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LaughingStock Comedy Company

  A Full-Service Funny Business Featuring Experienced Comics Who Have Written and Performed Hundreds of Customized Comedy Shows

When You Want Interactive, Intelligent and Memorable Entertainment for Banquets, Meetings and Company Events...

...We Deliver A Customized Comic Look at Your Culture

LaughingStock is unique because we customize every performance. Prior to the show, we learn everything we can about you. We read your material, interview your people and ask all the right questions. Every business, product, service and organization has a lode of humor. We're experts at digging up the joys and frustrations, foibles and follies, buzzwords and common denominators the audience shares. At show time, we integrate this extensive research with our wit, characters and "improv" experience. Our team of comedy experts spontaneously creates customized comic scenes about your world. The result is a fun and funny show designed especially for your audience.

Fun and Funny, Live Improvisational Comedy

Improvisational comedy shows are made up of fresh, original scenes based on audience input. The audience fills in the details of our distinctive comedy by volunteering a variety of suggestions (emotions, objects, activities, occupations, locations) throughout the performance. Improv is immediate and exciting. The audience is in on the fun as they see their ideas mushroom into comedy mayhem.

Whatever Business You're In, We Think It's Funny... Your Audience Will, Too!

Sales forces and customers, technology developers and end-users, teachers and students, management and administrative support, health care professionals and patients, food scientists and consumers, buyers and suppliers, lawyers and outlaws, funeral directors and...well, let's just say we leave 'em dead in the aisle. We are professionals in business ourselves. Let us discover what's so funny about your business world.

Communicate A Message Through Laughter

Our clients have asked us to host,encourage, reward, motivate, sell, enlighten, thank, congratulate, demonstrate, liven up and entertain. We bring laughter wherever our sponsors require it. We have performed for two people in a conference room, for 2000 in a theater, for two minutes at a sales meeting and every hour for five days at a trade show.

Award-Winning Comedy Writers

We write commercials, industrial videos, sketches and speeches. We call them comical additives. Need a headline? Need help coming up with material for a roast? Need to spiff up a speech? Need a fun angle for a training session? Need a unique concept, a lively script and some very funny actors for a trade show? When our clients want funny, they call us.

A Versatile Comedy Company Providing A Gaggle of Comedy Services

Workshops - Designed to sharpen presentation skills, improve creative problem solving and encourage team building.
Actors and voice-over artists - We can bring life and depth to scripts, screenplays, animations, commercials and industrials.
Emcees and fake "experts" - Our comedy and characters are perfect for delighting your audience and keeping your program lively.
Trade Shows - We bring lots of experience and creativity to the traditional pitchman's role on the trade show floor. And we make your product memorable.

Experienced Comics

Lesley Abrams toured America as part of the improvisational comedy team of Abrams & Anderson for 13 years. She trained at the Players Workshop of Second City in Chicago.
Dean Steeves started on-the-air in radio and went on to copy writing and advertising consulting. He has been performing improvisational comedy since 1983.
See our "Player Roster" to meet the other talented comics LaughingStock is proud to send to your special event.

LaughingStock Has Performed for Hundreds of America's Notable Corporations and Associations:

American Bankers Association
American Century Investments
American Society of Corporate Secretaries
Amoco Oil Company
Apollo Travel
Country Mutual Insurance Companies
GH Bass
LL Bean
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Bull Worldwide Information Systems
British Telecom
Cardiac Pacemakers
Computer Technology Industry Association
Dr Pepper/7UP
Dunkin Donuts
Fidelity Investments
GE Capital
General Reinsurance
Hilton Hotels
International Data Group
International Paper
Lerner New York Stores
Margaret Chase Smith Congressional Library
National & Air Guard Association
National Guardians Association
National Semiconductor
Niagara Mohawk Power Company
Roche Labs
Sikorsky Aircraft
Society of Human Resources Management
State Street Bank
Sun Life of Canada
Sun Microsystems
Union Camp
United Airlines

Great Reviews:

"The fact that you 'did your homework' on
the audience and the topics then customized
your performance made all the difference.
It was remarkable how quickly you established
rapport with the attendees...they went from
chuckling (first 60 seconds), to laughing out
loud (second 60 seconds), to guffawing, even
roaring by the end. Truly delightful!"

         Sally Charpiot
         Market Analysis & Communications
         Compaq Computer Corporation

"I think your humor and comedy approach is
perfect for corporate events because it can
involve so many participants and can be
successfully carried through the entire conference."

         Marianne Emerton
         Manager, Corporate Events
         Lotus Development Corporation

"After the show, several of my colleagues
thanked me for bringing you to our conference
and said it was the most they had laughed in
a long time. Thanks for making me look so good.
It's great to work with such pros!"

         Steve Weylandt
         Deloitte & Touche Management Consultants

"In addition to being funny, I think you
should be proud that all of the attendees
left the celebration with a special feeling
about themselves, their jobs and our corporate
family as a result of the personal touch
you gave to the show."

         Rod Troup
         Director, Worldwide Video                    
         Communications/Global Projects
         The Upjohn Company

"...Union Camp was nervous about the use of
humor at our meeting, but after our pre-meeting
teleconference phone call and review of your
sketches, our comfort level jumped dramatically...
we couldn't have imagined the meeting being a
success without the comedy and your performances."

         Jeffrey G. Fox
         Manager, Marketing Communications
         Union Camp Corporation

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