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Florida Based

Joseph Michelli

"Providing Extraordinary Experiences" 

Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., is an internationally sought-after speaker, organizational psychologist, and business consultant who has been described as “catching what is right in the world and playfully sparking people and businesses to grow toward the extraordinary.” In addition to writing best selling books about enduring business principles, he hosts an award-winning daily radio program in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dr. Michelli transfers his knowledge of exceptional business practices through keynote presentations that explore ways to develop joyful and productiveworkplaces with a focus on the total customer experience.His insights encourage leaders and frontline workers to grow and invest passionately in all aspects of their life.

In addition to his dynamic and entertaining international keynote presentations, Dr. Michelli provides:
    •     CEO consultation
    •     Corporate coaching
    •     Group facilitation and team-building strategies
    •     Individual development planning
    •     Creation of open management systems
    •     Customized management and frontline training programs

Dr. Michelli's most recent book, The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary, published by McGraw-Hill, has consistently achieved bestseller status on the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek Magazine and USA Today lists. He has been featured on television programs such as The Glenn Beck Show and CNBC’s “On the Money” and has conducted hundreds of radio and print interviews. Dr. Michelli’s other books include When Fish Fly: Lessons for Creating a Vital and Energized Workplace which was co-authored with the owner of the "World Famous" Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. When Fish Fly was released by Hyperion and in audio book format by Random House.

Dr. Michelli believes his greatest accomplishment is his ability to learn from the laughter and humor of his children, Andrew and Fiona.

Dr. Michelli presents on a wide variety of topics and customizes  his presentations for your business or organization's needs.

Sample Keynote Presentations

How did the Starbucks Coffee and Tea Company grow from a single store in Seattle, Washington to a business opening six new stores a day? Borrowing from his Wall Street Journal best selling book, The Starbucks Experience,  Dr. Michelli shares 5 principles that will help you generate employee retention, empowerment and enviable customer loyalty. When a focus on transactions and customer satisfaction just won't do --- explore a world where "everything matters" and companies are "beloved."

The Starbucks Way - Creating the Total Customer Experience

By strategically focusing and executing on the details of the internal and external customer experience, Starbucks has become an employer and coffee provider of choice. In essence, Starbucks has become a name synonymous with coffee itself. While most people see Starbucks as a coffee company that serves people, its success is based on the inverse. It is a people company serving coffee. In this keynote or workshop, Dr. Michelli shows frontline workers and business leaders how to “stage” and perform on their brand’s promise. He analyzes the importance of identifying a desired emotional connection with the customer. Further, Dr. Michelli helps participants see the important distinction between “good” and “bad” profit. Lights, camera, action – the experience awaits.

From the Ordinary into the  Extraordinary - Lessons for Growing People and Business

Starbucks took an extremely ordinary product and revolutionized the way people perceive and experience it. The Pike Place Fish Market has not only changed the way fish are sold but has innovated a business approach referred to as the "Fish Philosophy." Just as Starbucks has transformed the coffeehouse experience, so too can you maximize your "ordinariness" for positive impact, organizationally and in your communities. Examine how cutting edge leadership and front line workers can make a consistently extraordinary difference -- on and off the job.

 When Fish Fly shares insights into the underlying principles  and amazing transformation of the World Famous Pike Place  Fish Market. Excerpting from his book of the same name,  Dr. Michelli  reels in the complete fish story examining core principles  that create Pike Place Fish’s uniquely vital and creative  culture. A culture that leads to excellent customer service,  legendary  employee morale, a fun and energized work environment,  and ultimately makes a “World Famous” difference in the lives  of those they serve. This presentation offers a cohesive strategy  for achieving world famous results for owners, managers,  front-line workers,  and customers alike. If Pike Place Fish can achieve world  fame from a small storefront, with zero advertising in a  smelly, physically arduous profession, just think what is  possible for  your company!

Companies that Play Together - Stay Together:  - Developing a Successful and Mirthful Corporate  Culture

Borrowing from his experiences with companies such as Southwest  Airlines and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Dr. Michelli shows you how a playful corporate culture attracts and retains  the best  workers. Get ready to learn how to celebrate your employees  and increase your profitability through humor and play.

Change or Die! - Securing Maximum Innovation and Staff Engagement

This presentation examines the primary drivers of change in  the technological age. It demonstrates ways to establish flexible service and quality standards while encouraging the sharing of unique ideas and talents of employees. By making important leadership distinctions between "being" and "doing", Dr. Michelli offers a fun yet practical approach to infusing greater employee vitality, ownership and fun. It helps participants utilize essential strategies for seizing opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Management Doesn’t Work

Admiral Grace Hooper once said “Manage things…lead people.” In the ever changing world of business, management may get things done right but leadership is about doing the right thing. In this keynote, Dr. Michelli examines important distinctions between leadership and management. He will explore the challenges of being a proactive strategic leader when most people are pulled toward reactive operational management. Borrowing from success principles in businesses as diverse as Starbucks or the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market, Dr. Michelli will offer practical ideas to spark greater visionary leadership.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest by Capturing the Naturally  Occurring Humor of Reality

Have you noticed that not everyone  is amused by the challenges of living. In a world filled  with depression, burnout and despair,  it is clear that few have developed a perspective which  makes the human experience enjoyable. This workshop reviews  simple  attitude and perspective shifts which can provide shock  absorption on the bumpy road of life. It emphasizes that it  is not the  events of life that matter but the emotional choices we  make in response to them.

Balancing Life through Play and Laughter

Borrowing from improvisational comedy, magic, juggling, mime,  and music, Dr. Michelli explores playful strategies for finding  more joy in your life. The importance of having a playful  heart in a hectic world is emphasized.

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