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Chip Madera

Leadership Lion

Chip Madera, helping individuals and organizations lead courageously so they can accelerate results and maximize performance!

Are you looking for a dynamic communicator who is passionate, insightful and very funny?  Who will help your audience turn transformational ideas into action?  Then look no further than Chip Madera, MS, CSP.  Chip presents over 100 keynotes and seminars each year in Canada, Australia, Europe, South America and throughout the USA.  His clients include the Mayo Clinic, Disney, AT&T, the FBI, Gatorade, Southern Company, plus over 150 hospital and healthcare organizations. 

An expert professional speaker and leadership authority, Chip helps individuals and organizations lead courageously so they can accelerate results and maximize their performance!  He works with organizations and individuals who want to improve retention, advance employee satisfaction, outperform previous business results and create environments of WOW!

Here's what separates Chip from the rest:

Refreshing ways of thinking about your business.  Innovation and creativity are stifled when leaders get entrenched in status quo thinking. Chip will help them gain insightful perspective.
Action-oriented content that creates sustainable performance. Higher performance is expected but consistent performance is what creates ongoing success.

Combating apathy and complacency. Chip speaks with boldness, candor and love. This combination inspires leadership and staff to step up and tackle contemporary challenges.

Creating the organizational culture you envision. Every world-class organization has a strong culture defined by excellence, engagement and pride. Chip will give you the transformational tools to help you recruit and retain top talent and become the employer and provider of choice within your industry.

Chip is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and results-oriented Executive Coach.  After building a Corporate University within a hospital and spending years assessing the development needs of both employees and executives, he knows the strategies that can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Not your typical speaker, Chip brings an unusual one - two punch balancing an incredible love for people with a tactful candor that will rock your audience to the core.

Meeting planners recommend Chip because he understands his audience and loves having fun with them.  Audiences love him because he is authentic, energetic and passionate about helping them get better.  Your audience will love him too!

He and his wife, Cindy, have five children and two grand daughters. They have a home in beautiful Celebration, Florida where Chip enjoys fishing, golfing and volunteering with the American Cancer Society and local church.  Chip believes that knowledge is overrated. In other words, just because someone might know how to do something doesn't mean they will do it. 

Therefore, his presentations are designed to inspire people to take action by using straight talk and lots of good clean humor.  He believes leaders have a great responsibility to create a workplace that celebrates employees and develops their talent. He has dedicated his life to giving leaders the tools to develop their #1 asset - their people!  His career as a professional speaker gives him the opportunity to engage in his life's purpose and mission of encouraging and inspiring others to seek, discover and explore their ultimate potential.


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Topics: Leadership, Change, Customer Service, Motivation, Humor, Healthcare

Industry specialties:
Corporate, Healthcare/Medical