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Finding The Funny Fast
jan mcinnis

Jan Mcinnis
With Cubicle Comedy From A Working Lady

Jan Mcinnis brings to the stage clean, insightful, and original humor appropriate for company conventions, awards banquets, holiday celebrations, and other professional events. A product of the 9 to 5 corporate world, Jan uses her 15 years in marketing to poke tasteful fun at the day-to-day procedures, politics and policies that are rife in the office environment. Her experience in the corporate environment helps her relate well to employees at all levels of the company, and she bridges the gap between club comic and convention speaker.

"At my last company, we worked in cubicles. 
Moveable walls made out of that nerf ball material.
Yeah, nothing says job security like an office
that can be taken apart by a first-grader!"

Jan also hits a nerve among audiences with her bits on growing up in a large family, relationships, and kids. Her account of her family's cross-country vacation will bring back memories for your group when she reminisces about driving 8,000 miles with six people in a Buick.

"We went from D.C. to California with the windows rolled up and
dad smoking 4 packs a day. We got out of the car in LA,
our first thought was . . . clean air!"

Jan's well-rounded act has made her the Washington, DC winner for HBO's Stand-up, Stand-off Comedy Contest, and a regular at major clubs such as  Zanies in Chicago, Catch A Rising Star in Las Vegas & Reno, and the Comedy & Magic Club in Los Angeles. Originally from Washington, D.C., and a member of the last wave of baby boomers, Jan is perfect for all events; her act cuts across all age groups, genders, and locales. She has entertained for large corporations, trade and professional associations, and small businesses.

In addition to her comedy show, Jan is a professional writer selling over 100 topical jokes a month to radio and television including the Tonight Show monologue.  And she customizes all of her comedy shows with jokes written specifically for that audience.

Jan's comedy show is:
.  Jan gets the inside scoop on your group and gives it back to them from stage.
Appropriate.  Jan has been both the employee and the boss so she relates well to everyone at all levels of the company.
Clean.  You can sit next to your boss without being embarrassed.
Entertaining.  Jan hits subjects that both men and women can relate to.
Tested.  Jan is a veteran comedian who has entertained successfully for large corporations, small businesses, trade and professional associations and comedy clubs.
Professional.  Jan shows up, does her homework and leaves them laughing.


Finding the Funny in Change!  Change is the new buzz word for business. Whether it's "going green" or the myriad of new rules that govern our business, we are constantly reacting to a new playing field. In this keynote, Jan combines her hilarious comedy with PRACTICAL tips on dealing with change using humor. Before you can lead, or participate, in the change around you, you need to know how to personally get your head around it. Jan can show you how! This is one of her most popular keynotes.

Finding the Funny in Communications!  The word is getting out - the business benefits of using humor is enormous. . . humor makes your message stick, gets people engaged in what you have to say, helps sell a product/service/idea, and diffuses tense situations. In this popular program, Jan helps people develop and use humor in their professional and personal life. She has presented this program to CEOs, health care groups, and government agencies. Jan knows humor. . .she has written comedy material for hundreds of radio stations, the Tonight Show monologue, and even for guests on the "Jerry Springer Show" . . .shhhh, don't tell!

Hilarious Hosting with emcee Jan!  Whether your event is a half-day or the whole week, keep your attendees INTERESTED  by having Jan emcee. She's a veteran emcee and she's done it for all types of events. Give yourself a rest and let Jan run the show!

Hillary Clinton Impersonator - Jan is the only comedian Hillary impersonator!  She's funny, clever and she'll goof around with all issues - on both political parties.

Rave Reviews:
"What a fun close to our Annual Iowa Tourism Conference. We appreciate your light-hearted jokes and humorous message. Thanks for making time to prepare for our group and deliver just the right mix of "fun." We would recommend you for other groups. Your show is a great stress reliever!"

   - Lonie Mezera, Iowa Tourism Office

"You amazed us with your ability to incorporate your interactions with our group into your act. That made it very unique and personalized. It was a privilege of the Kansas Correctional Association to have such enjoyable entertainment by such a personable, funny woman."
    - Barbara Strecker-Gaudreau, Kansas Correctional Association

"You were phenomenal! We needed a good icebreaker for our Executive Women's Retreat and you were absolutely perfect! Your performance helped our guests relax and get excited for the weekend. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!"
   - Tracey L. Helhoski, Troutman Sanders LLP

"You entertained our delegates with just the right amount of wit and wisdom. We appreciate the time you obviously took to prepare a message that was right on target!"
   - Katherine Clark, Executive Director, Information Technologies Credit Union Association

"We received great feedback regarding your performance and you definitely were right in tune with our group. You helped make our day a special one."
   - Karen Mayfield, Griffith Company

"THANK YOU for doing such a great job. YOU WERE GREAT."
   - Marshall Brown, Greater Washington Society of Association Executives

"You were hilarious! It was probably one of the most entertaining parties OSA has thrown in a while. I would be happy to recommend you to other organizations that want to liven up their events."
   - Elizabeth Rogan, Executive Director, Optical Society of America

"You provided the perfect beginning for our convention. You were not only very funny, but you managed to do so at 9:30 a.m. and your routine was referred to by all in attendance throughout the remainder of our conference."
   - David Borges, President, RD Marketing Group, Inc.

"You were great! After a long day of meetings you kept our group laughing about the 'challenges' of volunteering and you kept the enthusiasm going for the rest of the conference. I would recommend you to any group who needs something light and enjoyable for an evening event. Thanks for bringing the fun!"
   - Jean Parr, Membership Director, American Chemical Society

"Humor is the best way to keep the show rolling, and yours was right on target with your insights on women in the workplace and the challenges we face in relationships. I count you up there with our other stars of the evening: Kathy Bates, Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Linda Ellerbee, and Hillary Rodham Clinton."
   - Andrea Sims, President, Women in Film and Video

"You customized the show. You KNEW who credit unions were! You were a delight. I wish you lived next door."
   - Trish Patterson, Vice President, Tennessee Credit Union League

"Your jokes on work and volunteering were perfect after a full day of business meetings!"
   - Pricillia Coffman, Steel Shipping Container Institute

"People were appreciative of the fact that you 'personalized' your material, making them feel very special."
   - Marlena Hodgins, Coordinator Auxiliary/Volunteer Services, Nanticoke Health Services

"Here are just a few of the comments from our event:
  • Comedian was excellent - best so far.
  • A+++ She was great!!
  • I really liked the clean, funny comedian.
  • Comedian was great, worth inviting back next year."
   - Leslie Camp, Meeting Planner, Orange County Bar Association

"Your keynote address for the lunch session was exactly what we were looking for: something light and humorous, yet making clear in a very enjoyable way the challenges and rewards of committee work."
   - Jeffery D. Marcoe, Manager, Special Projects, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

"Everyone had a great time and laughed endlessly. It was lively and flawless."
   - Steven M. Rao, MCI Communications Corp.

"I would recommend you to other organizations who want to bring some fun to their event!"
   - Brian D. Benson, Central Iowa Pharmacists Association

"Your stand-up routine was the highlight of the evening! The audience was very receptive to you and I heard some very nice comments from those in attendance. It was great how you tailored your material to the event theme. I also appreciate how funny you were without resorting to 'blue' humor!"
   - Charlene Myer, Mix 107.3 FM Promotions

"I still hear comments made about the performance. Our party was a huge success due to your being there."
   - Noreen K. Maksym, Personnel Administrator, The American Physical Society

"The feedback received from everyone was very positive. I have also been contacted by other organizations that were very impressed with your performance. They are interested in having you entertain their groups."
   - Mary Schabdach, Chairperson, Baltimore Payroll Association

"Your performance that evening was critical to the success of the fundraising event. We look forward to working with you in the future."
   - Jennifer Duane, Christine Sorge, and Jean Simons, The Women's Bar
    Association of the District of Columbia


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