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David Lewis

leadership, generations, and the modern workplace

 An Engaging Look at Leadership.
His approach to building organizations, and building careers, has caught the attention of Money Magazine, who called David a "high achiever" who is "on the fast track". He has been featured by the likes of MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Entrepreneur magazine and was even featured in a documentary film.  Book David and you'll treat your audience to a thought leader and world-class expert on workforce and workplace topics.  Plus, he’s pretty smart – a member of MENSA, the international high I.Q. society.

David Lewis is a bestselling author and, as one of the youngest executives of a major company in North America, helps lead a $2.3 billion organization with 370,000 employees.  He delivers engaging looks at leadership and workplace change through high content and humor filled sessions.

From 'Generations in the Workforce' to a look at 'The (Not So) Future Workplace', David speaks on topics related to careers, communication, organizational change, and leadership.  Not just a popular speaker, David Lewis is a political appointee, former Capitol Hill staffer and is also the bestselling author of “The Emerging Leader: Eight Lessons for Life in Leadership”, a wildly successful guide to career and leadership development.

David's Career

David has been named one of the “100 most influential” people in the North American staffing industry and wears many hats including serving as an executive of the $2.3 billion industry giant Express Employment Professionals, one of the largest staffing firms in North America with 370,000 employees. He is one of the youngest executives of a major company in North America.
He is also an expert on public policy. He has been appointed as an advisor to both Democrat and Republican Governors on the changing workforce and workplace, is a past nominee to the Oklahoma House of Representatives, and is a multi-year “40 Under 40” award winner.


Generations in the Workforce
What fun! What Laughs! We explore the 5 generations that are working side-by-side in today's workplace.

Attendees will enjoy a laugh riot as we examine each generation, their quirks and their natural talents.  We learn why different generations communicate on different 'wavelengths' and, most importantly, how to bridge the generational divide.
Every organization struggles with different generations failing to work together effectively, but that can be fixed with an understanding of the generations!  Bringing employees closer, and allowing them to work in better harmony, this is David's most popular booking and one that has wide appeal across your organization.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understanding the preferred communication style of each generation.
  • Ability to adapt your communication to the preferred style of the customer/coworker/employee.
  • Appreciation for the experiences that make us who we are, quirks and all.

The Emerging Leader

Based on David's bestselling book, "The Emerging Leader: Eight Lessons for Life in Leadership", this presentation takes attendees on an exploration of three actionable traits of successful leaders.
It's a unique presentation that equips attendees with a new language of enhancement.  Learn how to "Beat the Ref", prepare for "Woodpeckers, Not the Waves", and to be a "Racehorse, Not A Workhorse".
This presentation is fun, motivating and accessible for all levels of employees in the organization - not just those in senior leadership.  As the former first lady of Oklahoma said, these lessons "will jump-start your journey of success!"

Key Takeaways:

  • New perspective on overcoming perceived obstacles and feelings of inadequacy.
  • The ability to build confidence to last without developing arrogance.
  • The five traits of winning teams, and how to cultivate them on your team.
  • How to identify and eliminate distractions and focus on the behaviors that matter.


The (Not So) Future Workplace
Want to see into the future? In this captivating exploration of the (not so) distant future, attendees are challenged to take a proactive role in shaping the modern workplace. They will be fascinated, as well as inspired, by the ten dramatic shifts that are about to occur in the contemporary workplace.
From best-selling thought leader David Lewis, The (Not So) Future Workplace teaches attendees how to adapt and thrive as the pace of change accelerates. Every organization has dinosaurs, in this presentation they are challenged to evolve rather than go exinct!
With a vision for the future, your organization will have advantages over the competition. Prepare your attendees to find themselves recharged and inspired for creativity and achievement!

Key Takeaways:
  • The 10 specific changes that will impact your workplace, whether you like it or not!
  • The three steps to enhancing adaptability.
  • How to navigate through change with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Inspiration to shape your workplace for your organization's benefit.
  • Reaching peak motivation during times of uncertainty.


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