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Terry Lynch

Letting the Past Inspire the Future


Speaking to groups of all ages, Terry uses his years of theatrical and improvisational training at Northern Illinois Universtiy, The Second City Training Center, and iO Theatre, to create unique, interactive presentations that are humorous, informative and motivational.
Most recently, Terry has co authored Mistakes Happen: An Historical Guide to Overcoming Adversity, and has been an occasional guest on the "WGN-TV Morning Show".
Through humor and storytelling, audience members will learn effective leadership strategies, develop important everyday decision making skills, and discover that even great leaders make mistakes! Terry will work with you to customize a program that will speak to your audience and help them to discover THEIR greatness!

Below is a list of the available leadership programs.
"Mistakes Happen!"
During these uncertain times, we all find ourselves trying to overcome some type of adversity. Who can we look to for guidance? Those who came before us made mistakes., overcame adversity, and are now in the history books as examples of how to persevere in spite of "perceived" failure.
Speaker Terry Lynch has had the opportunity to research some of this countries most famous leaders. Through his research, he has found that not everything in the lives of our most prestigious Americans ran smoothly.
"One Size Does Not Fit All"
A leadership program demonstrating that not every organization can buy "off the rack".  You may need the: diplomacy of Ben Franklin, guidance of Lewis & Clark, determination of Theodore Roosevelt, to tailor the leader that fits!

"We the People"
The ideas of a farmer, banker, lawyer, printer and silver smith helped to form the foundation of our country. Every voice must be heard! Let the past inspire your future!

Motivational Programs: 

  • Mistakes Happen
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
  • We the People          

Featured Portryal:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • George Washingtom
  • Andrew Jackson

Did you know...
At 18, Ben Franklin was stranded in London without a penny to his name?

In George Washington's early military career, he was better known for the
battles he lost than the battles he won?

The most famous military battle in Teddy Roosevelt's life started by him going up the wrong hill?
Students will not only learn effective leadership strategies, but will develop important everyday decision-making skills.

Benjamin Franklin

“The Man Who Thought Outside the Box”

When faced with a situation, it is not always best to attack it straight on. This was one way Franklin became so successful! Look at life from a different perspective, and you may see more than you ever thought possible.

George Washington: Mount Vernon to Washington D.C.

“A Surveyor of Land to the Leader of a Nation”

“As the first of every thing, in our situation will serve to establish a precedent.” – George Washington

George Washington is most commonly known as the first President of our country. However, did you know this surveyor and gentleman farmer happily became a father to not only his wife's children and grandchildren, but to many nieces and nephews as well? His commitment to his family was as important to him as his commitment to his soldiers, and later, a fledgling nation. Learn what brought Washington from a surveyor of land to a leader of a nation!

Andrew Jackson, the Story of "Old Hickory"

“Our federal union, it must be preserved.” – Andrew Jackson

Commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 with Andrew Jackson,
our seventh president, and voice of the "common man" as he tells the tales of his 1812 wartime exploits, his disagreements with congress, and his tumultuous presidency.

Teddy Roosevelt

“Lead By Example.

“We have duties to others and duties to ourselves, and we can shirk neither.”– Teddy Roosevelt  Having just completed his second term as president, Theodore Roosevelt reflects back on his triumphs and failures, primarily on his White House years.

Just let us know which program you prefer.

“It was a pure joy talking with someone who loves their work and does such an outstanding job. I do hope I get another chance to see another wonderful presentation. ” – District IV Director,Daughters of the American Revolution
“Terry's presentation as Ben Franklin on Constitution Day lent an uplifting dimension to a day that is too often overlooked by students. Terry was willing to tailor his program to our needs. It was as if we were in the presences of Ben Franklin himself. Students asked to have their picture taken with him. Terry was both historically accurate and amusing in his presentation. He is a must see!"! - Office of Student Life, Berkshire Community College, Berkshire, MA
"Everyone that I talked to was extremely happy with the performance." - John Buckler, Masonic Lodge, Naperville, Illinois
“Ben Frankin was a great addition to our Constitution Day activities. HFK Presents provided us a great opportunity to learn more about United States history in a fun but meaningful way. Ben Franklin was educational and entertaining, and we look forward tohis return to our campus!" -Elgin Community College,Elgin, IL
“Just a special word of thanks for a spectacular presentation--so well received by all. It made yet another Annual meeting of the Historical Society of Des Plaines memorable. I'm not sure how we can ever top this!” -Des Plaines Historical Society, Des Plaines, IL
“Everyone was pleased with the program. Several asked if there were other programs offered, and if so, please have you back again.” -Thornton Historical Society, Thornton , IL
“I always know we have had a good presentation by the amount of members who ask when we can have the presenter back! I had several members find me immediately to offer such praise. We can't wait to schedule Terry for next year!” -Will County Farm Bureau, Joliet , IL

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