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Georgia Based

Mark Mayberry
Innovative Keynote

From zero to $7 million in sales in less than five years – that’s what Mark Mayberry did for Fashion Connection.  Mark understands the driving forces that build profitable companies. Now his revolutionary tactics are energizing companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. His keynotes and workshops are fun, and his message inspires your audience and encourages them to implement his innovative strategies. Mark has "been there, done that." Your audience will learn achievable techniques, with examples from his hands-on experience, and from his Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial clients.

Mark shares examples of what works for other organizations and how they can be adapted to fit your company’s goals. He will take your audience beyond empowerment to the prospect of an exciting new vision. Such thinking is a lifeline for members of your team that are desperate for ways to achieve satisfaction at work and to become more productive. Expecting success, they tend to achieve it. It’s a strategy that has proven successful for organizations around the world.

Mark worked with co-author John Scriven to write the book, Building The Dream Workforce, detailing their revolutionary concepts for business. This book converts the principles of entrepreneurialism into a practical blueprint for developing more enterprising team members. Mark’s programs are based on his book, and have enabled companies of all sizes to spread entrepreneurial skills throughout their workforce.

Service With Shazam!

When you're ready to get serious about customer service!

Every company claims to give the best service. That’s not reality! Does your organization give the best Customer Service? Can you afford not to? In this innovative and entertaining session, you will uncover the magic of "Service With Shazam!. You will learn how to:

  • Develop a service strategy tht is truly irresistible!
  • Make every Customer feel special!
  • Surprise your Customers with "Shazam" moments!
  • Find out how to measure your company's "Shazam" level!
  • Over-deliver on service when the time is right!

With Mark's "Service With Shazam" formula, you will leave with a definitive and exciting 8-step customer service strategy that will amaze your customers – and energize your team!

- Mark's Other Topics -

Building The Dream Workforce
How to make good people great…and great people even better!

What if your team members were:

  • Enterprising Profit is not a four letter word!
  • Customer-Focused The Customer wins! Your company does too!
  • Risk Takers The status quo is destroyed!
  • Inspired They lead by example!
  • Big Thinkers There is no limit!
  • Accountable They stand up and are counted for every action they take!
  • Fun Seekers Serious about work – and about having fun while working!
  • Lifelong Learners Seeking to improve themselves daily!

Your organization has the resources right now to have a "dream" workforce! During this dynamic presentation, you will learn how to get your team to start thinking and acting like entrepreneurs – within your organization. They will become self-motivated and focused on the success of your company. Entrepreneurial thinking can be created in any company – large or small. Start the transformation now and establish this competitive advantage – a dream workforce!


What is the absolute best way to drive more customers to your business?  Word-of-Mouth Marketing!  It's what Mark Mayberry calls "Nudgin!" When your customers "nudge" their friends, telling them that you are the best place to do business with, your customers become your most powerful marketing tool!

The Best Things In Life Are Free…If You’re Willing To Pay The Price!

Pure Motivation!

Someone once said, "The best things in life are not things." The best things in life come when you learn how to make the right choices. With every action you take, a door opens or closes. Which path you take determines your destiny. Call it serendipity, coincidence, universal consciousness or divine intervention. It all begins with the choices you make.

At the request of Mark’s clients, he has developed this keynote address that is pure motivation! In his uplifting style of delivery, Mark presents a "You can do it!" message that is:

· Uplifting!

· Engaging!

· Full Of Energy!

Your audience will leave in a positive frame of mind, ready to open the next door with new energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. The attendees will be ready to make the right choices! Start the transformation now!

Sample Quotes From Clients!

"You have constantly amazed me over these last four years with the
research you do to prepare and tailor your seminars to our members."

- Annette Meyer ( American Rental Association )

"Mark is a tough act to follow!"

"Mark, my problem now is, what do I do for our Fall meeting to top this?"
- Tom Hanlon ( Olean Wholesale Grocery Co-op, Inc. )

"Mark can help your team develop a strategic plan that works!"

"Your leadership as facilitator was the key to the success realized at the retreat."
- Bobby Shepard ( Cordele Banking Company )

"Mark motivates!"

"Clearly, you have given renewed focus and direction to perform
our jobs outrageously and to ultimately win Customers for life!"

- Bruce Billingslea ( Domino’s Pizza )

"Establish priorities!"

"Your exhilarating and personalized presentations have given
purpose to many, encouraged others and established priorities for all."

- John Irvin ( Marriott’s Grand Hotel )


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