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Glenn Llopis

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Mission Statement:
Helping individuals develop their careers and talent; and businesses to grow organically to sustain relevancy and momentum - by teaching a unique combination of entrepreneurial skills that yield innovation and initiative.

Keynote Topics:

General Market

  • A Brave New Workplace: The Quest for Sustainability

More than ever, organizations have been forced to redefine their leadership roles, growth objectives, brand identities and relationships with their partners, clients and customers.   These activities have impacted the workplace and have led toward a transformation in the ways we think, act and innovate.   As a result, there is a sense of uncertainty and people are seeking to apply new strategies for change and how to create an environment that breeds sustainability, excitement and loyalty back into the workplace.   Change represents tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement.  However, it will require a brave new workplace in order to best see and seize these new opportunities.  Organizations must embrace new methods to unleash an empowered workforce that can share and act upon their ideas and ideals.  Today's brave new workplace must empower its workforce to innovate, contribute and succeed - whereby expanded boundaries support the entrepreneurial spirit and allow the organization and its people to flourish for the betterment of a healthy-whole.   

  • Leadership, Prosperity and the New Normal: Success to Significance

Leadership, prosperity and the "new normal" trends (things that are now commonplace that have evolved from innovations, societal advancements, fierce global competition, and the lessons learned from the knowledge-based economy) and their significant impact will transform businesses and society over the next 10 years.  As we enter the next decade, individuals and corporations are asking themselves (move than ever before):

  • what is the next big idea? 
  • where is society headed?
  • what is the future of business? 
  • what is my next move?
<>Leadership is a powerful organically-grown resource that can no longer be wasted.   As the role of leadership evolves to integrate the needs of a more integrated global society, we must learn to embrace, learn from and act upon the" new normal" trends to remain relevant and in demand.    Our responsibility as successful / forward-thinking leaders is to expand our focus beyond success to significance.
  • Innovation Humanity: Positive Social Change through Ethical Innovation

We have reached a critical time where corporations, government, academics and leaders alike - must evaluate the manner in which we create and innovate (products/services), develop and manage people (talent), build relationships (clients) and  grow sustainable earnings (profitability).  The past represents a history of lessons learned from the knowledge economy where ethics was a mere choice.  The present defines Innovation Humanity:  the beginnings of the wisdom economy where we must give birth to a new form of ethical innovation that propels positive social change to breed global prosperity.   Innovation Humanity is a principle of thought that inspires us to renew the ways we must think, act and innovate for the benefit of a sustainable healthy-whole.

Today's global economic crisis has affected business and society; and has called for the implementation of Innovation Humanity from Fortune 500 C-level executives, small business owners and citizens alike as we seek to create new industries and redefine old ones.  Innovation Humanity must serve to provide a strategic roadmap for the ethical advancement of  new products & services, industries, leaders and opportunities the world-over.   

We all must now learn to embrace the core principals of Innovation Humanity - not only for the growth of the economy, but for the needs of humanity.   These principals include the following:

  • <>Vision to See Innovation
  • Courage to Sow Innovation...Ethically
  • Knowledge to Grow..Innovation...Ethically...Momentously
  • Wisdom to Share Make the World a Better Place

Innovation Humanity serves to ignite sustainable and profitable growth as we seek to reshape the landscape of business and society.

  • Trust Your (Personal) Brand: Renewal, Reinvention and Relevancy

The most valuable asset for a company is their employees. For employees, their most valuable asset is their personal brand. The manner in which an individual represents their personal brand in the marketplace - is the single most important factor in determining their sustainable success.

One's personal brand is defined by the total experience others have with you. The value that you (as an individual) bring to others will define the experience that people have with your brand, thus defining its sustainability. The performance of your personal brand lies within the momentum you create for yourself through others and the community that is built to support your personal brand. Conclusion: an individual's ability to optimize the momentum of their personal brand is based on their desire /responsibility to create a sustainable client community. In 2010, we must renew, reinvent and earn the right to be relevant.

While this all may appear to be "common-sense" - the execution of the following 4 skills to create and sustain personal brand performance, is "uncommonly common sense":

  • Seeing with Circular Vision: Broadened Observation
  • Sowing Entrepreneurial Seeds:  Extensive Innovation
  • Growing the Seeds of Greatest Potential:  Strategic Focus
  • Sharing the Harvest:  Generous Purpose
<>Trust Your Brand is a method of teaching (created by Mr. Glenn Llopis) that personal brand empowerment is about building momentum through others for the betterment of a healthy whole.  The execution of the aforementioned 4 skills empowers you with the ability to trust your brand, build a viral community with influential people and allows you to share it responsibly with others.   This makes you significant at a time when the quest for talent and trust is at its highest demand.

Hispanic Market

  • The Hispanic Professional Advantage: Making Opportunity Matter

Hispanics represent the majority-minority in the United States and their growing relevancy as professionals is impacting the changing face of America's corporations. It is clear that Hispanic professionals represent tremendous talent potential that is influencing the acceleration of diversity recruitment, career advancement and market development opportunities. As companies seek to broaden their Hispanic market reach for the growth of their products and services - the necessity for Hispanic Talent and Leadership is at an all-time high.

Hispanic professionals are beginning to make an impact in the workplace, yet their talent and career advancement potential is still being discovered and slowly uncovered. To accelerate their potential to lead, manage and grow - Hispanic professionals must become more familiar with understanding, practicing and educating others about their inherent Hispanic Talent. The manner in which a Hispanic professional represents their Hispanic Talent both in and outside of the workplace - is the single most important factor in determining their sustainable success.

Today, Hispanic professionals provide a competitive advantage to those organizations that seek organic growth, innovation and workplace transformation. More than ever, Hispanic professionals seek mentorship and talent development tools to help them grow and prosper in today's rapidly changing workplace environment. Hispanic professionals are passionate about making a difference and thus look to enrich their lives both personally and professionally. If given the tools for advancement, Hispanic professionals will make opportunity matter for both themselves and others. In a time where companies seek to blend social responsibility with commercial viability - the Hispanic Professional provides a compelling workplace advantage.

  • The Hispanic Manager: The Unique Characteristics that Define Hispanic Talent

Hispanic professionals are well positioned for management roles and responsibilities in today's changing workplace environment. When properly trained and mentored, Hispanic professionals thrive in a management setting. Today, management skills require a more entrepreneurial "mindset and approach" that offers immediate "lift and leadership" to those around them. For Hispanic Managers, their ability to utilize the following (6) core characteristics that define their Hispanic Talent criteria is the key to their management success and those they lead.

<>1)  Immigrant Perspective                           
2)  Latin Passion                       
3)  Entrepreneurial Power
4)  Vision (We See Things That Others Don't) 
5)  Generous Purpose                
6)  Historic / Cultural Promise
  • The Hispanic Executive: Transforming Organizational Growth While Leaving A Legacy

Hispanic professionals are assuming more Executive roles than ever before in the workplace across a variety of functional areas. As the new majority-minority, Hispanic Executives have a deeper responsibility to themselves, their community and to society at-large. Moreover, companies are starting to take notice of key Hispanic trends that are demanding an increased necessity to develop Hispanic Executives. It is quite evident that Hispanics are starting to flourish and making an impact in business and society.

Today, Executives must represent an extension of the brand(s) and people they lead. They must represent the culture, fortitude and strength of the organization and provide a leadership style that is inspiring, socially responsible and approachable. Hispanic professionals represent these characteristics (and others) and thus allow them to transform organizational growth while leaving a legacy.


Glenn Llopis Bio

Glenn Llopis, is the President/CEO of the Glenn Llopis Group, Author of the book, Earning Serendipity - 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, Founder of the Center for Innovation and Humanity  and is known as "the opportunity expert". Mr. Llopis is the prototype of the new entrepreneur whose success lies in steadfast character, passion for life and an ability to marry social responsibility with ground-breaking products and services. He combines a celebrated UCLA education with fast-tracked years at the Gallo Wine Company and Sunkist where he became the youngest senior manager in the company's 100 year history. Leading the successful turnaround of Sunkist's juice beverage division opened the door for his next endeavor, as the vice president of the $1 billion Norway Seafood Co. at only 30 years old. Mr. Llopis' corporate experience is highlighted by the following:

• Designed and implemented innovation strategies for Fortune 1000 Brands and Private Label Business Units that included over 12 new brand and line extensions.

• Created Global Supply-Chain Strategy for International Brand Expansion.

• Led the innovation and business development efforts of 100 managers, directors and vice presidents across operations, manufacturing, sales, marketing, supply chain and brand management functional areas.

• Spearheaded world-class business partnerships with Wal-Mart, Costco Executives

• Designed Innovation-based Workplace Cultures that focused on performance, new ventures and strategic alliances programs.

• Re-engineered Business Models and Led their Implementation from an 'Operations Driven to Market Driven Model' that emphasized innovation in the areas of organic growth, new products, client experience, operational transformation, new technologies, and brand relevancy.

In the decade since, Llopis has parlayed his traditional experience into nontraditional ventures that have been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Financial Times, Advertising Age, Brandweek, MSNBC, Yahoo! News and others. He has also published more than 30 articles appearing in these and other business publications and has successfully launched (7) new business ventures.

Mr. Llopis has recently launched his highly anticipated new book, Earning Serendipity - 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work ( He also serves at the Chairman of the Executive-2-Executive Mentoring Program at the University of California at Irvine, and Faculty Lecturer at the Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Chapman University, and the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He also serves as a educator for Junior Achievement and is the founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, Institute for Talent Development.

Glenn is a sought after keynote speaker where his clients have included IBM, Morgan Stanley and PepsiCo. Glenn actively serves on the distinguished (2) non-profit innovation think-tank groups: Kellogg Innovation Network in Association with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University ( and Renaissance Weekend (

Glenn Llopis in the Media:
Glenn has sparked quite the media hype with the launch of his highly anticipated book, Earning Serendipity: 4Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work, that was officially released on May 1, 2009. Both media and corporate audiences have responded with high acclaim. Llopis has participated in programs that have attracted both mainstream and Hispanic audiences. Llopis has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox local Morning and Lifestyle shows in more than 20 markets and has been featured on two of Univision's nationally broadcasted shows - Al Punto, hosted by Jorge Ramos and Primer Impacto. Llopis' views on entrepreneurship, trusting/redefining your brand purpose, the immigrant advantage in business and why women will influence and reshape the economy have captivated media audiences during these uncertain times.

Glenn Llopis Current Projects:

<>In the midst of Glenn's book launch and media attention, he created a think-tank in his ambitious pursuit to remain at the forefront of innovation thought-leadership and the "new normal" requirements to grow/compete in the global economy.  Glenn has successfully recruited 35 of the most up and coming leaders in the areas of business, non-profit, academia and government. This illustrious group includes 10 authors and over 20 contributors to trade magazines that include the Harvard Business Review, Economist and Monocle across 6 continents. Glenn's growing relevancy in the global marketplace has allowed him to attract new / fresh voices and minds to participate in Annual Summits with the objective to help renew the ways that we think, act and innovate. Glenn's goal is to help propel positive social change through innovation. As a result of this effort, Glenn's keynote content is now expanding into areas that go back to his leadership as a corporate officer.

On another note, Glenn has been quite active in establishing an influential voice in a growing niche amongst Fortune 500 companies: Hispanic Talent Development. Now that Hispanics represent the majority-minority in the United States, their growing relevancy as professionals is impacting the changing face of America's corporations. It is clear that Hispanic professionals represent tremendous talent potential that is influencing the acceleration of diversity recruitment, career advancement and market development opportunities. As companies seek to broaden their Hispanic market reach for the growth of their products and services - the necessity for Hispanic Talent and Leadership is at an all-time high.

As a result, Glenn has expanded his reach into the Hispanic Talent Development space (that also allows him to utilize his Innovation competencies described above). Therefore, the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) that Glenn founded 2 years ago has been positioned as the Institute for Talent Development and has attracted the likes of PepsiCo, Xerox, American Express, IBM, Northwestern Mutual and many others outside the United States that request he conduct his keynotes in Spanish.


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Topics: Corporate responsibility, Management, Entrepreneurism, Diversity, Innovation, Business Growth

Industry specialties: Consumer Products/Goods, Corporate