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Minnesota Based

David Malmberg

Ventriloquist - Comedian - Musician

This guy talks out both sides of his mouth!

The David Malmberg Show. Comedy, voice tossing, story telling, and music. A veritable cornucopia of entertainment that will keep your audience talking and laughing for some time to come. The wisecracking antics of the lovable Simon Spencer and America's grouchiest farmer, Leonard Cribble provide one sizzling laugh after another.

Leonard loves to single out, joke, and flirt with audience members while Simon seems to think it's his job to disrupt every serious moment on the stage. This is especially true while David attempts to play his guitar. The interruptions that come from Simon in the suitcase demonstrate the incredible skill and versatility of Mr. Malmberg and will leave your audience in stitches.

You will be dumbstruck!
David Malmberg will give you a show your audience will talk about for weeks. This multi talented seasoned performer has been the featured entertainment for some of the largest corporations in the country. He has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many top music acts in America including Mary Chapin Carpenter, Merle Haggard, and The Statler Brothers.

In addition to being a comedy ventriloquist and storyteller in the tradition of Mark Twain, David is also a virtuoso on the guitar, having studied in Spain. He is an artist with seven albums to his credit. From his vast musical repertoire, David selects music for each show, customizing it for your audience. There are moments when you will be moved to tears, making you wonder, "what doesn't this guy do?" A unique combination of music and "voice tossing." It adds up to one terrific show.

Here's the bottom line: When it comes to entertainment, David Malmberg is your best bet. The rave reviews are proof positive this is a laugh filled time for all. At your next meeting, awards banquet or company gala, why not take it to the next level? Have David Malmberg and his merry sidekicks cajole, joke, kid, coax and otherwise tickle your funny bone.

If you want to leave'em laughing, contact us today and book David Malmberg for your next event.

Not just a lot of double talk!
"We laughed and we wondered 'how does this guy do it?' … first class entertainment… and your singing. What a special surprise."
Susan Furlow, Analysts International Corporation

"This was the best entertainment we have ever had. There wasn't a dry eye in the house thanks to David and his merry band of dummies."
Dwight Flatt, Goldenwest Communications

"...one of the most outstanding banquet entertainers we have ever had. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so hard."
Chris Nachreiner, Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association

"You and your entourage kept everyone laughing uncontrollably. And your guitar playing, wow!"
Jim Dubois, Minnesota Broadcasters Association

"...we had a fantastic time. David was GREAT!"
Julie Sunderland, Heart of the North Building Association

The Musician
David Malmberg is a classical guitarist, vocalist, and composer. He is a disciple of Dona America Martinez Serrano, Doctor of guitar at the Conservatory of Music, Seville, Spain. Dona Martinez was a student of Daniel Fortea, Emilio Pujol and Sainz De La Maza, icons of the classical guitar. David has benefited from this rich legacy having it's direct origins with the Father of the modern classical guitar, Francisco Tarrega. When not playing solo, David uses the classical guitar as a miniature orchestra to accompany his voice. To date, he has recorded 8 albums, the most recent project entitled: "Reunion."

With a vast repertoire at his disposal, David's music integrates many styles including classical, jazz, and other contemporary musical idioms. In the course of an evening's palette of music, you are likely to hear anything from Bach to Dylan, but always refined, always exquisite, always excellent. Just listen to the Online Music Player above for a taste of the artistry of David Malmberg.

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