in politics, hidden agendas, and all those other unspoken things, some real gems popped right out of your mouth. You can be sure that I will recommend you every chance I get because I think you are just terrific! What a show!"
Mary Cavallini, American Bar Association

"Your abilities are truly amazing! The audience was full of professional skeptics, for as you know, they are professional underwriters of high risk surety bonds -- i.e., paid to be skeptics. Truly a tough crowd to convince... but you certainly did! Thanks for sharing your talent."
David V. Strauss, President, American Surety Association

"What can I say other than... Outstanding! Our group was fascinated, intrigued, baffled, mystified and just plain entertained the entire time you were on stage. You certainly possess a great talent. Again, thanks for making it an evening for everyone to remember."
David C. Ambrose, Region Operations Manager, General Mills, Inc.

"Thank you so much for entertaining the group of neurologists on Saturday evening. Even with this skeptical group, you captivated the physicians and they are still analyzing and trying to demystify your performance."
James W. Oxnam, Director, IntraMed Educational Group

"Thank you very much for your outstanding presentation during our December training meeting. It was definitely the highlight of our day. Everyone truly enjoyed your presentation and raved about your performance. Thank you for adding to our day and for helping make it a success."
Christine Z. Robinson, Arthur Andersen & Co, SC

"Thank you for the remarkable job you did at our business event last week. I enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing so again in the future."
Ed Magnowski, Director, Customer Operations, Ameritech Cellular Services

"Thank you for providing our customer groups with two evenings they won't soon forget. Your fascinating, unique performances captivated our audiences to the point that six months later, they are still speaking of you! You certainly made my job as meeting director a much less stressful one, as you were the consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together."
Jody Noe, Corporate Communications Manager, Thermo Industries, Inc.

"I'm sure you're no stranger to such comments on your performance as "astounding," "extraordinary," "incredible" or even "shocking." But your recent appearance at our meeting dinner was all those and more.

Capping off a full day of crunching through critical business issues, your presentation reinvigorated our group and provided the mental refreshment that energized everyone for the next round of sessions.

Thank you again for helping make our meeting a hit with your transcendental performance. We're all looking forward to having you back again in the near future -- I'm certain you've already marked the dates!"
Jeffrey S. Garnes, Communications and Meeting Management, FMC Corporation


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