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 Linda Larsen
Success Just Got Closer

Who I Am…And How I Think I Got That Way…
Having an Italian father and an Irish mother should have been a clue that things were going to be pretty interesting in my life. In fact, my life continues to be a series of dramatic contradictions and extremes, of exquisite highs and painful lows.

The bad news is that I have made a lot of choices that have sent me flying backwards. The good news is that because of them, I have learned a lot about what works and a WHOLE lot about what doesn’t work.

I believe that we are all put on this earth for two reasons:
    1.    To consciously grow and evolve
    2.    To expand our capacity to love

I further believe that my Job (with a capital "J") is to shine a light on the path that I have taken, and to share as much information as I can gather to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Accordingly, as a student of what makes people successful and happy, there are some aspects I see that I am passionate about sharing with others. So, if I could sum up my message (no matter what my topic!) in a few words, it would be this:

 I believe that in order to succeed we need to do 4 things:
    1.    Wake up. Get conscious. Notice what we are doing
           that isn’t working and make a commitment to learn,
           grow and evolve consciously. Again, the operative
           word is "consciously."

    2.    Take a risk, step outside our comfort zone, get creative, do something
            different and have some fun when we do it.

    3.    Take 100% responsibility for the interpretation we place upon what happens 
            to us in our lives.

    4.    Give back, make a difference, and contribute to others.

My daily goal is to walk my talk. I trust that my presentations are reflective of those 4 things. I’m not above jumping up and down, writing and singing wacky rap songs, and/or getting downright serious and pragmatic, when called for. In order to shake people up, make them laugh and reconnect them with their passion and fun, I’ll step way outside my comfort zone and play in the mud, if I need to.

In short, I want you to accomplish every objective that you have set for yourself and your organization . I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the success of your next conference, work shop or day of training.

Linda’s expertise lies in her ability to help people upgrade their thinking and improve their communication in order to get better quality results, both professionally and personally. Accordingly all of her presentations reside under this umbrella. All of the following presentations are designed to help people learn to think more strategically and communicate more effectively in order to:
  • Improve customer service
  • Upgrade management skills
  • Increase innovation and creativity
  • Heighten skills of persuasion
  • Reduce conflict and negativity
  • Motivate employees
  • Lead ourselves and others more effectively

Rave Reviews
“Thank you for bringing our conference to such an exciting and memorable close. You brought the house down!”
- Michael Honeycutt, Sr. VP, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

"Your delivery, without doubt, was incredibly entertaining and  held everyone’s interest – even the terminally serious ones. It was the most fun delivery I’ve seen and your message was so very important."
- Nili Clifford, Manager of Administrative Services, UNC Dept of Family Medicine

"Your professionalism, sense of humor and willingness to do whatever it took to ensure success were just the beginning"
- Sally Scott, Asst. Dir. of Education, National Apartment Association

"You are so fun, energetic and a straight shooter. You are definitely a master at connecting with people…”
- Huda Baak, Director of Programs, National Speakers Association, North California Chapter

"Your positive attitude, high energy and dynamic presentation style made the event a huge success.”
- Janis Nelson, HR Manager, Janssen-Ortho

All presentations and titles will be tailored specifically to your needs. While most are 60 to 90 minute keynotes, several of them can be half or full day workshops (please contact Linda for details). They can also be modified to be gender specific. Linda will speak at length with the meeting planner and 4 or 5 of the organization’s high performance members to further customize her presentation.

Dare to Soar!
5 Keys to a Life of Power, Passion and Pizzazz!

 This is one of Linda’s most requested keynote presentations. Audience members listen and laugh as Linda shares stories and strategies designed to help them fly with their ideas and soar to new levels of joy, passion and fun. People leave with a clear sense of how they can rise above anything that life throws in their path. Extremely inspiring and motivating! Using the metaphor of flight, participants will leave knowing:

1.  How to create a personal vision for their life that gives them enthusiasm, passion and commitment

2.  Why people get locked in to behaviors that don’t serve them and how to overcome that propensity

3.  How to get in, and stay in the driver’s seat of their life

4.  How to use their thinking to create the exact emotions, behaviors, and results that they choose

5.  How to take 100% responsibility for their lives – and most importantly – the interpretations they place on what happens to them in their lives

Gripers Complainers & Whiners, Oh My!
How to Deal with Chronically Cranky People

They're everywhere! We work with them, live with them and do business with them. And the truth is that they can make our lives miserable AND negatively impact our bottom line if we don’t know the most effective ways to deal with them. In this fun and lively session, participants will learn:

1.  How to ask for what they want in such a way that dramatically increases the odds they will be heard and complied with.

2.  How to keep calm when tempers start to flare

3.  Three human commonalities that they MUST know before they speak to anyone – cranky or otherwise!

4.  How they can dramatically turn an irritable person into a pleasant one – by using Linda’s “Success Cycle”

5.  How to de-escalate any disagreement

The Science of Happiness
The Fast Track to Outrageous Business Success

(can be subtitled, "The Fast Track to Ourtrageously Positive Results")

We all know that happy people are generally healthier, live longer, and demonstrate more courage, creativity and determination than their less happy counterparts. But did you know that there is a proven link between happy staff and customers? Happy people at work translates to less turnover and absenteeism, fewer complaints, higher sales and glowing referrals to others. This fast-paced, fun workshop will give you a tool-box full of excellent ideas on how to create a happy, healthy, productive work environment - the kind that is filled with positive energy where people LOVE to come to work, LOVE to solve problems and LOVE to go the extra mile. In this exciting presentation attendees will learn:

1.  The latest research that explains why we “automatically” respond positively to certain people – and how to use that information to their advantage.

2.  What successful advertising firms know about the “happiness” factor and how they can use that information to generate massive sales.

3.  How to increase their happiness, their employees’ happiness and their customers’ happiness – resulting in win-win-win experiences.

4.  The #1 strategy proven to take them from instant misery to instant happiness.

5.  Ten easy activities that will result in generating and sustaining states of happiness.

Other Topics:

The Extreme Performance Makeover
Going from Satisfactory to Stupendous 
(This has also been titled: The Extreme Attitude Makeover)

The Art of Providing Positively Outstanding Customer Service
How to Create Unprecedented Buyer Loyalty

The 7 Principles of Powerful Persuasion
Mastering the Art of Getting to “Yes!”

Innovate! Generate! Accelerate!
Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Creativity

Quantum Confidence
Redefine Yourself for Ultimate Success

Staying Right Side Up When Everything’s Upside Down
Achieving Excellence in Challenging Times

Playing to Win
It’s Not Your Mother’s Playground Anymore

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty
Taking Care of the Golden Goose

The Like Factor
How to Build Rapport and Get to "Yes"

Surviving Negative Attitudes
Staying Aloft in the Downdraft

5 Keys to Optimum Performance
Making a Difference in Challenging Times

Past Clients:

 Air Conditioning Contractors of America
 American Marketing Association
 Association of Fundraisers, Suppliers & Distributors
 Association of Legal Administrators
 Future Farmers of America
 International Association of Administrative Professionals
 Meeting Planners International
 National Speakers Association
 National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
 South Dakota Housing Development Authority
 Tennessee Trucking Association
 Western Fair Association

Property Management Industry
 American Eagle Communities
 Apartment Council of Topeka
 Apartment Association of Indiana
 Atlanta Apartment Association
 Bay Area Apartment Association
 Florida Apartment Association
 Florida Vacation Rental Mgr's Association
 Georgia Apartment Association
 Lincoln Property Company
 Metric Properties
 National Apartment Association
 Royal American Property Management
 Texas Apartment Association
 Tower Management
 Trammell Crow Properties
 Tri-Cities Apartment Association

 Aurora School District
 Florida State University Graduate Film Program
 Florida State University Graduate Acting Program
 Forty Carrots Family Center
 Manatee Community College
 Montgomery College
 New Gate School
 Stetson College of Law
 University of Central Florida Office of Constituent Relations
 University of Florida Doctors of Pharmacology Program

 Anderson Financial Services
 Charles Schwab Retirement Services
 CI Mutuals
 Community Bankers Association of Indianapolis
 Digital Federal Credit Union
 First Financial
 Gateway Funding
 Raymond James & Associates
 Sovereign Bank

Healthcare & Biomedical
 American Heart Association
 Family Care for Children & Youth
 Florida Society for Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing
 Freeport Health Network
 Johnson & Johnson
 LifePath Hospice & Palliative Care

Industry (Retail, Service, Manufacturing etc)
 Antoinette Day Spa & Salon
 Bath & BodyWorks
 Behenke & Company
 Crownline Boats
 The Floyd Wickman Group
 Ford Personnel

 Dealey Renton & Associates
 Employment Insurance Program
 IRMG American Risk Services
 Life Office Management Association
 Republic Mortgage Insurance Company
 Ringler & Associates

 Abel, Band, Russell, Collier, Pitchford & Gordon
 Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers
 Erie County Bar Association
 Florida Association of Women Lawyers
 Florida Defense Lawyers Association
 Maguire, Voohres & Wells
 Manatee County Bar Association
 National Institute of Trial Advocacy
 State Attorney’s Office Twelfth Circuit of Florida
 Public Defender’s Office Twelfth Circuit of Florida
 Public Defender’s Office Thirteenth Circuit of Florida
 Public Defender’s Office Broward County
 Rosen, Rosen, Kreiling & Bornstein
 Sarasota County Bar Association

Public/Government Agencies
 Boca Raton Police Department
 Center for Disease Control
 Charles County Government
 Environmental Protection Agency
 Escambia County Sheriff’s Dept
 Federal Aviation Administration
 Federal Reserve Bank
 Internal Revenue Service
 John & Mabel Ringling Museum of Art
 Naval Air Warfare Center
 Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
 North Miami Beach Police Department
 Orange County Neighborhood Association
 Polk Workforce Development Board
 Sarasota Clerk of the Circuit Court
 Sarasota County Attorney
 Sarasota County Community Services
 Selby Botanical Gardens

Software, Technology, Engineering
 Corning Cable Systems
 CTS Reeves
 Drake Enterprises
 EMCOR Group
 Goss & DeLeeuw
 Jordan, Jones & Goulding
 Lucent Technologies
 ME Companies
 Miser Users Group
SSA Global Technologies
 Software Support Services
 Texas Instruments

Women’s Groups
 American Business Women’s Association
 Business Women's Network International
Junior League of Florida
 National Assistance League
 Network of Executive Women
 Orlando Mayor Richard T. Crotty’s Women’s Leadership Summit
 Sensaria Natural Bodycare
 Women’s Resource Center
 Women's Food Service Forum
 Zonta International

Linda Larsen is not your typical business woman. Yes, she is the founder and CEO of a successful communications company she started over 16 years ago. And as such, she is passionately committed to helping people upgrade their thinking, improve their communication and increase their bottom line. But more than that, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her message across and make it stick.

Linda’s passion and spontaneous humor stem from over 20 years as a professional actress in film, television and on the legitimate stage. Her experience and training (she holds an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Florida State University) give her the unique ability to combine the entertaining, dynamic aspects of live theater with practical, high value content to produce lasting, positive changes.

In 1988 she established her own communications firm and began working exclusively with trial attorneys. As a trial consultant, she continues to provide CLE training for lawyers, helping them communicate more effectively and persuasively in the high stakes, high stress environment of the courtroom.

She is the author of the best selling audio program, 12 Secrets to High Self-Esteem, the critically acclaimed book, True Power, Linda Larsen’s Power Tips on Tape. She has also written or been featured in over 100 articles in such publications as Investor’s Business Daily, The Chicago Tribune, Opportunity World, Women In Business, Woman’s Day, Personal Excellence,,, and, among others.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, the American Business Women’s Association, and the American Society of Trial Consultants.


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