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Phil McGarrah
PHIL McGARRAH, VOCALS/GUITAR, McGarrah grew up in a one-room log cabin in the Spring Valley and Clifty area of Northwest Arkansas. "Life was plain and simple, farming and logging. I guess I started playing the guitar when I was about 5 years old. I watched my brother, cousins, and uncles play at church. I saw where they put their fingers on the strings and it was all history from there." Wrote his first song at 8 years old, "Night Time In Old Kentucky" which can still be heard when ROE plays live. "I have had a great life growing up in rural Arkansas and I believe things will come to those wait, but only what’s left behind from those who hustle. We all need goals in our lives, but remember you don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been." Phil is currently finishing his second album of original songs and working on a third which will feature living legends Razzy Bailey, Sleepy LaBeef, Pretty Miss Norma Jean, and Freddie Hart.
JACKIE HARRIS, BAND LEADER, GUITAR, VOCALS, , all around Mr. Music. Having worked in Music City several years and six of those being with The Voice , (Vern Gosdin), and several other Stars ,it's no wonder how he knows every song in the book. Precision intro's and lead rides along with precise harmonies and a Great personality, Jackie is to Phil like Brooks is to Dunn or Don Rich to Buck Owens, the right combination! In Phil's opinion he is" Nashville's Best"! Jackie likes pretty girls, Telecasters and Japanese Steak Houses

MICHAEL MAESE, Steel / Dobro Utility Player, Michael (aka Dead -Eye Odom) was born in Ysleta Texas, came to Arkansas by way of Blue Rock Montana. Started playing guitar at the age of 12, it wasn't long until he was playing anything with strings! Has many career highlights and has backed several nationally known act such as,Freddie Fender, Vassar Clements, Charlie Louvin, Razzy Bailey, and Becky Hobbs Enjoys Hamm Radios, Electronic Stuff
TRAVIS KING, UTILITY/VOCALS, Travis (he's the one on the left) has been around music as long as he can remember. Started playing with his dad and friends around 11 years old. Then started playing nightclubs to help with college costs. Eventually got jobs in the Sugar Creek Music Show for 2 years and the Ozark Opry in Eureka Springs for a year. Then joined up with Phil and ROE and has been going strong since. 

DEBORAH HOUSE, VIOLIN/VOCALS, I was born & raised in Beebe Arkansas. Growing up with music all around me, my grandpa is one of my biggest influences, growing up, & still today, he is always picking around on his guitar or mandolin. My big brother plays the banjo, & I took up the fiddle at age 16, from the time I was 18 till I was like 21.  I played at the Beebe Sale barn every Sat. with a group of older men who made me fall in love with traditional country music. I have played occasionally at the Jacksonville Jamboree. Oh & also, my 3 sisters & I grew up singing together at church.  What I do on my spare time is usually tune in to some Merle, Jones, or any of the other classical country & play my fiddle along with it. Enjoys Eating Watermelon.


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