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You have a gifted way of reaching people
and of
bringing out the
best in all of us.

Robert King
Louisiana Credit
Union League

Larry Mersereau
“Speaker - Author - Consultant

Larry Mersereau works with business owners, marketers and professionals who want to bring in more business so they can take home more money.

He has spoken to 597+ diverse audiences, from corporate dealer or agent/broker events to association conventions, all with one common mission; To help participants bring in more business and get maximum return on their investment in marketing and promotion.

Educated at Drake University (a long time ago!), Larry Mersereau remains a student of marketing and psychology. He is focused on finding … and bringing your attendees … the most effective and pertinent marketing, advertising and promotion techniques available with his PromoPower Presentations.

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Workshop and Breakout Session Presenter, Marketing and PromoPower Consultant.

Hands-On Workshops • Interactive Keynotes

Give your event attendees the competitive advantage they can only get from Larry Mersereau’s PromoPower Presentations - your prime provider of real-world business development strategies and tactics.

You’ll enjoy a results-oriented program, focused on your audience's specific needs and challenges. A balanced mix of valuable content, practical examples from your own industry, plus guided audience interaction keeps your attendees engaged, and ensures a unique, relevant experience.

Marketing • Branding & Positioning

Advertising & Promotion • Sales & Success Motivation

Your people can’t help but get caught up in Larry’s contagious enthusiasm for marketing, advertising and promotion. They’ll take home tons of notes and new ideas that will help them boost their revenues and establish long term viability.

"Your organization needs four key advisors; a magnanimous banker, a pit-bull attorney, an aggressive accountant, and a dynamic marketing guy like Larry Mersereau"

Advertising and Promotion

  • Create advertising and promotional materials that demand attention … and response
  • Write killer copy, and design layouts that grab the eye and hold your prospects’ attention
  • Stand out in the crowd of competitors with unique marketing communications, from brochures and mailings to print ads and web pages

Branding and Positioning

  • Establish an indelible identity your prospective buyers can’t get out of their heads
  • Build and exploit your market position for maximum business … and profits
  • Identify your most productive growth strategy, and use it to keep buyers coming back over and over

Sales and Success Motivation

  • Spot and pursue the opportunities that are best for your business, your career … your life
  • Succeed at business, without killing yourself in the process - You deserve a life outside your work!

Speaker • Trainer • Author • Consultant

This is your opportunity to join the thousands of business owners and marketers, from a broad range of industries, who have worked with Larry Mersereau. Whether by participating in one of his business development presentations, enjoying one of his books or tapes, or by engaging his consulting and copy writing services, you’ll take in real-word strategies and tactics you can use immediately to bring in more business and take home
 more money.

Topics and Titles that will help you draw a crowd to your event...

  • How to Succeed at Business … and still have a Life!
  • How to Create POWERFUL Ads and Promo Pieces
  • The Power of the Brand: Positioning for Long-Term Growth and Profitability
  • How To Create Direct Mail Promotions that Sizzle and POP!
  • Marketing Makeover [aka: Advertising Alchemy]
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Secrets of the Marketing Masters
  • Customer Service that SELLS!
  • Killer Copy Writing and Design Skills
  • How to Jump-Start your Sales ... and PROFITS
  • Shoestring Marketing
  • How to get Maximum Return from your Promotional Dollars Juggling Priorities


Talk about Return on Investment!
Read what a few happy clients have had to say about Larry's programs;

You were outstanding, and several of our executives commented that your session alone was worth the price of registration. Everyone learned so much, and was so energized by your simple, but very effective suggestions and techniques for successful marketing.

Barbara McConnell
Food Industry Association Executives

I wish everyone would make it as easy for me and be as dedicated to finding out about the audience ahead of time. Your willingness to contact participants before the program, review a few of their marketing pieces, and give constructive feedback to them in the class was fantastic! It was this practical application and the "real world" experiences that so many of the participants commented on.

Skott Pope
Washington Credit Union League

Thanks for a great workshop. Your presentation not only inspired the group, but actually gave them information they could use and the tools they needed to succeed!

Krisin McWhorter
National Poultry and Food Distributors Association

Just a note to tell you how important you were to the success of this year’s Southern Expo. A lot of our members came up and told us they would like to have you back again. To meeting planners, that has to be the best comment we can get!

Darby Trovato, CTC, MCC, DS
American Society of Travel Agents

"Larry was great" and "Great convention" were often heard in the same breath. You certainly connected with the audience, but more importantly you gave them valuable information that will make a difference in how they do business. In the eyes of the convention attendees, my star burns a little brighter. Your contact info has been placed in the "Got To Get Him Back Soon" file.

Greg Williamson
National Chimney Sweep Guild

Your session was both enjoyable and informative. I don’t think our folks will forget your session for a long time. You have a gifted way of reaching people, and of bringing out the best in all of us. It was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you again.

Robert King
Louisiana Credit Union League

"WOW - What a presentation!  You made us look like a hero with our industry clients!!"

Robert A. Shively, Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing
and Sales/Conference and Show
Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Lawrence, KS

"Larry, your preparation, subsequent customization and follow-up make you one of the 'lowest maintenance - highest return' speakers we have ever used in our Convention events."

Michelle Desreux
Sr. Vice President, Global Operations
Uniglobe (Travel) International
Vancouver, BC

Thank you very much ... It's not just the fact that you gave an excellent presentation, but that you spent 24 hours of Herculean effort to get to New York!
[during Hurrican Floyd 9/99] The reviews of your program were wonderful!

Jodie McLellan
Southwest Securities
Dallas, TX

"We look forward to instituting your great suggestions into the daily routines of our key players.  Although the entire company couldn't attend, your enthusiastic message was so plainly taught, thateveryone down the line will benefit."

Anisa Aven, Development Coordinator
Interplay Productions
Irvine, CA

"Your willingness to draw from your own personal past experiences was very instrumental in communicating your concepts to the group because it allowed us to relate to these concepts on a very real, personal level.  In addition, your warm personality sets a wonderful stage for allowing the audience to remain open to your message. Thanks for being a great keynote speaker, and for getting our meeting off to a positive start."

Ian Troup, President and COO
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

"Our members rated your presentation very high, and it was obvious that what you had to say, they needed and wanted to hear. Ours is not an easy group to please.  They hear a lot of motivational speakers and can become jaded in time. Your presentation was a completely new approach to sales motivation and success."

Dennis Schneider, CAE, Executive V.P.
Iowa Association of Life Underwriters
Des Moines, IA


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"WOW - What a presentation!  You made us look like a hero with our industry clients!!"

Robert A. Shively, Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Lawrence, KS