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Tom Mabe

"The Comic with a Cause"


Tom Mabe, the comedian nationally recognized for getting revenge on those annoying telemarketers and his Hit comedy show Mabe In America on CMT is now going after Junk email, bad customer service, high gas prices and anything else that ticks off Americans.

Tom just finished the first season of Mabe In America and is now working on a new comedy CD.

Tom has been featured in People Magazine, The New York Times, Comedy Central, NBC, FOX and ABC. Tom's comedy CDs on Virgin Records have all went to number one on the Billboard Comedy Chart. Last December Tom's New CD "Mabe In America" out sold the Blue Collar Guys and Dane Cook. Tom has both a family friendly and edgy club act that will leave you falling out of your chair.

Tom has been a friend of the Bob and Tom show for over ten Years with his hit's Revenge On The Telemarketers. Drew and Mike made Tom a household name in Detroit, Tom has sold out major comedy clubs all over America. The New York Times calls Tom Americas next Hero.

Everyone from Paul Harvey to the New York Times has proclaimed comedian Tom Mabe a 'Comic Superhero' for tackling pesky telemarketers, junk email, bad customer service, and other topics that irk us all.

By making audiences across America laugh for over 15 years about the annoyances of modern life, Tom proves that it pays to think creatively. When it comes to thinking outside the box, he's nowhere near the box. He can help your team ignite a creative spark, too.

"The best comic we have had at one of our conventions. Clean and funny with a great multi-media show!" -- National Coroners Convention


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